The New Nose Job

Reshaping your nose no longer means painful and costly rhinoplasty – there is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative, and the results are impressive. We chat to Dr Rahma Targett to find out more.

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, nose thread lifts are virtually pain-free. The procedure is quick (just 30 minutes) and the results are natural and immediate. “In comparison to surgical rhinoplasty, the differences in cost and downtime are huge,” says cosmetic physician and owner of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Rahma Targett.

“Some people can spend years saving up for a surgery like rhinoplasty, however nose threads are an affordable option. In terms of downtime, the healing time for rhinoplasty can take months, and up to an entire year to settle into its new form.” Nose thread lifts, however, in which absorbable PDO threads are placed carefully in the nose to lift and improve definition, only cause temporary swelling and minor bruising, which subsides in one to two weeks. 

While impressive, nose thread lifts aren’t the only non-surgical option for those looking to reshape and contour their nose – dermal fillers can also be used, however the results aren’t as long-lasting. “Nose thread lifts can last up to two years,” says Dr Targett, compared to one year for dermal fillers. There are also fewer complications with nose thread lifts and the results are generally more cosmetically aesthetic, from slimming the nose bridge, achieving better nose definition, reducing the width of the nose and lifting the tip.

As the threads start to dissolve – usually after about seven months – the body then begins to produce its own natural collagen, creating additional tightening. “So even after your initial nose thread appointment, there is an ongoing effect over the coming months as extra collagen is produced,” explains Dr Targett.

While the procedure is suitable for most people, a consultation is essential to see if nose thread lifts are the best option for you and your nose goals, and in terms of safety Dr Targett says to “do your research and make sure you see a qualified cosmetic physician who will ensure your nose threads are inserted correctly”.

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine
58/41–47 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

Beautiful Blondes

SJ Establishment

If you’ve ever wanted to have your hair done by one of the top five hair stylists in the world, look no further than Sam James from SJ Establishment. Named one of only five finalists in the prestigious international Contessa Awards, Sam has put herself on the map. Known for her expertise in creating beautiful blondes, her work speaks for itself.

We’ve all known someone who got a bad blonde job. Embarking on the journey to blonde hood is treacherous and having a trusted hairdresser along the way is a requirement. Luckily, SJ Establishment is filled with them, in fact, they are the current AHIA Australian Team of the Year 21.

Salon owner and hairdresser, Sam, has been a trusted educator for the last 11 years, teaching hairdressers all around Australia about how they too can achieve the perfect blonde for their clients.

“Anyone can learn to do great blondes, but to listen to people’s wants and needs while giving an honest professional opinion through consultation, while taking into consideration condition, lifestyle, skin tone, maintenance and much more, takes experience and passion,” she says, “And my team are full of both and know how to choose the perfect blonde for each individual client.”

If you’re taking naturally dark hair to platinum blonde it can be quite easy to destroy the hair in the process, but the hairdressers at SJ Establishment prioritise the condition of each client’s hair while not compromising on the result. “We love that Matrix Bonder Inside gives us the confidence to lighten hair with care, this is our go-to lightening powder and our clients always notice the difference with shine and condition.”

We’ve all heard a blonde horror story, so ensuring you’re kept informed along the way is an underestimated comfort in a salon. Sam says that all of her colourists “take their time and keep you informed of all the processes that need to happen”. Using a range of techniques, from balayage to foliage and face framing to babylights, the colourists at SJ Establishment are extremely knowledgeable on what’s available across the whole blonde portfolio.

SJ Establishment
102a Prospect Road, Prospect
08 8344 4515

Rejuvenate with a Limelight Facial

With 15 years’ experience in cosmetic medicine, Dr Katina Koukourou is an expert in skin rejuvenation.

Wellness is about balance, it’s not just about exercise and nutrition. Accredited sports dietitian, model and South Australian Style wellness guru Emily Hartley says allowing time in your busy day to de-stress, unwind and refresh is equally important – we sent Emily along to Lifestyle Medical in Hyde Park for some much-needed rejuvenation.

“I want to rejuvenate myself from the inside out so I’ve headed to Lifestyle Medical. Dr Katina Koukourou and her wonderful team are experienced professionals who can help you to improve your skin’s appearance. Lifestyle Medical Skin Clinic and Facial Aesthetics is a physician directed medical spa and skin rejuvenation centre. While they offer a whole host of services, from cosmetic medicine and mole scanning to beauty and medispa treatments, I opted for the Limelight Facial. A non-invasive light treatment that helps improve skin tone and discolouration such as red and brown pigmentation associated with ageing and sun damage. A great choice to help revitalise and restore my skin’s appearance and complexion. Almost like a spring clean for your skin!

Most Limelight treatments should take less than one hour, mine only took 20 minutes. For a couple of hours following the treatment the brown spots and freckles on my face started to darken and my skin appeared slightly red – kind of like my face had just done a little workout! Once this settled, I was able to see improvements in my complexion with a more even skin tone after just one week. This was a great option to restore and revive my skin after what seems like a long, cold winter. The treatment left me feeling comfortable and confident to go make-up free.”

Limelight Facial: The details

The Limelight Facial is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that helps reduce skin redness and pigmentation and improves elasticity and tone. 

What to expect?

The treatment includes a hydrating cleanse, a tailored intense pulse light treatment and a personalised selection of serums.

The outcome

Noticeably clearer, brighter more radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Lifestyle Medical Skin Clinic & Facial Aesthetics
5/155 King William Road, Unley
08 9374 4909

Get Summer Body-Ready – Without Hitting the Gym!

We all have those stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge, despite hours spent at the gym. These pesky bulges are often blamed on genetics and the resolve is to simply accept them. But what if there was another way? A quick, easy, exercise-free way to shed those extra kilos, tighten and tone? Interested? We caught up with the team at Imperia Clinics to find out everything there is to know about non-invasive body sculpting and fat removal. 

to freeze or melt?

Take your pick – freeze the fat or let it melt away using ultrasonic fat melting technology that is non-invasive (so no surgery) and completely safe. The fat melting procedure uses low frequency sound waves to help ‘burst’ the fat cells, causing them to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream. The body then uses the lymphatic system to process these fatty acids naturally. Similarly, fat freezing uses sub zero temperatures to help target and reduce fat cells. 

an intense workout – gym-free

Want to tone and tighten? There is a non-invasive treatment for that too. Muscle sculpting is specifically designed to help build muscle and does so by targeting the muscles hidden behind those stubborn pockets of fat, making them contract and essentially providing a super intense workout – no gym needed. There is no pain, no downtime and the treatments are quick (30 minutes). You’ll need to commit to about five sessions, each scheduled 2–3 days apart.

booty lift

A combination of fat melting and skin tightening can be used to tone the glutes, help remove fat and smooth the appearance of the skin (bye, bye cellulite). The result is a long-lasting lift that can raise, reposition and tighten.

Imperia Clinics
175C King William Road, Hyde Park

Practicing Dietician Emily Hartley Talks Gut Health

Good nutrition forms an integral part of the wellness puzzle. More and more research is emerging surrounding the positive relationship that food has with your mood. You may have heard terms like gut health, prebiotics, probiotics, microbiome and gut flora. Essentially, it’s your body’s garden. It should have a whole variety of different plants, flowers, trees and leaves. Yes, there might be a couple of weeds, but they all work together.

Our gut contains billions and trillions of different types of bacteria, viruses and fungi (your garden). These little guys not only assist with your mood, but also your appetite, digestion, prevention of chronic disease, weight management and immune health.

So when the weather is warm and the sun is shining the perfect place to go is Bomdia Bowls Açaí Bar. This Glenelg institution is Adelaide’s original and favourite spot for açaí. Serving a wide variety of smoothies, acai bowls, coffee and small eats, this gem of a spot will take you on a trip all the way to Hawaii’s northshore, and it’s only 20 minutes from the city.

Colour is no stranger to Bomdia Bowls – their delicious and nutritious food is so bright and colourful you’ll need to wear your sunglasses inside (actually, don’t be that person). The bright smoothies and bowls will keep that belly of yours happy, your body energised and smiling for the rest of the day. My personal favourite is the Bombora (better known as the ‘Champion Bowl’). It combines all the favourites – acai, chocolate protein, maca and cacao, topped with strawberries, banana and granola.

So, what exactly should we be looking to include to help our gut health? We should always look to include regular balanced meals that contain a source of lean protein, quality carbohydrate and plenty of colour from fruits and vegetables each day. Other gems are probiotics – these are a source of good bacteria. They are readily found in yoghurts, kefir and fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut or kombucha. Then comes the prebiotics, these are the foods that help to feed and stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. They are found in fibre rich foods like fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, legumes and seeds. Lastly, aim for plenty of variety and diversity in your diet. The more plant foods the better – aim for a minimum of 30 each week!

Bomdia Bowls Açaí Bar
2B Moseley Street, Glenelg

Words: Emily Hartley

Lift and Tighten

Sagging skin is the ultimate ager. In an attempt to combat the clock people are turning towards non-surgical, non-invasive collagen induction treatments, which are now available at Burnside Cosmetic.

Otherwise known as a non-surgical facelift, Ultraformer III is a premium non-surgical, non-invasive face and neck lifting and skin tightening treatment. It works by stimulating your body’s natural regenerative processes. It uses highly sophisticated micro-focused ultrasound energy to rejuvenate three critical 
levels of your skin’s infrastructure. It has an immediate tightening effect by contracting the collagen fibres that support your skin. Most importantly, Ultraformer treatments stimulate long-term production of new, stronger collagen, helping to lift and tighten sagging skin and fill out wrinkles, without downtime.

The device can be used on the face to lift and tighten areas such as the lower face, nasolabial folds, the neck, chin and jawline, as well as under the eyes, which is often a difficult area to treat.

The best part? This procedure can be done in as little as 30 minutes with no downtime and minimal side effects or discomfort.

Ask the team at Burnside Cosmetic about how the Ultraformer III can contour parts of the body such as the back, armpits, abdomen and thighs.

You’ll be in capable hands at Burnside Cosmetic. Since graduating in 1992, Dr Chris Koulos has been passionate about aesthetics and launched the stand-alone clinic Burnside Cosmetic with his wife, EN Claire Koulos, in 2015. Burnside Cosmetic offers a wide range of services, from cosmetic medicine, skin cancer checks and surgery to body contouring treatments like EMsculpt and SculpSure and laser facial rejuvenation treatments.

To discuss what’s possible, book a no obligation consultation with the clinic.

Burnside Cosmetic
Suite H, Balcony Level
Burnside Village
08 7221 2577

Superpower Skincare

The high-performing, intensely hydrating Jurlique Rose is the skincare giant’s secret ingredient, and one of the reasons their Moisture Plus range is a game changer for those chasing supple, rehydrated skin.

The Jurlique Rose

There are endless skincare lotions, serums, moisturisers and masks that promise instant and long lasting hydration for lack-lustre skin, but it’s the exclusive Jurlique Rose that sets the brand’s skin-smart Moisture Plus range apart from the rest. Grown on their very own biodynamic farm* right here in the Adelaide Hills, this hydrating, skin-refining hybrid rose has been scientifically proven to attract and retain moisture, making it the star ingredient in this must-try range.

How it works

Petals from the exclusive Jurlique Rose are carefully hand harvested in the morning (after the dew has evaporated and before they are exposed to the midday sun) and used to make the Jurlique Rose extract. This extract is then infused into a unique skin-smart delivery system that uses microencapsulation for extended moisture release. Essentially, enabling fresh, hydrated, radiant skin for longer. 

Hydration + protection

As well as being given a moisture boost thanks to the hydrating superpowers of the Jurlique Rose, skin will also be protected from environmental stressors thanks to Jurlique’s unique Radiance Blend, which is a potent mix of Lavender, Rose Gallica, Calendula and Marshmallow Root. This antioxidant mix will soothe and protect, as well as help to provide a more resilient skin barrier.

Rose skincare routine

Start with the Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser, this cleanser leaves skin thoroughly cleansed without that dry or tight feeling some other cleansers cause. Then pat the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum into the skin to restore that moisture before reaching for the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Cream to lock in hydration. If you’re on the go, keep a bottle of the Rosewater Balancing Mist to spray over the face when needed, and if you’re in need of a treat-me moment, slather on the Moisture Replenishing Mask for ultimate relaxation.

*Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.

Best Face Forward

A high-end cosmetic experience that will leave you looking and feeling your best. We caught up with Peta Autengruber to find out more.

Tell me a bit about your business. 

I opened in September 2020 with the desire to offer an experience for my clients by creating a space that is calming, fresh and inviting. I knew there was a need for cosmetic medical treatment in a luxurious space that would offer clients that high end feel.

Tell me a bit about the treatments you offer.

You have a background in emergency medicine and experience as a registered nurse, how does this impact on your level of care and client results?

I think it gives me such a unique view of the client experience from start to finish, and I certainly think of all of my interactions with a long-term view. Working in emergency nursing and general practice nursing for over 30 years left me with an incredibly high benchmark for what the level of customer care should be, but it also enables me to understand my client’s medical and surgical history and to determine any effect that may have on treatment options offered. 

You specialise in anti-ageing for mature clients, what are the most common complaints you hear?

Clients new to aesthetics are most often anxious about looking ‘overdone’ and worry about the effects being too obvious. I provide an extensive consultation to put these fears to rest. For me, cosmetic injecting is about positive ageing thanks to my Total Face Approach. My consultation process discusses all options available and is about setting a completely customised treatment plan to highlight natural beauty.

Anti-ageing injectables are often used on younger skin as a preventable anti-ageing measure, but how effective are these treatments on skin that has already aged? 

My clients range from 18 to 80 years, so it’s never too late for a little pick me up! People are living longer, working longer, going through career and relationship changes and they want to stay looking 
their best, regardless of age or gender. It’s possible to see considerable yet natural results across all ages and, when combined with other treatments, they can be very effective. 

The space is very luxe and inviting, how important is this and how does it add to the overall client experience? 

I like my clients to think of my space as a little hidden sanctuary to settle into and relax. It’s big enough to bring a friend or two for support or to double up on bookings to share the experience 
together, yet small enough to feel private and intimate. Every client needs to feel confident and secure in their decision making, so comfort is key. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, with no pressure 
to have a procedure done and no unwelcome upsells, just the chance to have a chat about options. 

And you have an entrance at the back of the clinic for clients who may want a more discreet service – why is this important? 

The option of a rear entrance has been a huge bonus for many of my clients as it enables them to take advantage of off-road parking with entry via the back lane directly into the waiting room. While aesthetic services are increasingly common and fortunately much more accepted, I also understand that some clients appreciate that additional sense of discretion and I completely respect that. In particular, I offer a unique option for male clients with the below the belt male rejuvenation treatment using dermal filler to increase size. This procedure has been performed globally for over a decade, so I’m happy to be able to perform it here in Adelaide.

Peta Autengruber Cosmetic Clinic
460 Grange Road, Fulham Gardens

TABOO and Cup & Carry Collaborate

TABOO Co-Founders, Isobel Marshall and Eloise Hall pictured with Olivia Moore, owner of local bar and café, LOC, who is stocking TABOO and Cup & Carry coffee cups.

Two female-run, South Australian businesses – TABOO Period Products and Cup & Carry – have collaborated on a project to showcase TABOO’s upcoming art exhibition. The exhibition art will be printed on Cup & Carry’s takeaway coffee cups and showcased in cafés all around Adelaide.

TABOO’s art exhibition, We Bleed, is a curated collection of art that speaks to the diverse experiences of menstruation, as expressed by 17 artists. In an attempt to showcase this collection, Cup & Carry have printed sneak peeks of the exhibition on their recyclable takeaway cups disturbed to cafés including Karma and Crow, Tell Henry, Peter Rabbit, Bloom, Pickle In The Middle, Everything Brewtiful, My Kingdom for a Horse and many more.

TABOO Co-Founder, Director of Health and Education and 2021 Young Australian of the Year, Isobel Marshall, says, “this collaboration with Cup & Carry is an amazing way to offer all members of the public a physical invitation to our public exhibition, in the form of a coffee cup.”

Co-Founder and Managing Director of TABOO, Eloise Hall, says that this collaboration is an “exciting avenue to break the stigma of menstruation.”

Works featured on the Adelaide-made Cup & Carry cups include EMSLA painting prize finalist Olympia Antoniadis, South Australian artist Antoina Capoccia and eye-gaze artist Grace Hemming-Price.

The We Bleed exhibition will explore the many different cultural, physical, psychological and economic experiences of menstruation from artists across different mediums. Many works will be featured, including a piece from Archibald Prize finalist Tsering Hannaford.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 26th– 28th of November at Mixed Goods in Kilkenny.

Beauty Talk

The brainchild of Josie Caruso, Farrago Skin and Body is a one-stop-shop for all things beauty. “When I opened seven years ago my vision was to design a clinic that provided everything skin, health, cosmetics and make-up,” says Josie. She’s done just that – with cosmetic treatments, injectables, make-up, waxing, brows and more, all available in-clinic – but she also offers another unique point of difference. “I feel that good skin starts from within with nourishing healthy foods, water, habits and a positive mindset”. We ask Josie and her all-female team, cosmetic nurse Emily Woods and make-up artist Carla Ielasi, all the burning beauty questions.

would you say that health and beauty work hand in hand?

Josie: Good skin starts from within. Nutrients and a healthy gut can help keep our skin glowing, and flare ups like breakouts, redness, irritation, inflammation and other skin conditions can be a result of factors such as diet, digestive issues, toxins, medication, hormonal imbalance and stress. We perform a skin consultation to see what factors may be contributing to certain conditions and concerns, and prescribe a skin care routine and in-clinic skin treatment journey. Our transformations have been phenomenal!

preventative anti-ageing has quickly gained notoriety, what sort of preventative anti-ageing procedures would you recommend for young skin? and how does this differ to the procedures you would suggest for a more mature client?

Emily: It’s never too early to start preventative treatments – teenagers can introduce gentle skin care and skin treatments. A lot of clients start dabbling with subtle anti-wrinkle treatments in their 20s; from the age of about 30 dermal fillers can be introduced, replacing fat/volume in the face that is lost as part of the normal ageing process. 

tell us about a new and/or unique treatment that you offer at farrago.

Emily: At the moment we are doing a lot Skin Boosters – this is an injectable treatment that uses the same product used in dermal fillers in a more diluted form. It is injected into the skin layer to hydrate, plump and give a fresh, glow-up look.

you only use australian products in-store – why is this so important?

Josie: I was very selective when I chose our brands, Ocosmedics and Ultraceuticals. Both brands are Australian made and owned and these ranges know Australian skin and are formulated to target skin conditions that are prevalent in Australia, such as skin ageing and photodamage. They are formulated with medical strength actives and are results driven. There are no nasties such as parabens, fragrances, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial colours or plastic microbeads. The professional grade and in-clinic treatments also help target all major skin concerns such as photodamage, skin ageing, acne and pigmentation.

you offer customised treatment plans for clients – do these customised plans mean bigger, better results?

Emily: Customised treatment plans mean helping clients achieve their goals, regardless of how big or small. The process of achieving healthy skin is sometimes a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about creating a plan that works long-term, that fits a client’s time, availability and budget. It’s educating clients on how their face and skin will change over the next year, five years, or ten years so that there’s a greater understanding of why we do what we do, what treatments are available, what’s realistic and suitable, and how we can do our best to slow the ageing process and reduce the work we have to do in the future. 

what have been the biggest make-up trends for 2021?

Carla: Glowy, clean, fresh skin and matte eyes are huge right now –glossy lips are also a 2021 fave. The less is more approach is definitely something to do, keeping it fresh and youthful. 

who are your clients?

Carla: My clients vary, although I do specialise in deep complexion and mature skin. For 11 years I was the national and international make-up artist for a very well-known global French luxury brand. Some of my clients are influencers, and I also do a lot of brides, bridal parties and photo shoots.

Farrago Skin and Body
4/180–184 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Cowandilla