Wedding Ready Skin

Your wedding day is a big deal – and so is your skincare routine. We sat down with Chami from Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery to find out what treatments she’s favouring on the lead-up to her summer wedding.

Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery boosts your beauty with a selection of advanced clinical treatments, delivering desired results tailored to individual skin types and aesthetic needs. For bride-to-be Chami, a pre-wedding skin pick-me-up was what she needed before her big day. This is her skin journey.

“Given I’m in my mid-forties, and this will be my second wedding, I know what I would like to achieve skin-wise for my big day,” says Chami. “Personally, I’m looking for a subtle, natural, refreshed look for my wedding.”

Working closely with Regenesis director and cosmetic surgeon Dr Robin Chok, the duo formulated a plan combining rejuvenating and tightening treatments to achieve the best results for Chami’s skin.

“My advice for brides is to make sure you have a thorough consultation, ask questions and establish clear lines of communication. Also, let’s not forget about the groom – he might like a bit of a refresh too! After all, the wedding day is celebrating both of you.”

Chami’s wedding preparation began with Ultherapy targeting the mid-face, jawline and chin. The non-invasive treatment uses ultrasound technology to focus energy on the foundational level of the skin without disrupting the surface, stimulating collagen production to give a fresher, more youthful appearance.

To lift and tighten her skin, Chami received Bio Threads, a minimally invasive treatment that helps create face structure and produces an anti-ageing effect. Results start to appear from six weeks, and she recommends having this treatment at least three months before your wedding to seethe full rejuvenating effects.

Taking care of her body, Chami plans to complete the Regenesis Tone and Taut package targeting thighs, upper arms, lower abdomen and buttocks before her pre-moon vacation to sunny Singapore. The non-invasive body shaping procedure uses BTL Emsculpt NEO and Emtone to build muscle, eliminate fat and reduce cellulite.

Closer to the wedding, Chami is scheduled for an Exilis Ultra 360treatment for maintenance following the Ultherapy. Combining radio frequency with ultrasound technology creating 360 volumetric heating, which firms and tightens the skin appearance and feels like a hot stone massage! This treatment is suitable for both the face and body.

Lastly, the WiQolifting and brightening treatment will rejuvenate Chami’s skin by stimulating its restorative process. The treatment is suitable for all skinshades and most skin types, paired with the Fotona Laser Intra Oral Treatment to produce skin tightening effects from the inside out.

A month out from the big day Chami is booked to have an anti-wrinkle injectable treatment to smooth the skin. The appointment will focus on the eye area and identify if any dermal fillers are needed.

Finally, the week of the wedding Chami will have a relaxing European Hydration Facial to unwind. The luxurious facial also includes a hand massage and Healite Therapy. This final step in her pre-wedding prep means she will be relaxed and refreshed for her wedding day.

Dr Chok’s Steps to Great Skin

1. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to have a treatment plan in place to attain the desired results.

2.Support your in-clinic treatments with an appropriate home care regime, recommended by your practitioner to accelerate your skincare goals.

3.Attempt to reduce elevated cortisol levels by minimizing stress where possible, as stress can present in the way of breakouts, weight changes and fatigue, especially in the month prior to the wedding.

4.Use an enzyme rather than a granular scrub to exfoliate to avoid micro tears, inflammation, acne and sensitivity.

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Lift and Tighten

Sagging skin is the ultimate ager. In an attempt to combat the clock people are turning towards non-surgical, non-invasive collagen induction treatments, which are now available at Burnside Cosmetic.

Otherwise known as a non-surgical facelift, Ultraformer III is a premium non-surgical, non-invasive face and neck lifting and skin tightening treatment. It works by stimulating your body’s natural regenerative processes. It uses highly sophisticated micro-focused ultrasound energy to rejuvenate three critical 
levels of your skin’s infrastructure. It has an immediate tightening effect by contracting the collagen fibres that support your skin. Most importantly, Ultraformer treatments stimulate long-term production of new, stronger collagen, helping to lift and tighten sagging skin and fill out wrinkles, without downtime.

The device can be used on the face to lift and tighten areas such as the lower face, nasolabial folds, the neck, chin and jawline, as well as under the eyes, which is often a difficult area to treat.

The best part? This procedure can be done in as little as 30 minutes with no downtime and minimal side effects or discomfort.

Ask the team at Burnside Cosmetic about how the Ultraformer III can contour parts of the body such as the back, armpits, abdomen and thighs.

You’ll be in capable hands at Burnside Cosmetic. Since graduating in 1992, Dr Chris Koulos has been passionate about aesthetics and launched the stand-alone clinic Burnside Cosmetic with his wife, EN Claire Koulos, in 2015. Burnside Cosmetic offers a wide range of services, from cosmetic medicine, skin cancer checks and surgery to body contouring treatments like EMsculpt and SculpSure and laser facial rejuvenation treatments.

To discuss what’s possible, book a no obligation consultation with the clinic.

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