Different Strokes – The Permanent Make-up Boom

The rise of social media has seen the popularity of permanent make-up boom. From lip tattoos to eyeliner and of course eyebrows, there is a brush stroke for them all. Alexia Rocha from Alexia Makeup . Hair . Beauty specialises in cosmetic tattooing and removal at her salon on King William Road. We spoke to Alexia about social media’s impact on the beauty industry.

How has social media influenced your industry and clients? 

Social media has definitely changed the way I interact with my clients. Clients have more access to my business, and they can clearly see examples of my work and become more informed on the right treatments and products. I love interacting with clients over social media and helping them with any advice they need. I think social media is a great way to bring out your personality as well, so that clients can see I’m not just a beauty therapist, I’m also someone who deeply cares about how they feel about themselves and is determined to help them achieve all of their beauty goals.

You offer a range of treatments, from beauty and cosmetic tattooing to skin and body. What are your most popular treatments?

Hands down, cosmetic tattooing is dominating the space right now. Brows have exploded in popularity since 2014 with eyebrow feathering (also known as microblading), but lip blush tattooing is also really popular, followed by eyeliner tattoo. Busy women want to wake up ready to go with minimal effort in the mornings, and cosmetic tattooing techniques and pigments have been refined to appear more natural than ever before. 

You also offer a removal service – tell us about that.

Tattoo removal is a fantastic way to remove bad work either entirely or in parts – I offer laser and saline removal (non-laser) for unwanted cosmetic tattoos that have gone wrong, such as botched shapes and bad pigment discolourations. However, it should be noted that this treatment requires patience from the client because it requires multiple sessions to get the best result.

Do you have any tips on how to find the best eyebrow shape for different face shapes?

Yes, book in for an appointmentEach pair is customised and designed to suit the client’s features and face.  I take my time in pre-drawing the shape by following the Golden ratio measurements.  

Alexia Makeup . Hair . Beauty

Illuminate Adelaide Announces Extended Times

Illuminate Adelaide’s magical light installations will reopen around Adelaide yesterday, after its short closure due to the state-wide lockdown, and have decided to continue shinning all the way into August. 

Illuminate Adelaide Co-Founders and Creative Directors, Lee Cumberlidge and Rachael Azzopardi said, “we are thrilled to be able to welcome audiences back to Illuminate Adelaide this week, turning the lights back on for Light Cycles, Light Creatures, City Lights and Van Gogh Alive, all of which brought so much joy before being paused. Although it won’t be the full program we had planned, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to light up our wonderful city once again.”

Luckily, the centrepiece installation, Light Cycles at Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens, which showcases the immersive work by Canadian multimedia studio, Moment Factory, will be open again until Sunday 8 August. Having created mesmerising light shows for artists like Madonna, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish, this Australian first installation is not one to be missed. Using lights, sound, video and special effects, this show will amplify the voice of the natural world and captivate the audience. 

Capturing the captivating characters of the Zoos favourite residents, the enchanting Light Creatures installation at Adelaide Zoo has also recommenced and extended its time until Sunday 8 August. 

You will want to grab a ticket to the impressive Van Gogh Alive exhibition, which has extended its season until Sunday 22 August. This world-first display showcases the work of the iconic Vincent Van Gogh through audio-visual technology and includes a variety of Instagram-worthy moments throughout. 

City Lights, the free outdoor program of large-scale installations, projections and immersive works throughout Adelaide’s CBDyes will continue until Sunday 1 August, from 6pm till 11pm.

Due to the current restrictions in South Australia and interstate, The Avalanches: Since I Left You, Live with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre has been rescheduled to Wednesday 13 October and The Avalanches in Discussion has been rescheduled to Thursday 14 October.

Unfortunately, all ticketed MAAD (Music and Art After Dark) events have been cancelled this weekend due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. 

Firefly Field by Toer

For more information visit illuminateadelaide.com 

Plant-based Beauty

Jurlique’s new Activating Water Essence+, $49 (75ml) and $79 (150ml). Available from Jurlique.com.au, Jurlique standalone stores and selected Myer and David Jones stores.

Once a niche in the beauty space, plant-based beauty products have now found their place in mainstream.

When Adelaide’s Jurlique Farm began harvesting over 35 years ago they did so with grand plans to grow and sow their crops of medicinal plants and herbs, and to use the potent extracts in their revolutionary range of skincare products. 

‘Plant-based’ beauty was a niche back then with the ‘seed to skin’ philosophy only entertained by those on the beauty fringe. Of course, these days it’s part of the beauty landscape, with influencers, experts and glowy faces everywhere singing its praises. 

Plant-based means exactly that, but Jurlique’s myriad of powerful products offer another advantage – the potent botanicals are harvested at their peak for optimal potency. While the process has been perfected over time, and years of experience mean they have well and truly mastered the art, they continue to improve their formulas. Even one of their best-sellers, the much-loved Activating Water Essence+, has recently been tweaked to include powerful new biodynamic botanicals that deliver even better hydration and radiance. 

Upgrading an already best-selling product might seem counterintuitive, but the delivery of innovation and the discovery of new, revolutionary ways to improve the function and feel of your skin is literally at the core of everything at Jurlique. 

The new Activating Water Essence+ contains two powerful marshmallow root extracts that help to not only increase hydration, but to also maintain hydration. Radiance is also given a boost with a unique blend of locally grown lavender, rose gallica, calendula and marshmallow root. Of course, the clean formula is free of all of the nasties, so there are no silicones, petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, parabens, and the list goes on. The final touch is the sustainable and recyclable packaging, again a nod to the company’s ethos, which centres wholly around the power of nature.


Beachside Burgers

Flavour-packed burgers are the crowd favourite at this newly renovated beachside eatery.

Located along one of Adelaide’s favourite beaches, Barry’s Burgers will have everyone craving tasty decadent, flavour-packed burgers. Whether it’s the crowd favourite, The Baz Deluxe, filled with beef, American cheese, double smoked bacon and Baz mayo, or the V.I.P Veggie Burger with sweet potato, black beans, spring onion, brown rice and Baz sauce, there is something for everyone. Pair this with some of SA’s best craft beer, gin and cider, and a team who focus on using locally sourced produce, for a meal that’s even more delicious. What are you waiting for? Head to the Westside to check out their new fit-out or grab takeaway by the sea. 

Barry’s Burgers 
1/13 Semaphore Road, Semaphore
08 7226 3241

Breaking the Taboo

Young Australian of the Year Isobel Marshall and long-time friend Eloise Hall have achieved in four short years what most don’t achieve in a lifetime. And their quest to change the world has only just begun.

When a young Isobel Marshall first met Eloise Hall as a Year 7 at Walford Girls School they could never have dreamt up the journey that would follow. It was here that they learnt the importance of community service (“every year we were encouraged to engage and lead service activities,” says Isobel); they were also introduced to strong female role models who would encourage them to take part in challenging leadership activities. It was after an inspiring Women in Leadership conference at Bond University, attended while they were both captains at the prestigious school, that they were introduced to the concept of social enterprise by one of the event’s key speakers, Thank You water’s Daniel Flynn. The idea that a business could function normally, but with all of the profits going to a cause rather than to shareholders, was something that held their attention. This was the beginning. 

With a keen interest in reproductive healthcare and a new-found understanding of this concept of ‘social enterprise’, marrying the two together seemed the next logical step. From there they decided to address the worldwide problem of period poverty, making their own pads and donating 100 percent of the profit to the communities that need it most. All of this by the ages of just 17 and 18. I sat down with them both at Isobel’s family home to chat about the journey so far.

First of all, congratulations Isobel on the Young Australian of the Year award!

Isobel: Thank you! It’s still sinking in! I think the most encouraging part is that a group of people who have incredible influence in Australia decided that period poverty is a conversation that needs to have a national platform. The platform has proved to be very useful already – lots of orders have come through, lots of opportunities, lots of collaborations! The media in itself is starting the conversation and it means that people that perhaps wouldn’t have normally had those conversations are forced to listen to them in their living room! It has been incredible.

The stats surrounding period poverty are staggering, with something like 30-40 percent of girls in some developing countries not finishing school because they don’t have access to menstrual healthcare. Tell me about that.

Eloise: Exactly, and it’s heartbreaking. So many girls are not able to complete their education once they start their period due to a lack of product or a lack of access to menstrual healthcare, and there was such a simple solution. Australians spend about $300 million on pads and tampons each year, it’s a lot of money. We saw an opportunity to make some financial contribution to bettering the lives of these girls – so we thought, we need to make own product and put the profit back into what’s needed.

Isobel: And the beauty of the model is that we’re not asking the Australian customer to do anything they wouldn’t normally do or buy anything that they wouldn’t otherwise have to buy. 

Your product is called TABOO, which hints at the stigma that surrounds talking about menstruation. Can you tell me a bit about the role of ‘menstrual stigma’?

Isobel: Yes, menstrual stigma – the taboo – has a massive impact on these girls not going to school because they fear bleeding onto their dress. Even here in Australia women feel like they can’t tell their boss they have endometriosis or that they’re away from work because they’ve got their period.

Eloise: And it’s funny how ingrained it is. It’s something we’ve been taught to conceal from such a young age and it’s never something anyone’s comfortable talking to you about when you’re a kid. And when we then learn that the stigma is the driving force behind period poverty then all of a sudden it is something that does need to be addressed and we do need to open up that conversation.

You have set up a social media campaign, #tagyourtaboo, to try and address these problems. How successful has that been?

Eloise: We’ve definitely noticed some people have been uncomfortable to join the campaign. We had a lot of people show their interest and then not actually follow through and we had a lot of friends say, ‘nice idea’ and then not do much, so I think there is still a lot of personal courage that people are mustering up to be a part of the campaign. It is quite against the grain in terms of norms – no one normally shares to their social media following that they’re bleeding and that’s what we’ve asked people to do. The people that have – Rebecca Morse for example, joined the campaign recently and she has had the most incredible impact. There have been a few comments, as there always is, saying why are you doing this? What’s this all about? 

Those people who question why you are doing this are actually helping the conversation though, right?

Eloise: Yes, they’re the people we’re trying to target in that campaign. It’s opened up such a great platform for people to explain why breaking the stigma is so important.

Period poverty is clearly an issue is developing countries, but what about disadvantaged communities here in Australia?

Eloise: Period poverty is a problem in Australia as well. It’s kind of surprising when you consider how much wealth we have and how much support we have from government but still so many girls don’t have access to proper product. Even in wealthy parts of Adelaide it’s a problem because of the stigma. Then there’s rural or remote communities that just don’t have access because of the lack of product available in shops; in these areas it’s common for things such as Chux to be used instead and other materials that are absorbent, but they just aren’t dignified and they don’t work as well as they need to. 

In Scotland they’ve recently made sanitary products free. Should our government be doing more?

Isobel: That’s a great question. I guess you can liken pads to toilet paper, it’s a product a large part of the population needs and there should be support from the government, whether it be subsidised product or just access to product.

Eloise: Victoria has been quite progressive in establishing a public system where pads are provided, so that’s really hopeful and the Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, is quite excited to have a similar initiative in place through schools in South Australia. Helen’s really advocating for the school systems to make pads accessible via a dispensing system.

You have also recently launched another unique marketing push – this time directed toward employers. Can you tell us a bit about this?

Isobel: Yes, we’re challenging employers to consider stocking TABOO product for their employees. We’d love to challenge people of do this, even before there’s laws around it, because it’s the right thing to do and also just to be on the front-foot and open the conversation up with their employees. It’s also a great way to support your female employees. SkyCity have shown interest, Flinders Uni are going to get on board too, the National Wine Centre and we recently pitched it to a whole bunch of CEOs at a conference.

We actually already do that here!

Isobel: Really? That’s great! How good would it be if all major South Australian businesses got on board?

The journey has obviously been amazing so far, so what happens next? 

Eloise: The next chapter for us involves an exciting new retail partnership. The end goal is for us to be present everywhere people buy their product. 

TABOO products are stocked at On The Run, National Pharmacies and online at tabooau.co

La Dolce Vita: Lauren Dilena

Ahead of her December wedding to fiancé Sam Willis, Adelaide darling Lauren Dilena plays dress-ups in a selection of stunning gowns from some of the beautiful bridal stores along Payneham Road, The Parade and across the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters.

Photographer Simon Cerere
Photographer’s Assistant Alessia Lunetta
Creative Director Chris Kontos
Creative Director’s Assistant Laura Ursino
HMUA Kelly Allison

A Considered Approach

If you’ve been considering building a new home, ensuring you have the right team to achieve your desired results is the most crucial step. But we all know managing multiple contractors can fast become a headache. Perhaps a better solution is an end-to-end integrated design and build approach, something offered by South Australian business Urban Habitats.    

“The Urban Habitats process is all about communication and collaboration across the entire life of your project,” says architect Sarah Stephen. “Designing and building a home can sometimes be unpredictable, so we feel that by having a holistic and integrated approach we create a constant, which is the team you work with.” 

These sentiments are echoed by DIrector, Jock Merrigan, who works closely with Sarah and the building team from a project’s inception through to completion alongside the clients. Jock points out the cohesive approach means there are no nasty surprises, with every little detail planned by the team. 

“By integrating all facets of the process, we are able to produce carefully considered product to meet our clients’ desires and stay within budgets,” says Jock. “From the beginning, we are presenting designs and talking about costs that we know will provide the best outcome, with all aspects of architecture, interiors and landscape considered as one.” 

Recently, the Urban Habitats team were presented with the opportunity to design and build an off-grid retreat in the Adelaide Hills. 

Nestled atop a Scott Creek cliff, this cabin was inspired by slow living. It features a number of spaces throughout to relax and bask in natural surroundings, creating a sense of floating in nature. While the external materials resemble a shed, when you open the doors a softer, natural palette that reflects the property’s location welcomes you. 

“With a keen eye for design, we were able to round table efficient design and constructibility outcomes, which not only met our clients’ brief but exceeded their expectations. And by carefully considering materiality and form, there was an element of efficiency from both a design and construction point of view,” says Sarah. 

“The final product reflects not only its surroundings, but also our clients’ desired lifestyle within the space.”

Special mention, of course, must go to the stunning colour palette, inspired by the local eucalypts and the Dulux Bay Leaf colour, loved by the client’s son.

So, what can you learn from the experts before kickstarting your design and build? 

“Talk to a professional as it is easy to get swept away in social media and reality renovation shows. There is a process that needs to be undertaken to ensure you get a premium outcome that suits your lifestyle,” says Sarah. 

“While it is important not to rush the process, working with a team that is integrated provides the benefit of not having to outsource work and coordinate other elements.” 

Find out more about South Australian company Urban Habitats

What Your Home Says About Your Personality

If your interior style is a reflection of your personality, what does your home say about you? The team at OZ Design Furniture explains. 

Like the clothes we wear, the furniture and colour choices in our homes say a lot about our personalities and how we choose to live. 

If you find your home is filled with warm tones of yellows, oranges, pinks and peaches, it ma be a reflection of your cheerful and welcoming personality. These shades create a nurturing and intimate atmosphere that will greet guests when they enter your home.  

Soft, cool hues of blues, lavenders and greens suggests your abode as your oasis. These colours are often associated with vast ocean views, open fields and clear skies that will transport you to a more soothing and tranquil mindset. To avoid an overly chilly feel, add touches of brown and orange using furniture and fixtures.

Confident, outgoing and creative characters often lean towards striking jewel tones. Sapphire, emerald, ruby and topaz generate an inspiring space for visitors. Achieve this sense of boldness through colour blocking your walls or a few cushions; to lessen the intensity, incorporate neutrals into the area.

If you think ‘neutrals’ means lacklustre, think again – sticking to neutrals tones of greys, beiges, ivories, and browns can create a sleek, crisp look. Enhance your home through different and unusual textures while maintaining the classic look you desire. Or step out of your comfort zone and insert hints of bold colour to bring the space to life. 

Seasons can also play a part in the interior choices we make. This season rattan textures, clean lines and subtle tones, which are all part of OZ Design’s Winter collection of furniture and homewares, hint at the cooler weather and our desire to escape the elements and rug up inside.

While the functionality of these pieces is important – like statement timber dining pieces and buffets that allow you to entertain with ease and sofas that provide a seat for all to sink into – the colour choices are also key in creating a space that feels like home. 

Bright furniture, while adding a trendy and bold statement in your home, suggests that the individual welcomes change with open arms. The expert team at OZ Design Furniture suggest injecting pops of colour by layering rugs, wall art and cushions; select a colourway that reflects who you are and create a space filled with décor you love.

OZ Design Furniture 

800 Marion Road, Marion
08 8472 3630

Gepps Cross Gepps X Home HQ 
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Help End Period Poverty

It’s hard to believe, but one in four girls have missed school because they don’t have access to feminine hygiene products (2020 survey by South Australian Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People), and further to this one in two girls reported not having access to products or not knowing how to access product at school.

The Victorian Government has been progressive – last year, they donated $20.7 million in funding for 1500+ public schools to provide free sanitary products, while Jacinda Arden recently announced that the New Zealand government will invest $AUD23.5 million from 2021 to 2024 in a program to provide free sanitary products to all schools in New Zealand.

Earlier this year, the South Australian Government announced they would pledge $450,000 over the next three years to provide hygiene products to girls in schools from Year Five onwards. This will enable products to be supplied to 1250 young women, potentially leaving 29,547 girls without access to hygiene products in schools per year.

To help bridge the gap, KickStart For Kids it launching a campaign to help raise $100,000 to help provide 25,000 packs of sanitary pads to over 2000 young South Australian women to help manage their periods for 12 months.

To do your bit and make a difference in the lives of young South Australian women come along to the official launch event on Friday 25th June at The Gallery on Waymouth Street. There’ll be a fashion parade by Rundle Place, live music, a silent auction and drinks by Bird in Hand and Pirate Life.

Tickets are $150 and 100%t of profits will be donated to the cause.

Get your tickets here.