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Six Stories To Get Lost In This Season

Joan Didion

One’s life is not complete until they have read Joan Didion. Let Me Tell You What I Mean is a collection of 12 essays from the early stages of Didion’s writing career. The sharp read exposes the thought process behind one of the most influential literary minds, touching on topics of politics, gender and Didion’s self-doubt.

Lara Williams

Ingrid is a gift shop clerk on a luxury cruise ship liner, bored and restless and totally avoiding the real world.The Odyssey is a wickedly satirical look at modern life, capitalism and bad jobs – and how to find your way home, even if you don’t want to.

Jessie Clave

Meet Ruth and Hannah: sisters who are polar opposite. One is wild and carefree, and the other is structured and bright. When a summer holiday unravels, Ruth excludes herself from the world. Sunset is a bittersweet story navigating the nexus between love, grief and forgiveness – and how important sisterhood and second chances are.

Elena Ferrante

Middle-aged divorceé Leda is vacationing alone along theIonian Coast when she meetsNina, a young mother, and her daughter. Nina’s relationship with her child forces Leda to confront the decisions she made as a mother in The Lost Daughter, a poignant story that shatters the perfect illusion of motherhood.

Peggy Frew

A trio of sisters take a trip to Far North Queensland to help one of them overcome their addiction.Nina, Meg and Amber were once close, but as they rehabilitate Amber, the depth of their love and responsibility are tested. Wildflowers is a compassionate, fast paced read about the fragility of the human condition. This is book is a must-read.

David Nicholls

One Day is a comforting, yet heartbreaking read, observing main characters Emma and Dexter, the ebb and flow of their relationship and their inability to commit to one another across twenty years. That is, until it’s too late. One Day is a page-turner, hard to put down and impossible to get over

What’s On This Weekend

WineTime | March 17

WineTime is back at Summertown Studio this Friday! Listen to some of the best local jazz, funk and soul music while sipping on South Australian wine at the suburban shop and haunt. The WineTime sessions are the perfect way to slip into weekend mode, so gather your mates, soak up the remainder of March’s balmy evenings and enjoy some great SA music.

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Missy Sippy East End Party | March 18

Missy Sippy is hosting its first street party, taking over the beloved east end for a sunny Saturday session. Shutting down Vardon Avenue, the South Australian-based vodka brand is opening a pop-up cocktail bar, mixing drinks and serving its famed lime seltzers to afternoon crowds. Live DJs will soundtrack the street party festivities, with the fun kicking off at 4pm.

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Andy Warhol & Photography: A Social Media | Until May 14

Running in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival, Andy Warhol & Photography: A Social Media is an SA-exclusive exhibition hosted at the Art Gallery of South Australia that explores the acclaimed artist’s lifelong obsession with taking photos. Through 250 works, the showcase comprises private images, pop art (including the famed Marilyn Monroe print) and pieces by Warhol’s contemporaries and friends. 

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One Planet Market | Sunday March 19

Connect with the wider Adelaide community at the One Planet Market, the local event hosted in Payneham on the third Sunday of each month. Peruse stalls selling artisan goods, green produce and vintage fashion or swap your fresh produce with the local community garden collective. There’ll be live music, plenty of coffee and fun. The market starts at 9am at the Payneham Community Centre.

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Contemporary Change

Meet James Howe: the Adelaide-based, self-taught contemporary furniture designer. We caught up with James to chat about the simplicity of his work, how his previous life as a journalist impacts his craft, and how his best ideas come to him while he watches Netflix.

James Howe first fell in love with furniture after discovering Danish designer Børge Mogensen’s J39 shaker chair – the journalist-turned-award-winning furniture designer was trawling through the internet in search of dining chairs. It’s fair to say Mogensen changed his life.

Seven years later, James has won an international award for his work and is about to open a private studio. “I basically became obsessed with furniture overnight,” he says. “I’d never seen anything like [Børge Mogensen]. Something about it grabbed me and made me feel a weird mixture of serene and wildly excited.”

But, it was the pending arrival of his first child that actually spurred him to craft his first piece. With a new-found interest in furniture design and creation, he designed and built a change table and Moses basket stand. “I just went in deep,” he says. “I found it enthralling. To discover something out of the blue that really lights you up like that – it’s a real gift.”

In 2015, his wife encouraged him to enter both pieces in the internationally-recognised Etsy Design Awards, where he won the New Talent category. “I started receiving press, and [my career] began to snowball in a way that was just crazy exciting,” James says. Then came a coveted position in the Jam Factory’s associate program where he undertook a two-year funded position. “It gave me permission to make furniture all day, every day. It was huge.”

James describes his aesthetic as minimalistic, basing his work around a material or an image he’ll imagine. “It’ll usually pop into my head when I’m watching Netflix,” he quips. He’ll then strip back the various layers of the initial concept until he finds a distinctive element to focus on. “It’s an important part of my design process. Finding what the piece brings that other furniture doesn’t.

The Rushcutters Bench (pictured right) exemplifies James’ commitment to simple yet thoughtful design. The first draft of the hand-dyed Danish paper cord seat with stainless steel frame featured timber legs and a metal top. “What set it apart was the hand-woven weave with these tapered ends that I developed,” James explains. “Once I realised that I eliminated everything other than what was structurally required for the piece to exist.”

James says the Rushcutters Bench is one of his favourite designs to date. “I feel like it’s the most resolved in terms of stripping it back to its core thesis,” he says. “I know how much work went into resolving it, reducing it and boiling it down until it resembled what it is today.” The piece was named as a finalist in the 2017 Australian Furniture Design Awards.

Other pieces in James’ portfolio include a credenza with chevron-fluted doors (picture above), a softly curved side table and the ‘Hubble Lamp’ – a simple rock maple and Limoges porcelain diffuser structure that emits swirls of light from the impurities in the handmade glass.

He credits Adam Goodrum, Tom Faraday and Adelaide-based Khai Liew as some of his most influential role models, but says his early success also derives from his appreciation of the materials he works with. James calls himself a ‘material fiend’ who tries to emulate the emotional impact furniture and form have on him in the work he produces

James’ previous life as a freelance magazine journalist and photographer has also given him a unique perspective on design, saying the two fields feel “identical” to him. “My ability to know whether the words I write are good and the ability to know if what I’m designing looks good comes from the same place,” he says. “It’s the same skillset.” This, coupled with his natural aesthetic sense and ability to be a step ahead of the trends, means he’s quickly moved to a place where he’s becoming comfortable with his identity as a self-taught designer.

While he gets ready to open his studio, James has also started to inspire the next generation of Australian contemporary furniture designers by posting educational videos about his work on social media. “I want to see people like me, who don’t feel permission to design furniture, to decide to start and to have the same life-changing experience I did,” he says. “It takes guts to put something vulnerable into the world. I want to encourage other people to take that leap.”


A Tailored Approach with Racondier

Boutique Tailoring House Racondier designs modern suits that nod to traditionalism and crafts high-quality, custom pieces that perfectly complement your style. Owner Chris Callisto talks to South Australian Style about menswear fashion, suit trends and Racondier’s timeless designs.

You have 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. Why did you decide to launch your label, Racondier?

  I’ve worked for several brands in the premium and luxury menswear space. These are the places I learnt my craft, cut my teeth and was exposed to quality products. But I’ve always been a creatively-minded person who wants to manifest my ideas in the world. The only way to do that was to go out on my own. 

Tell us more about Racondier. 

We’re a boutique tailoring house. We offer a refreshing and modern perspective on custom menswear. We want to create our own world to invite people into. We’re quirky – it’s soulful, it’s exciting, it’s nostalgic, it’s modern, it’s classic. Even our suits and shirts have a style unique to the house. It’s subtle, but it’s there. 

You say Racondier’s made-to-measure pieces are a ‘modern twist on a time-honoured practice’. How are you achieving this fresh perspective? 

We really respect traditionalism and high-quality craftsmanship. But it’s still important to be progressive in what we do and bring our ideas to the table. Our garments are super clean, minimal and elegant. We’ve tried to strip it back. [Racondier] is an interesting mix of classic design– which is what we’re inspired by – with our own contemporary spin.  

Your custom suits are perfect for wedding days. In your opinion, why should grooms consider a custom-designed outfit? 

A special day requires a special suit. I think it has to mean something to the person wearing it. A tailor-made suit will take a little longer than choosing something off the rack, but the patience in the process – the fabric selection, the fittings – adds to the theatre of the wedding day. It makes the suit represent the significance of the day. Plus, you can influence the feel of the fabric and the fit throughout the process. 

Walk us through the process of having a custom suit designed.

It’s a three-step process, that takes between four to six weeks. Firstly, we’ll have a casual chat in our salon, and if you’re interested, we’ll look at fabrics and record your body measurements. Then, after four weeks, you’ll come and try on the suit, and we can make small adjustments. Lastly, you’ll come to pick up the product! However, during the process we often see the groom, their partner or their friends more. We want the salon to feel like a second home – you can have a martini, enjoy a cigar and listen to vinyl. Our garments are built on body measurements. We recommend people start the made to measure process two to three months before the wedding so that they’re comfortable for time. 

What are the next big trends for groom fashion? 

We’re seeing a real casualisation of weddings, but I think the wheel will spin back the other way. There’ll always be space for the classic black tuxedo. It’s timeless. And I think soon we’ll see something more extravagant, like more velvet, silks and dinner jackets. Something a little more glamorous. 

How can grooms incorporate their personal style into their wedding fashion?

With the made-to-measure process it’s easier to weave in your style. Fabric selection is a big one, as is the lining selection – a subtle detail only you know about. Wedding fashion also doesn’t have to be about your personal style, it can also be something you’ve never done before, and will never wear again, so it’s special and unique to your wedding day! It can swing two ways: understated or overstated. It depends on the vibe you want to give off. 

You also have a range of ready-to-wear clothes. Where do you draw design inspiration? 

I’m influenced by different creative art forms, like cinema and music. Some pieces are inspired by places I’ve visited recently, like Lake Como. Not necessarily fashion I’ve seen there, but pieces I thought would be cool to wear in that atmosphere. Even emotions, like nostalgia, are a big one for me – just trying to capture that emotion in a garment. I don’t gravitate towards one particular inspiration, I find it everywhere. 

Hutt Street, Adelaide

What’s On This Weekend

WOMADelaide | March 10 -13

Festival season has descended upon the city, with WOMADelaide making a return for its 31st year. The world music festival is one of the city’s most beloved events, with incredible global artists, activations and activities across the four-day program. This year, see renowned international musicians Florence and the Machine and Bon Iver or visit the immersive installations across the Botanic Park festival grounds. Single-day tickets are on sale.

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Adelaide Arcade After-Hours Cocktail Bar | March 11

A new, pop-up cocktail bar has opened in Adelaide Arcade to celebrate Rundle Mall’s extended Saturday shopping hours. Hosted by Adelaide’s plant-based American diner, Two Bit Villains, in conjunction with MallFest, enjoy an evening of cocktails, housemade sodas and live entertainment – plus the venue’s tasty vegan food. The cocktail bar opens at 5pm every Saturday during March.  

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Adelaide Cup | March 13

Celebrate the most stylish day in SA’s racing calendar, with the Adelaide Cup taking place at Morphettville Racecourse this March 13. From thrilling trackside action to live DJs, outdoor entertainment, and boutique hospitality packages, there’s something for everyone this Adelaide Cup. Of course, there’ll be plenty of trackside fashion, with the Croser Fashions on the Field taking place at the racecourse’s lush event space, Flourish. Tickets on sale now!

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Adelaide Festival | Until March 17

The Adelaide Festival is back for its annual celebration of art, live performance and creativity. Mixing highbrow theatre with experimental showcases, the 2023 program is expansive, eclectic and impressive. This weekend, our top picks include the Australian Dance Theatre performance of Tracker, a dystopic reimagination of a popular fairy tale, Hans & Gret, and the Art Gallery of South Australia exhibition, Andy Warhol & Photography: A Social Media. 

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Explore the East End

There are dozens of exciting Fringe time activations on right now, and with the busy East End streets closed down, there’s never been a better time to explore the local area. Some of our favourites include the Familiar pop-up outside Hellbound Wine Bar, headed up by Africola Canteen’s Joel Tisato; the Grey Goose and Gofalafull stall at Distill; and the NOLA Laneway series. Or, head to gluttony to the Comida pop-up restaurant, where you can enjoy lakeside scenes and wood-fired treats.

Foundation Tips for a Flawless Base

We’re always searching for techniques that can help us achieve a flawless and glowing look. And for the holy grail of makeup saviours, there are two essentials that beauty buffs have in their arsenal at all times: a good foundation and primer.

Every makeup look starts with a good foundation, both literally and figuratively. Choosing the correct base will make all the difference in creating a radiant look that lasts all day. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find a product that is the perfect fit for you. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide that’ll take your beauty base to the next level. Learn how to find the perfect foundation, the best application techniques and how to get the most out of your product, so you can achieve a flawless finish that lasts all day.

The Importance of a good foundation

Foundation is the base for the rest of your makeup, creating a smooth canvas for your other products to glide on effortlessly. It also helps cover imperfections, making your skin appear more even-toned and radiant. But foundation can also be a double-edged sword if the wrong formula is used incorrectly.
Here’s how to avoid any foundation mishaps:

1. Why Cleansing & Moisturising Is Key

Cleansing your face before applying foundation removes dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin. By cleansing your face, you’re creating a clean surface, which is imperative for a flawless base. Then apply a gentle moisturiser to lock-in hydration. This crucial step will help your skin achieve a natural, youthful glow while preventing your foundation from drying out.

These two steps work together to help create a hydrated and even surface for your products to glide on effortlessly. If you have oily skin, look for a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser so you’re not adding excess oil into your routine. If you have dry skin, look for a richer, hydrating moisturiser to revitalise a dehydrated appearance.

2. Primer Time

Primers are heavyweights in the skin preparation step, minimising pores, increasing hydration and smoothing texture. They work together to create the perfect base for make-up application, and the effects of this product help you achieve that ‘airbrush’ coverage look we all love. 

A good primer can also help with oil control, preventing the foundation from transferring, boosting its durability and coverage. Explore Napoleon Perdis’ primers, which pair perfectly with and will extend the wear of your foundation.

3. How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

When it comes to choosing a foundation, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, your skin type. Do you have dry, oily, or combination skin? This will determine the formula of foundation that will work best for you. There is a range of foundation types with options for all skin types, from liquid foundations, which have a lightweight coverage for a natural look, or stronger foundations for a more full-coverage, matte finish.

Best Foundation For Oily Skin:

If you have oily skin, you’ll want a foundation that helps control shine and won’t clog your pores. Oil-free, matte-finish foundations are a great option, as they can help keep your skin looking matte all day long and prevent breakouts. Some ingredients to look for in foundations for oily skin include salicylic acid, which can help unclog pores, and silica, which helps absorb oil. When choosing a foundation for oily skin, be sure to look for one that is long-wearing and transfer-resistant so it stays put throughout the day.

Best Foundation For Dry & Sensitive Skin:

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you’ll want to look for a foundation that provides hydration and won’t cause any irritation. Look for foundations that contain moisturising ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or ceramides. These components can help hydrate and protect your skin. Avoid foundations with ingredients that could cause irritation, such as fragrances, essential oils, or alcohol.

Best Foundation For Combination Skin:

If you have combination skin, you’ll want a foundation that can balance your skin’s oiliness and dryness without causing further problems. Look for lightweight, buildable coverage foundations that are oil-free and non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores. Consider a foundation that contains skincare ingredients that can improve skin texture and tone, such as vitamins, antioxidants, or fruit extracts. When applying foundation to combination skin, you can use different formulas in different areas of your face. For example, you might use a matte finish foundation on oily areas and a hydrating foundation on dry areas.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight, natural finish or full coverage, explore Napoleon Perdis’ foundations, with a wide range of foundation shades and formulas to suit all skin types and tones.

4. How To Choose The Ideal Foundation Shade

Another critical thing to consider when shopping for foundation is your skin tone. There are three main categories: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool skin tones have pink, red, or bluish undertones; warm skin tones have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones; neutral skin tones combine both.

Once you know your skin tone, find a foundation that matches your cool, warm or neutral appearance. This will help the product blend seamlessly into your skin, avoiding harsh lines and colour mismatches.

Foundations pair the same tonal variations that our skin has, so follow the same colour themes when finding the perfect product for yourself. It’s always best to test swatch the foundation shade against your jawline to see if it’s too orange, green or pink against your skin tone. And remember, you can also mix-and-match products to create a unique shade that’s customised to you! 

5. How to Apply Foundation: Expert Tips to Master Foundation Application

Tools and brushes are just as important as the foundation itself. Use a flat foundation brush to buff out the product, starting in the centre of your face and gently blending outwards.

Build up coverage gradually. Start with a light foundation layer and add more product as needed. This will help you avoid a cakey, unnatural finish! Finish with a translucent setting powder and spray to help your base last all day.

Achieving a Flawless Look with the Right Foundation

Now you know the secrets to achieve flawless, radiant makeup that lasts all day. Start using these tips in your makeup routine, and you’ll be glowing in no time.

Inside Adelaide’s Award-Winning Green Home

An award-winning holistic space you will want to live in

Words: Laura Mappas Images: David Sievers

It’s the way the straight lines and harsh materiality of the exterior meshes seamlessly with the meticulously planned and executed gardens that makes this unique home in Adelaide’s inner north award-winning.

Picking up a commendation at the recent SA Architecture Awards, the design is the work of local firm, RAD Studio. “The key design element of this home lies in its function,” says Creative Director Chris Rowlands, explaining  that the central aim was to create a “gallery” for the sensational gardens, which are the work of homeowner and horticulturalist Ngoc Dinh.

Five thoughtfully placed courtyards and a greenhouse-like space that connects the original 1950s home to the new build are central to the execution of this concept. Polished concrete flooring combine with warm natural timbers to create a modern, earthy vibe, while polycarbonate panel shave been used to provide a sense of calm, enabling the diffusion of natural and artificial light. Lush greenery decorates the area, with a collection of hanging planters and pots injecting colour and creating shadows.

To the left and right of this ‘connector’ are two of the five courtyards – each a private space servicing a bathroom on one side and an ensuite and robe on the other. RBW Dimple wall sconces soften these wet areas, offering ambient lighting, while custom walnut cabinetry adds another level of luxury.

The central courtyard, which sits alongside the kitchen to the east of the home, has been planted with Japanese Maples and mature Frangipanis. This space is also home to an elaborate outdoor kitchen, complete with oven and cooktop. Back inside, and perched above the kitchen, is a bright and breezy mezzanine area, which boasts views to the Maple garden below. To the west of this central courtyard lies another calming enclave featuring a dedicated reading nook and study looking out onto a pond filled with Water Lillies.

It’s this clever layering of greenery against the cold surface of concrete, the choice of textures and the influx of natural light that opens up the otherwise small spaces and gives this home it’s overall appeal. And it’s not just aesthetic– opening the home up to the north was essential for passive thermal performance. “We wanted to get as much natural light in winter as possible,” says Chris, explaining that the room sizes and window openings were designed purely off solar angles, so in the middle of winter the entire room is flushed with sun.

Likewise, the green elements and the materiality also has significance. “Early on in the design phase Ngoc shared with usher passion for architecture,” explains Chris, “in particular, she spoke of buildings she had grown up with. Ngoc presented Vietnamese Brutalist architecture – buildings that had this beautiful juxtaposition between rigid architectural forms and heavy plantings that engulf and soften the structure. The integration of garden and building Is something we wanted to celebrate.”

Lauren Dilena’s TAB Adelaide Cup Fashion Tips

Local stylist and Morphettville’s Croser Fashions on the Field MC, Lauren Dilena, talks us through the latest trends for the 2023 TAB Adelaide Cup.

South Australia’s most fashionable race day is right around the corner, with the TAB Adelaide Cup taking place at Morphettville Racecourse this Monday March 13. It’s a must-attend event on SA’s racing calendar, with thousands of people flocking to the racecourse for the thrilling cup-day action, entertainment, hospitality and, of course, trackside fashion! Find your Cup Day style with these tips on the latest trends from the Croser Fashions on the Field MC and stylist, Lauren Dilena.

What are some of the biggest outfit trends for 2023 race day fashion?

Tailoring is in this season, accessorised with a wide-brim hat or jewelled headpiece. Other emerging trends I think we’ll see trackside include maxi hemlines, rhinestones and sheer, soft fabrics like mesh and tulle.

How can we take a modern spin on race day fascinators?

It’s always a good idea to visit your local milliner but, if you’re feeling savvy, go to your local Spotlight store and have a go at creating your own bespoke fascinator. They have all sorts of little knick-knacks, sequins, pearls and tulle. Be creative!

What’s in your clutch on Adelaide Cup Day?

My Cup Day essentials include heel stoppers, lipstick, perfume, and Hollywood tape (I wouldn’t be a stylist if I didn’t!).

What are three make-up must-haves for a long-lasting look?

MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix setting spray, a lip and face primer and the Hourglass Veil Translucent setting powder. These three are a powerful combination – you’ll be set for the whole day!

What makes an outfit stand out when judging Fashions on the Field?

The top things judges look for include deportment, if the person is appropriately styled for the season, and how the outfit silhouette looks from head to toe. Of course, accessories are always the cherry on top!

Hosted at Morphettville’s new boutique outdoor entertainment area, Flourish, this year’s Croser Fashions on the Field will be judged by local industry professionals, Markus Hamence, Michelle Beltrame and Damian Porcaro. Registrations open at 10am inside the Tramway Gate.

The 2 winners, Best Dressed Female and Best Dressed Male, will each receive a $500 gift card from Croser, $200 Westfield voucher, Sublime coffee vouchers and a lovely Croser Sparkling gift box. Runner ups will also receive a Croser Sparkling gift box, Westfield voucher and Sublime coffee vouchers. Be sure to register on Cup Day at the marquee inside the Tramway Gate to win!

Celebrate the 2023 TAB Adelaide Cup in style and explore Morphettville’s trackside hospitality packages and event ticketing here.

SA Fashion Celebrated in Dedicated Weekend

South Australia’s unique, diverse and talented fashion industry will be celebrated in a dedicated weekend that explores and champions the state’s style.   

To bring culture, fashion, and inclusivity to life, the South Australian Fashion Industry Association (SAFIA) presents: South Australian Fashion Weekend.

The inaugural fashion-forward weekend will take place from March 24 to March 26, and will showcase South Australian emerging and established fashion, footwear and accessory brands.

Representing “Exclusively Inclusive”, SA Fashion Weekend will take centre stage at the newly completed Festival Plaza at the Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road. The weekend kicks off on Friday evening with the Black Dress Runway produced by Finesse Models Australia.

On Saturday evening, SAFIA will present a series of three diverse, accessible, and future-focused runway shows: EMERGE, SUSTAIN, and MOMENT. Each runway presents a strong feature, from sustainable and ethically sourced brands, creative emerging and TAFE SA graduate collections, to established brands showcasing casual, athleisure, and evening collections.

The show-stopping runways will be ahead of the curve — not only will the modelling talent come from a range of cultural nationalities and genders, but include healthy body types of all sizes across the three runways.

As part of the fashion weekend’s DNA, diversity will be celebrated on and off the runway with people from all walks of life attending the shows, due to both its relatable representation and accessible pricing, with tickets starting from $50. Fashion-goers will enjoy live DJs, bars and food trucks, with drinks on arrival, gift bags to take home, incredible opportunities to be seen and photographed, and a party atmosphere to dance the night away.

SA Fashion Weekend will also showcase Lakun Mara by Ngarrindjeri, Ngadjuri, Narungga & Wirangu artist Sonya Rankine. Lakun Mara is weaving and culture and is at the heart of her art that is strongly linked to cultural maintenance, survival and revival. Sunday will be a smorgasbord of talent, hosting a South Australian Designer Showcase, whereby designers can showcase, share and sell fashion, footwear, accessories, beauty and lifestyle products from 10am until 4pm at the Festival Plaza.

Collaborating with SA Fashion Weekend is local artist Tiff Manuell. Reflecting on the design of the original piece for SA Fashion Weekend, Tiff explains “I love nothing more than creating artwork that helps to evoke positivity and passion.”

“This colour palette is a beautiful representation of South Australia, our warm weather, vibrant landscapes and energetic community, all attributes that influence our unique creative aesthetic. I feel privileged to have helped create the mood for this wonderful event.”

Chair of SAFIA, Helen Jansson says “South Australian Fashion Weekend aims to show the beauty and diversity of our burgeoning industry in a way that is accessible to all.

“South Australia is home to some of the largest brands sold in Australia and overseas, along with an eclectic selection of small homegrown businesses, including sustainable farm to fashion ventures and with categories from surf to special occasion. SAFIA is really excited to present this wonderful series of Fashion runways and events.”

To find out more and book tickets to the exclusive events, visit the South Australian Fashion Weekend website. Follow the event on Instagram here.

What’s On This Weekend

Adelaide Fringe | Until March 17

The Southern Hemisphere’s largest arts festival and the biggest party kicks off this weekend, transforming Adelaide into a glittery performance hub for a splendid 30 days. From international circus acts to loved local performers and celebrity comedians (think Tommy Little, Dave Hughes and Rove McManus), there’s more than 1200 shows for you to choose from this Fringe season. Our top picks for the opening weekend? Maho Magic BarRouge and the Adelaide premiere of Silence! 

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East End Unleashed | Every weekend until March 19

Credit: Experience Adelaide

The East End is turning into one gigantic street party this weekend, with late-night activation East End Unleashed returning for more summer balmy nights this Fringe season. During the Fringe, Rundle Street and its surrounds will shut down so local vendors can spill outside, and punters can enjoy a glass of wine, dinner or a cheeky cocktail al fresco. There’ll be pop-up bars, buskers, roving entertainment and plenty of Fringe energy too!

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Popeye Gin Masterclass | February 17 

Enjoy a G+T while you drift down the River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri this Friday night, with Popeye and Prohibition Liquor Co collaborating for a post-work boozy gin masterclass on board the iconic boat. Taste the award-winning gin, mix your drinks and learn about the boutique gin brand while cruising through the heart of the city. The masterclass lasts for 90 minutes, with Popeye departing from Elder Park.

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Urban Wine Walk | February 18 

Adelaide is known for two things: good wine and tiny bars. The Urban Wine Walk combines both of these in this wine-fuelled weekend walking tour. Meander the CBD’s laneways in a self-guided trail that’ll take you to the city’s hottest haunts (think Leigh Street Luggage, Paloma Bar and Jennie Wine Bar). There, you’ll meet some of SA’s best local winemakers behind labels like Hither & Yon, Unico Zelo and Forage Supply Co before enjoying a complimentary tasting. The Urban Wine Walk fun kicks off at midday. 

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Mercato’s Passata Day | February 18 & 19

Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make homemade Passata with a four-hour intensive course, hosted by beloved Italian delicatessen Mercato. Mercato’s co-founders Imma and Mario, as well as the Caporaso crew, are welcoming Adelaide to one of the biggest events in the Italo-Australian calendar. Discover the secrets of Caporaso’s sacred sauce, and make your own Passata using the freshest ripe tomatoes. And all your hard work will be rewarded with a seasonal lunch – paired with wines – prepared by Mercato’s head chef for you to enjoy afterwards! 

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