In Conversation with Dr Jonathan Azzopardi

Ever thought about an eyelid lift or jowl tuck? Or perhaps a little off the nose? We ask facial surgeon Dr Jonathan Azzopardi all the cutting questions.

Dr Azzopardi specialises in both surgical and non-surgical procedures specific to the face, these include rhinoplasty, face and neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery, fat grafting and injectables.

What’s the biggest misconception regarding aesthetic facial plastic surgery?

That aesthetic facial plastic surgery results in an overdone unnatural appearance. Any treatment or any service in any industry can be delivered across a spectrum and if abused by provider or client, can lead to extreme results. Our philosophy is to achieve natural results that are tailored to each individual with an emphasis on bridging the gap between one’s form and function, which is often lost due to an accelerated ageing process or facial element that is in disharmony with the rest of the face.

What should people consider when seeking out aesthetic plastic surgery?

Most importantly, any form of treatment being considered should revolve around the patient. They must only embark on this journey for themselves. Always choose a fully qualified surgeon (in Australia and New Zealand, only doctors with a FRACS qualification, or overseas equivalent deemed interchangeable by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, are legitimate surgeons). Additional fellowship training in facial plastic surgery should be sought.

What are the benefits of aesthetic plastic surgery over non-invasive procedures?

The benefits of aesthetic plastic surgery are determined by the patient. For some it is purely an adjustment to appearance in isolation, for others this translates into a wider spectrum of psychological and social benefits. Over non-invasive procedures, surgery is a more definitive and longer lasting modality of treatment. This may also result in a more financially viable path on the long run.

What is your point of difference as a specialist plastic surgeon?

In a surgical specialty that is so broad and diverse, my point of difference as a specialist plastic surgeon is being specifically trained to offer a niche service for very insightful and well-respected patients. I have a natural eye for beauty and quality, traits that years of training and experience can’t necessarily teach.

How do you tailor your service to each client?

Extensive training in craniofacial and aesthetic plastic surgery allows me to analyse each and every element of a client’s face in isolation, but more importantly, in conjunction with the rest of not only their face but also their overall appearance, ethnicity, personality and demeanour. My multicultural and diverse upbringing also allows me to hone into each patient’s points of concern through strong communication and rapport.

So, if someone decides they’re interested in a treatment, what’s the process?

The journey starts with a consultation in a secure, private, beautifully finished practice. This is a time to get to know the patient and understand their wishes and goals and to work out what treatment options suit them best.

They will be given the opportunity to return for a subsequent consultation to discuss any queries that may have come to mind before embarking on any treatment. Seeking a second opinion is always encouraged and there is no pressure and certainly no obligation to follow through with any procedure.

If any treatment eventuates, plans will be made with regards to the specific procedure. Non-surgical injectables are carried out within the same practice during a separate session and any surgical procedures are carried out in an operating theatre in fully accredited private hospitals. Follow up is included post procedure –in some cases, such as with rhinoplasty, patients will be followed up for one-year post procedure.

4 King William Road, Wayville

Get To Know Effie Vlachoulis From Harris Real Estate

Effie Vlachoulis from Harris Real Estate knows the importance of trust and relationships better than most, and now it’s paying dividends.

We chat to the property consultant to find out more.

You’re a property consultant now, but that hasn’t always been the case– tell me about what you were doing before Harris.

Before real estate, I owned and operated a fashion boutique in Burnside and Norwood called Niki Belle. I stocked some beautiful brands including Zhivago, Lexi, Viktoria & Woods and was the go-to for any formal occasion. Working in fashion introduced me to so many people; I formed so many great relationships and really became part of my client’s lives, helping them choose outfits for special occasions and enjoying their return clientele. Helping people gave me such a great sense of job satisfaction, and luckily for me I continue to enjoy this same job satisfaction as a property consultant.

So, what made you decide to make the move from fashion retail to real estate?

I have always had an interest in real estate and, after approximately 10 years in retail, I felt it was time for a change. Surprisingly, the two industries are really quite similar – it’s all about helping people, it’s about relationships and it’s about trust. I have been able to maintain many of the relationships formed during my time at Niki Belle, and some of these people are now also clients of mine at Harris.

This is obviously one of your key points of difference.

Yes, and this is because I understand the importance of trust and commitment. My clients know that I will put 100 percent effort into their property campaign, from arranging trades and getting them sale ready, to doing the negotiating and ensuring the settlement runs smoothly. When I am selling a property, all of my attention is about that property, I’m not just thinking of the next one.

What other attributes make you a great property consultant?

Being personable, friendly, genuine, approachable and humble are attributes that I believe make me a great property consultant. Positive energy and a capacity to work under pressure is also very important.

You made the change just before COVID hit, at a time when interest rates were low and house prices were on the increase – what impact did this have on your entry into the industry?

Fortunately, it was the best time for me to get into the real estate industry. Properties were selling quickly for increased vendor expectations. Everyone was very optimistic and everyone was getting great results. I believe you still need to work hard when selling a property in any market as there are high and low times and managing buyer and vendor expectations is essential.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope to be able to help as many people buy and sell in Adelaide. I am committed to ongoing training and development and want to be known as Adelaide’s most honest, genuine and successful real estate agent

Effie Vlachoulis
Property Consultant
0412 677 189

5 Minutes with House of Campbell’s Creative Director

Not many designers debut their launch collection at New York Fashion Week. In 2019, House of Campbell’s creative director, Abby Potter, did just that.

House of Campbell has been in growth mode ever since, appearing digitally at Australian Fashion Week during COVID, releasing a second collection, Reverie, and featuring in British Vogue three times this year alone. We caught up with Abby to talk modern femininity, escapism in fashion and how her grandmother inspired her to create her label.

House of Campbell celebrates modern femininity. Why is this important?

My family is very female dominant and there are a lot of strong forces around me. They helped me embrace what I think modern femininity is and what it means to me – being a strong woman and having opinions while having fun with fashion and enjoying it.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection, Reverie?

Reverie means to daydream; the collection is inspired by the beginning of the pandemic when I was turning to movies like Marie Antoinette and old Australian Ballet recordings for escapism.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection, Reverie?

Reverie means to daydream; the collection is inspired by the beginning of the pandemic when I was turning to movies like Marie Antoinette and old Australian Ballet recordings for escapism.

Do you think fashion is tied to an element of escapism?

I think so. We’ve seen it throughout history – look at the 1920s, when women started wearing straight silhouettes and cutting their hair. They were trying to bring a masculine edge into fashion and reflect the environment at the time.

House of Campbell is a tribute to your grandmother, Annie Campbell. How has she inspired your label?

My grandma is one of my best friends. It was really difficult for her when she moved here from post-war Glasgow. A neighbour gifted her a Singer sewing machine and it became her outlet. She taught me to sew and to focus on what I love.

You’re about to jet off to Paris –tell us about that.

We got invited to the official partnering trade show of Paris Fashion Week –only 150 designers are invited globally! The trade show is an opportunity to have garments on display and to coordinate meetings with buyers from international department stores like Selfridges and Bergdorf.

That’s exciting! And when can we expect your next collection?

We’re planning to launch certain pieces of the next collection this October. You’ll see power suits with a feminine edge in rich velvets and beautiful textiles that are a little bit more elaborate.

Quick Fire Questions

Your fashion muse:
Coco Channel. She was so innovative and completely changed fashion.

The song that soundtracks your life:
Anything Spice Girls.

Favourite item in your wardrobe:
The Andie jacket from my first collection.

Your top three dinner party guests:
Alexander McQueen, Edwina McCann, Emma Watson.

Your go-to scent:
Maison Margiela Replica – Under the Lemon Tree.

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What’s on this Weekend

Sea to Shore Seafood Festival | October 29

South Australia is home to some of the freshest seafood in the nation. Celebrate our local food scene and the finest seafood at the inaugural Sea to Shore festival at Glenelg’s foreshore. The afternoon is jam-packed with chances to delight your tastebuds with seafood treats. Indulge in fresh pipis, sashimi and salt and pepper squid from the likes of Fishbank and Squid Squad or shuck oysters from the famed Oyster Bar. Threefold Distillery, 2KW, Riot Wine Co and more will also be slinging beverages to pair with your food by the sea – making it the perfect day out.

Find out more.

Halloween at Pirate Life | October 28 to October 29

The spookiest weekend has arrived, with Pirate Life Brewing throwing a Halloween party this Friday and Saturday in its honour. Get dressed in your scariest gear, head to Port Adelaide and enjoy the limited edition Halloween beer cocktail. Enjoy the late October sunshine, indulge in pints of craft beer and try out the new Pirate Life spring menu. Prizes for best dressed and plenty of fun to be had!

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OzAsia | Until November 6

OzAsia kicked off last weekend, with the second week of the festival seeing the CBD come alive in a celebration of Asian culture, community and creativity. Chow down at the Lucky Dumpling Market, visit the new Bubble Tea Garden and marvel at the vibrant Moon Lantern Trail. On the weekend, catch the Adelaide premiere of Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep – an avant-garde musical exploration and collaboration between Australian and Singaporean artists – at the Dunstan Playhouse, or laugh out loud at the Special Comedy Comedy Special at Her Majesty’s Theatre on October 29. 

Find out more.

Adelaide Film Festival | Until October 30

It’s the last weekend to catch a movie at the Adelaide Film Festival (AFF), the annual event celebrating the best and brightest in the silver screen industry. See the world premiere of The Last Daughter – a poignant story about Brenda’s dislocated upbringing and connection to culture – or watch a documentary about world-famous Adelaide rock band, The Angles. Want to make it in the film world? Learn how to get your first feature film the green light in an educational industry AFF talk.

Find out more.

WellFest Adelaide | Until October 30

WellFest is back, with the city a buzzing wellbeing hub for the past two weeks. Restore, revive and rejuvenate across the final weekend of the festival. This weekend, immerse yourself in the Salt Cave Sound Bath Soul Sessions, ride an eco-caddy through Adelaide’s CBD or unwind with a 90-minute ‘pure bliss’ facial and massage from Rundle Street’s Endota Spa. WellFest focuses on six key pillars of wellbeing – nutrition, fitness, health, mindfulness, aesthetics and sleep – helping you feel good this season. 

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Future Focused Learning at Walford

Walford Anglican School for Girls is preparing students for the real world with an innovative mentoring program.

Boutique girls’ school, Walford, focuses on knowing, understanding and supporting each student individually. In providing students with a progressive, gold-standard education they’ve created a new approach to mentoring senior students.

The Walford Student Mentor Program, which is part of a new future focused curriculum for senior girls, connects students with the world beyond school. The revolutionary program provides direction and networking opportunities for career development by including old scholars from various industries, such as law, to provide advice to students.

Keeping their goals and future in mind, each girl collaborates with a mentor teacher to create a tailored pathway. From Music to Engineering, each pathway reflects the student’s individuality and talents.

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to elective study, learning experiences and community service,” says Alice Speirs. Head of Senior School at Walford. “In Year10 our students have access to a range of new electives that will be multidisciplinary and therefore allow students to explore new areas and discover new interests.”

From Sports Psychology and Fashion Design for the Runway to Whodunnit (an introductory course in criminology and forensics), the electives cover a wide range of exciting career fields.

The future of learning also appears to have landed at Walford. Students use an online dashboard, recording their achievements and accomplishments. “Focussing on growth and a continued opportunity to improve and build on their portfolio, the dashboard will reflect each student’s pathway to Her Best,” says Alice.

From mock job interviews in Year10 to legal studies in Year 11, the opportunities are confidence building and create networks for the real-world after graduation. This innovative program, together with the resources and technologies available at Walford, ensure students are well connected with members of the community, providing valuable advice, stories and networking opportunities for a future that’s full of exciting possibilities.

The Principal, Rebecca Clarke, adds “Walford students are encouraged to select courses from a vast range of subjects and electives that will ignite their curiosity, challenge their thinking and expand their future ambitions”.

Walford Anglican School for Girls
316 Unley Road, Hyde Park
08 8272 6555

Makers and Creators

There’s something special about finding a unique, handcrafted luxury item. Bowerbird, Adelaide’s leading design event, is shining a light on the artistic talent and products made by Australian artisans this November at the Adelaide Showgrounds.


Kennedy Smith Candles was born out of co-owners Adrian and Stephen’s extensive search to find an earthy-toned fragrance for their home. When the duo couldn’t find the perfect scent, they decided to launch their own curated range of vegan-friendly, soy-wax candles.

The collection of candles, like Paris (a take on high-end French perfume), Australia (the familiar scent of eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and golden wattle) and Melbourne (think notes of bergamot and precious woods) are inspired by the pair’s memories with friends and travelling.

Each luxury fragrance is designed to last, the simple scents making the perfect addition to any living space.


Stand out from the crowd with Jaska, the unique accessories brand helping to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Each piece uses original artwork painted by founder Jenni Armstrong, who describes her one-of-a-kind designs as “functional art pieces”.

Jaska started out as a children’s clothing company, modelled by Jenni’s two daughters, before evolving into a distinctive accessories brand. The saturated clutches, coin purses, shoes, keyrings and jewellery are handcrafted in-studio and are designed with the environment in mind, consciously created to produce limited textile waste and made with solvent-free fabric ink. At the November Bowerbird event, expect to see some new products in Jaska’s signature bold colours and funky prints.

OR Design

Find artisan jewellery crafted from handblown Italian glass and sterling silver at the November Bowerbird event, expertly made by designer Olivia Raymond. With more than a decade of experience in glassblowing, the Sydney-based designer says her jewellery range is inspired by the world around her.

The collections feature vibrant hues of coloured glass that mirror precious stones (think onyx, jade and ruby) in a range of rings, earrings and pendant necklaces. The natural variations of colour add a unique level of luxe to the jewellery range, and the timeless designs subtly elevate any outfit or occasion.

Olivia says her simple collections strive to highlight an individual’s natural beauty and enhance every skin tone.


Dana Kinter nods to South Australia’s diverse landscape and native flora and fauna in her original artwork, prints and ceramic work. The artist, living and working on Kaurna land, draws inspiration from the environment surrounding her home studio near the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park and overlooking the rolling Fleurieu coastline. Using acrylic pencil on timber and a subdued colour palette, Dana’s artwork captures the natural characteristics of her raw materials and the movement of the landscape and creatures she features.

The Fleurieu Peninsula artist is a regular stall-holder at Bowerbird and will debut new art and a product range featuring Christmas cards, journals and scarves at the November event.

Find these four designers and more at Bowerbird, taking over the Adelaide Showgrounds’ Wayville Pavilion this November 25–27.

A Life in Design with Rayna Hooper

Rayna Hooper, creative director of Adelaide-based fashion house The Holiday Collective, on global exploration, inspiration and South Australian dedication.

Running one of Adelaide’s largest fashion houses from their operational headquarters in Hindmarsh, no two days are the same for founder and director of The Holiday Collective, Rayna Hooper. Beginning with a successful design career in homewares and textiles, Rayna’s wanderlust has taken her around the globe, where she has found endless inspiration for The Holiday Collective’s eight labels, Holiday, The Shanty Corporation, Brave+True, Talisman, Daisy Says, Home Love, Holiday Home and Holiday Life. But, despite her love of travel and the creativeness it inspires, she still calls South Australia – and now Adelaide – home, relocating from the company’s original base in Robe to the city outskirts at the beginning of 2020.

“Having the resources and infrastructure of a capital city has allowed us to grow,” says Rayna, who, along with the 60-strongteam, is currently operating out an historic presbytery on Port Road in Hindmarsh.“It has also enabled us to access talent and skill on a much broader scale, and to streamline logistics.”

Rayna, who is a self-confessed “achievement junkie”, opts for a hands-on approach and is subsequently involved in every aspect of the business. “I’m across all of the business functions, including finance, sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution. Making sure I’m across everything and giving projects the best chance of success is very important to me.”

This means a constant merry-go-round of daily meetings and communication with the local and internationally-based team. “It’s a never-ending juggling act,” she laughs. “Some days it really does feel like the circus. However, I am driven by making things come together and seeing the pieces of the puzzle fit. Collaboration with my team is a constant work in progress.”

That collaboration is set to become a little easier as The Holiday Collective’s showrooms, design space and marketing operations gets set to make its second move in just one year, this time to the neighbouring Hindmarsh Memorial Hall –right next door to their current offices.

“For the last four years our Adelaide operation has been run out of a beautiful church building, however, now that our entire team is here we have outgrown it and need a more contemporary and functional workspace,” she says.

With the functionality of the new workspace resolved, Rayna can once again turn her attention to the growth of her burgeoning Collective – although she’s quick to affirm that the travel restrictions forced upon her during 2020–2021 weren’t all bad, and in actual fact presented a unique opportunity for her to explore opportunities closer to home.

“When we couldn’t travel, I decided to promote the wonders of our beautiful state through our sales and marketing,” she explains. “Our photo shoots were all done in SA, using home-grown models, and our styles were named after local locations or people. We made SA the hero, and it built ongoing pride in our entire team for what we could achieve here.”

From meetings with designers, finance or marketing to photoshoots and fittings, everyday brings a different adventure. However, while the unpredictability is a guarantee, there’s one certainty – the dedication of her growing team of local talents, and, of course, her family. “I feel very, very grateful.”

On Trend: Your Guide to Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing is back, the easy-to-wear, monochromatic outfits re-entering the fashion stratosphere this season.

The simplicity of the spring style lets you look effortlessly chic with half the work. But while dressing tip-to-toe in one colour can be daunting, it’s easier to nail than you think. Whether clad in saturated shades or a neutral style, combining tonal dressing with classic silhouettes or luxe activewear cuts a striking look.

So, to alleviate any sartorial stress and to help elevate spring wardrobes, we’ve curated a guide on how to tonal dress this season, including our favourite tonal looks with P.E Nation pieces.

What is Tonal Dressing?

From the boardroom to the bar, the gym to university, tonal dressing is a style that’s easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. And it’s more than just beige and lightly tanned tones. Pick similar or matching shades that suit your skin tone and curate a head-to-toe tonal outfit while still showcasing your personal style. Swap in contrasting textures, choose classic colours like red, brown or burnt orange and play with accessories in similar swatches.

While the style sounds laidback, a monochromatic fashion moment lets you look luxurious, seamlessly put-together and fashion-forward. And tonal dressing has proved time and time again that it’s more than just a fleeting fashion trend – it’s been a sartorial staple for years.

There have been catwalks of two-toned haute couture clothing, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, JLO, and Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing the mostly-matching monochromatic style.

5 Tips and Tricks for Tonal Fashion

Not sure where to start? We rounded up the best tips to put this styling trick into practice and rock a monochrome outfit.

Choose the Right Colour

While tonal dressing is timeless, you can intertwine trending colours with a sophisticated look. Start with neutral tones – like beige, white and tan – when creating a tonal outfit or delve into deeper colours and curate a red, brown or orange monochrome outfit. When you feel more confident with the tonal trend, wear bolder colours or incorporate some of the following tips.

Play with Texture

While sticking to one shade cuts a classic look, wearing similar textures can make an outfit fall flat. Experiment by adding contrasting textiles (think silk, denim, cotton and cashmere) to any monochromatic outfit. By pairing different textures with tonal dressing, you’ll look sophisticated while wearing a fool-proof outfit.

Layer, Layer, Layer

The overall look of tonal fashion is important, and creating a visually appealing outfit is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd. Introducing layers is a seamless way to achieve monochromatic dressing without your outfit looking monotonous. Pair an oversized shirt with a matching bike shorts and crop top co-ord, or wear a trench coat over leggings and a tank top for a classic silhouette.

Go for a Matching Set

Matching sets will never go out of style – and it’s easily achievable too. As luxe activewear proves its permanence in our wardrobes, throwing on a tonal two-piece allows you to look naturally put-together when popping out to run errands, shop or grab brunch with your girlfriends. For the bold, wear a brightly-coloured tracksuit and matching sports bra instead of a lighter look.

Mix and Match Trending Colours

Tonal dressing doesn’t mean only wearing one shade from top-to-toe. Look chic when wearing a monochromatic outfit by incorporating different shades, trending colours and light and dark tones into the style. Adding accessories – like a darker belt, bag or jacket in a neutral-toned ‘fit – is an easy way to create depth in tonal outfits and stops you from looking like you’re wearing a uniform. Don’t forget: fashion is fun, so don’t be shy when dabbling in shade play. White is also an easy option when breaking up blocks of colour.

Tonal Looks We’re Lusting After

Slipping on luxe activewear will always leave you looking (and feeling) effortlessly cool and casual. Elevate the trending style by introducing tonal dressing to your go-to activewear look.

Taking note of scandi-street style and the international fashion scene, Australian fashion brand P.E Nation has created a range of activewear and loungewear that encapsulates the essence of monochromatic dressing. Their new Base Colour Collection is a mix of bright pink, cherry tomato red, sky blue and beige in a variety of styles, including leggings, sports bras, oversized shirts, track pants and puffer jackets. Here are our favourite ways to work tonal dressing into your wardrobe with the new P.E Nation collection:

Comfort is key when lounging around the house. But who said you have to sacrifice your style when indulging in a lazy day? The Rudimental Sports Bra and Trackpants set is not only cosy, it’s also cute and captures the essence of tonal dressing in a saturated style.

We love the look of pastel tones now that the sun is starting to shine. The Free Play Sports Bra and Legging in Summer Sky adds a pop of colour to your everyday style and is an easy-to-wear monochrome outfit idea.

Start Building Your Tonal Looks Now

Tonal dressing can seem overwhelming initially, but mastering a monochromatic outfit is satisfying and creates endless styling possibilities. Look good and feel good in the new P.E Nation Base Colour Collection – filled with neutrals, pastels and statement shades – to work into your wardrobe and create an effortlessly elevated tonal outfit, available online now.

Shop P.E Nation online here. Follow P.E Nation on Instagram here.

White Wash Minimalism

It is time to bring the outdoors in with light and airy home interiors. The team at Oz Design Furniture show you how.

Minimalist, open plan homes with tonal décor are having a moment, but will this trend continue into the coming season? The experienced team at OZ Design Furniture say spring is all about having a fresh look and feel using vibrant colours to connect to nature. Natural textures will be huge, with handcrafted rattan furniture filling homes. Rattan can also be injected through décor such as baskets and lamp shades.

Slip-cover fabric sofas will also be resurfacing, providing both style and functionality. Easy to clean and offering the perfect relaxed look, slip-cover sofas pave the way for a fresh and light interior (the Whitehaven three-seater from OZ Design Furniture is our pick). Finally, the use of vibrant décor will see a shift away from winter with the use of oversized artwork, vases and table centerpieces.

Shop in-store or online at OZ Design Furniture and discover the latest sofas, dining, storage, homewares and more!

 Whitehaven Armchair in Skye Cloud, $1399; Airlie
Side Table in Natural Rattan, $399;
Simpatico Cushion 50x60cm, $109.95

OZ Design Furniture
800 Marion Road, Marion
08 8472 3630

Gepps X Home HQ750 Main North Road, Gepps Cross
08 8472 3640

Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home

There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into preparing a home for sale. Nick Tirrell, project manager at Presenting Beautiful Homes, shows us through their latest transformation in Kensington Park.

The Brief

A rundown villa, set on 1227m2 of premium land in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, had sat vacant for an extended period of time, and a lack of regular maintenance had the property in need of some love and attention before it hit the market for sale. It was important that the home presented as ready to move in and appeal to a broad demographic of buyers, including families and professionals

The Project

The goal was to return the run-down property to its former glory in a modern and sophisticated way, capturing the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. This involved updating the colour palette throughout, replacing and updating light fixtures and fittings, re-tiling, landscaping and more.

The Results

When the hard work and vision pays off for the owner – as it did with this project – it’s a win for all. This resulted in a staggering sale price of$3.15 million. More than 100 groups viewed the home throughout the duration of the campaign and there was a huge turnout on auction day with competitive bidding. The home also achieved the highest sale price in Adelaide for the week it went to auction.

“Presenting Beautiful Homes managed the whole process of delivering and project managing all required trades, and then furnished and presented the property magnificently during the sales period.”

Simon, client

Simple Alterations That Added Value

  • Interior and exterior painting with a modern colour palette of whites, greys and blacks.
  • Replacing old worn flooring and carpet throughout with lighter and more modern selections.
  • Updating old-fashioned light fixtures.
  • Repairing and installing new fencing along the boundary and a compliant pool fence to match the new exterior colour palette.
  • Retiling and filling the existing swimming pool.
  • High-pressure cleaning of all outdoor areas and paving.
  • Landscaping of property, including planting.
  • General maintenance repairs.
  • Full styling of every room.