Leaving a Footprint on Rundle Mall

Spendless Shoes has relocated to Rundle Mall.

Officially opened last Thursday (June 1), Spendless Shoes‘ former James Place store has moved to Rundle Mall’s western side (directly across from Uniqlo).

A facelift from the former CBD store, the Rundle Mall location is bigger with a more spacious fit-out, which is expected to bring new shoppers to the space.

Now employing more than 1000 staff across 210 stores nationwide, Spendless Shoes is investing in
a number of new shopfronts.

Spendless Shoes Chief Operating Officer Jaimee Charlton says they’re excited about the new
look and feel shopfront for its Adelaide CBD store.

“We’ve had our eye on this location for a while, and we’ve invested to ensure our customers get the best in-store experience,” she says.

Spendless Shoes began with just one store in Glenelg in 1988. The Adelaide CBD store is one of the oldest Spendless Shoes outlets.

What’s Trending: Tones and Textures

Terrace Floors + Furnishings give us the lowdown on how to get our space looking and feeling cosy this season.

Muted tones and plenty of texture make for warm and inviting interiors as the cooler weather hits. Here are just some of the pieces you can find at Terrace Floors + Furnishings’ Eastwood showroom to help you achieve the ultimate cosy vibes.

Combine Warmth and Texture

The sky may be grey, but it’s all about the rebirth of warm colour palettes this season. Think warm whites, soothing taupes, and rich, earthy tones.

Pair earthy colours with layers of richly textured fabrics to add another dimension to your home. The use of complex textures and a multitude of materials in any room adds both a visual and physical warmth to the space.

The Armadillo Winnow rug, shown here, offers the perfect level of tactility and softness with its crosshatch weave and thick wool pile, while the L&M Home Palermo Rectangle Cushion (see Steal the Style below) will add another layer of comfort to your sofa or bed. Woven on a traditional handloom in the finest European linen, the handmade nature of this textured design means each piece is totally unique.

Mix Old with New

From the resurgence of fully curved sofas to more subtle details like rounded or sloped chair arms, chair backs, and tables, rounded shapes soften a space and create flow. The Ethnicraft Barrow Lounge Chair is a perfect example of this. It’s the time of year to cosy up with a good book, so pick one off the bookshelf and sink into this beautifully comfy, vintage-style chair inspired by the 50s. Add the GlobeWest Axel Bench Seat (see below) with its rounded bolster pillows for a contemporary – and even comfier – look and feel to your home.

Black is back

The easiest way to play with modern pieces and to make statement pieces pop is by adding a black accent piece to your space. For example, the Ethnicraft Black Bok Side Table (left) allows you to start small, and it works well in compact spaces which can easily be overwhelmed by too much black. The Ethnicraft Blackbird Sideboard is another great addition as it’s sleek oak and black finish can easily adapt to a range of interior styles, from modern to mid-century. Try teaming it with the GlobeWest Lorne Canopy lamp to bring even more cosy warmth and a soft glow to your interior.

Terrace Floors + Furnishings’ tip is to invest in a single piece of black furniture and decide how you like it before you add more black to your home decor. If you love the look, you can add a single black accent piece to every room in your house — the colour will become a thread that ties all your rooms together. And because black is a neutral, it pairs well with a variety of colour schemes, particularly alongside neutrals like olive green, taupe and other earthy colours.


1. Ethnicraft Barrow Lounge Chair, $1540; 2. GlobeWest Lorne Canopy Table Lamp, $380; 3. GlobeWest Axel Bench Seat, $1605; 4. Ethnicraft Black Bok Side Table, $795; 5. Armadillo Winnow Rug, from $1350; 6. Ethnicraft Oak Blackbird Sideboard, $4305; 7. L&M Home Palermo Rectangle Cushion, $110

Terrace Floors + Furnishings
51 Glen Osmond Rd, Eastwood

Kick Starting Fashion Trend to End Period Poverty

South Australian fashion HOUSE Sunset Lover has teamed up with not-for-profit organisation KickStart for Kids to raise awareness for young women living without access to feminine hygiene products.

The local fashion brand, which uses compostable fabrics in its designs, will run a fashion parade showcasing its new collection at KickStart for Kids’ inaugural period poverty fundraiser at the Belgian Beer Café (27–29 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide) on Friday, May 26, from 12.30pm.

The Sunset Lover collections are designed in collaboration with the South Australian Museum and
Botanic Gardens of South Australia, drawing inspiration from various species of flora
and fauna.

Featuring prints from South Australian botanical illustrator Gilbet Dashorst, Sunset Lover’s luxury pieces donning the runway are part of its latest mythological gardens collection.

Sunset Lover creative director and founder, Melanie Flintoft, said: “We love KickStart for Kids and all
they do for our state, so I didn’t think twice when considering partnering up for this incredibly
important fundraiser.”

The fundraiser will include a silent auction, live music from DJ Ashie, and inspiring speeches from KickStart for Kids founder Ian Steel and KickStart for Kids ambassador and SAFM breakfast host Rebecca Morse.

Period poverty has been highlighted as a real issue in Australia after a 2020 report by the Commissioner for Children & Young People revealed more than half (51%) of school students reported not having access to feminine hygiene products. In fact, 26% had missed school because their families couldn’t afford sanitary items.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to KickStart for Kids’ period poverty cause. Guests are also encouraged to donate sanitary items.

Tickets are still available here.

What’s The Best Way to Sell Your Home?

There’s more involved in selling your humble abode than whacking up a ‘For Sale’ sign and crossing your fingers. There are a few ways to get buyers to sign on the dotted line, according to Harris Real Estate Property Expert Georgie Todd.

Are You Off the Market?

In an off-market residential sale, the seller chooses to sell their property privately. That means the property isn’t listed on sites like realestate.com.au or domain.com.au.

At Harris Real Estate, this is done through an off-market database of more than 22,000 registered buyers and listed on Harris’ off-market website.

So, how does it work? Harris reaches out directly to buyers by performing an automatic search of all buyers who have outlined requirements like the property being sold. Harris then get in touch with buyers direct who’ve outlined requirements similar to the property being sold and reach out to attendees or enquiries of similar listings they’ve recently sold.

Upside: There’s a level of privacy and exclusivity that comes with an off-market sale, for both the buyer and seller. Buyers often get access to properties that aren’t available to the public, and sellers can avoid the hassle of preparing their property for public inspection and paying presentation and marketing costs.

Downside: There may be fewer potential buyers, which could limit the final sale price.

Do You Want More Control?

The Private Treaty method of sale is where a property is listed for sale with no advertised end date to suggest when offers are due. The seller may accept, reject, or counter the offers made by the buyers until an agreed-upon price is reached.

Upside: Private Treaty allows the seller to have greater control over the sales process and the final price.

Downside: It may take longer to sell the property as negotiations can take time. The seller may also have to wait for the right offer. If the property isn’t priced correctly, it may sit on the market for an extended period without receiving any offers. It also allows buyers to have conditions on their offers, such as ‘subject to finance’ or a building inspection, plus a 48-hour cooling-off period.

Make Me Your Best Offer

The Best Offer or ‘Expressions of Interest’ method of sale is where the property is marketed with an advertised price guide, range, or the potential buyer may be asked to contact the agent. Buyers are then invited to submit their best offer by a specified deadline. The seller considers all offers and decides which offer to accept, reject, or counter before or on the due date.

Upside: This method of sale creates a sense of urgency and competition among buyers, which may result in a higher sale price.

Downside: Potential buyers sometimes have limited time to view the property.

Going Once, Going Twice…

Finally, you can sell your property through auction where potential buyers compete by placing bids until a reserve price is met and the highest bidder is determined. The auction is typically conducted by a licensed auctioneer who oversees the bidding process.

Before the auction, the seller will usually set a reserve price, which is the minimum amount they’re willing to accept for the property. If an agreed price is met, the auctioneer will confirm the sale with the highest bidder and a contract for sale will be signed on the day of the auction.

If the bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price, the property may not be sold – this is called ‘holding the property over’ or ‘passing it in’.

Upside: An auction can create a sense of urgency among potential buyers, and the competitive bidding process can result in a higher sale price for the seller. There’s also no cooling-off period.

Downside: There’s a risk that the property may not sell if the bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price, or if there are few interested buyers.

Get in touch with Georgie Todd from Harris Real Estate if you’re looking to sell.

Georgie Todd
Property Consultant
0420 492 936

Terrace Floors: Unmissable Once-a-Year Sale

Mad March may be done and dusted, but the madness continues into May with Terrace Floors + Furnishings’ epic once-a-year sale, from May 20–27.

In-store only, this unmissable annual event is highly anticipated; the luxe South Australian showroom doesn’t have any other sales throughout the year. So, now is your chance to secure a beautiful piece of furniture or a luxurious rug at a heavily reduced price.

With up to 60% off a huge range of furniture and rugs, and brands including GlobeWest, Ethnicraft and Armadillo, there’s never been a better time to refresh your interior.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new lamp to bring warmth to your home or looking for a stylish new bed spread, there’ll also be a range of homewares, lighting, and bedlinen to get your hands on.

There’s more massive news; it’s not just floor stock on sale. You can also order brand new rugs and furniture at 25% off, if paid in full on the day.

Here’s just a sneak peek of the stylish pieces you can find in the showroom at this in-store-only event.


Ethnicraft Oak Nordic Bed and Bedside Table.


Ethnicraft Oak Bok Dining Table, Chairs and Bench.




Armadillo Malawi rugs.


Terrace Floors + Furnishings is one of SA’s premier destinations for all things interior. Lending an expert eye to interior projects, the store has helped re-invent living spaces from the ground up since 2000. The showroom stocks an expansive collection of luxury rugs, carpets and furnishings to curate your dream home.

Don’t wait another 365 days – floor it to Terrance Floors + Furnishings before it’s too late!

Terrace Floors + Furnishings
51 Glen Osmond Rd, Eastwood

Are You Being Lasered By A Qualified Nurse?

The questions you should ask laser hair removal clinics.

Winter is looming, making it the best time for laser hair removal as your skin is less likely to be exposed to the sun. But there are a few things to consider to ensure your treatment goes as safely and smoothly as possible.

Laser Hair Removal at The Bay & On Unley fills us in on how to avoid a close shave with a dodgy clinic.

1. What training and qualifications does your staff have?

Pick a clinic led by qualified nurses rather than beauty therapists. Here at Laser Hair Removal at The Bay & On Unley, all our clients are treated by qualified nurses. We spend three months training our nursing staff to ensure they’re more than confident in safely addressing your unwanted hair needs.

In South Australia, anybody can open a laser hair removal clinic, which is frightening as high-grade laser equipment can cause a lot of damage and problems if they’re not used by staff who are adequately trained.

2. Do you provide a thorough consultation?

Make sure the clinic assesses your skin type and hair colour. There are many other assessments that should be made, including medical history and medication that may affect the treatment and results. Laser Hair Removal at The Bay & On Unley provide a complementary initial consultation where they’ll run through a thorough explanation of the service and answer any questions you have. This is to ensure the client is comfortable with the process and feels safe.

3. How many clients have you treated?

Enquire about how many clients the clinic has treated, as this might give you an idea of how popular and trusted they are. The best way to determine this is through word-of-mouth; ask your friends and family for a recommendation to a reputable clinic.

4. What equipment do you use?

Ask the clinic about the type of laser they use. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is frequently advertised as a laser, but this isn’t the case. IPL is not a laser; instead, find a clinic that uses a Class 4 Medical Laser, which achieves incredible results compared to IPL.

5. What results can I expect from the treatment?

A trick to watch out for is if the clinic offers permanent hair removal. Take note: it’s simply not possible to guarantee “permanent hair removal”; only permanent reduction can be achieved. Although the procedure is often touted as a form of permanent hair removal, laser treatment only reduces the number of unwanted hairs in a given area. It doesn’t get rid of unwanted hairs completely.

Laser Hair Removal at The Bay & On Unley
Shop 1, 61 Tapleys Hill Road, Glenelg North
Shop 16, 13–23 Unley Road, Parkside
08 8295 7070

Interior Change for TAFE SA Graduate

Up and coming interior designer Lisa Katsikitis is making waves. The recent TAFE SA Graduate shares her passion points and future aspirations.


Lisa Katsikitis helps turn people’s interior dreams into reality, designing bathrooms and kitchens that are functional yet beautiful.

The school-teacher-turned-designer wanted a change in career pace and to work in a field that creatively fulfilled her when she enrolled in the Diploma of Interior Design at TAFE SA.

“I was looking for a program that was practical and hands-on. The TAFE SA lecturers are really well-connected to the industry, and I love the possibilities of [interior design],” she says.

“The course was comprehensive in skills that weren’t just drawing, but also the many forms of communication you need.”

Since graduating, Lisa has been employed as a design specialist for leading renovation company, Brilliant SA. Her passion is designing accessible spaces that are also dignified, modifying kitchens and bathrooms with mobility fixtures that don’t resemble a stark, aged-care facility.

“People should still be able to have beautiful homes,” she says. “I had a client where grab rails also doubled as towel rails. [Products] don’t have to be hospital blue or chrome – they can look gorgeous.”

A sweet spot for Lisa is the nexus of relationship-building, problem-solving and flexing creative muscles. The interior designer enjoys gleaning clues from clients’ homes as to what colours, finishes and materials they like, solving their structural household woes while reflecting their personal taste throughout the design.

“It’s lovely getting swept up in the excitement of seeing the vision come to life,” she says. “If you can tap into something that reflects the personality and interests of the client, that’s going to give you the perfect inspiration. I get personal satisfaction solving a problem creatively while making clients happy.”

Lisa also naturally gravitates towards biophilic design, drawing inspiration from nature and interweaving outdoor elements into interior spaces to promote wellbeing. Outside of work, she does illustrations of native botanicals and finds her love for Australia’s landscape – its colours, shapes and textures – organically infiltrate her design mind. In 2023, she predicts more people will use native shades and natural materials in their homes.

“People want that beautiful Australian colour palette,” she says. “Green and raw timber is a total winner. What we’re creating inside isn’t replicating the outside, but it’s sympathetic to and pays respect to the landscape.”

While she only graduated in 2021, Lisa has already started to make her mark in the interior industry. She was a finalist in the 2022 Kitchen Bathroom Design Institute of Australia National Design Awards and received an Executive Officer’s Special Mention Award for her accessible undergraduate work. She was tasked with a complex brief for her final TAFE SA subject, which saw her create a kitchen space for a retired couple where the wife was wheelchair-bound.

“The [design] brought together every skill I learnt across two years,” she says. “It was a labour of love.”


Colour your world with an exciting career in interior design. This nationally accredited Diploma from TAFE SA will help you to understand the furnishings, finishes and aesthetics that are integral to creating outstanding interiors.

Learn about colour schemes, lighting, the principles of design, project documentation, creating 2D and 3Dforms, and producing digital models.

The wide range of subjects can be tailored to suit all design interests. Refine your design skills, build your business abilities and graduate ready to join this in-demand industry.

Course Code: MSF50218

Duration: Up to two years full-time or part-time equivalent

Delivery: Tonsley Campus

Course Admission Requirements: Nil

To better understand the link between construction and design, Interior Design graduates may also consider Certificate IV in Residential Drafting [CPP40121] or the Diploma of Building Design [CPP50921]

Visit tafesa.edu.au to learn more.

When Old Meets New



Pottery is one of the oldest inventions in history, a skill utilised by the Ancient Greeks, the Egyptians and in the Japanese Jōmon period. In awe of pottery predecessors, South Australian ceramic artist Holly Phillipson champions the ancient techniques of the craft when creating her award-winning contemporary designs.

TAFE SA graduate and South Australian ceramic artist Holly Phillipson.

“The whole [pottery] process is fascinating to me,” Holly says. “There are so many skills involved at different stages.”

The artist says she hadn’t thought about a career in ceramics until she discovered the JamFactory Associate Program. Holly had been completing a short wheel-throwing course at TAFE SA when she met some glass artists employed as associates. Meeting them encouraged her to enrol in a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) – delivered concurrently by TAFE SA and Flinders University – with the hope of landing a coveted JamFactory associate position.

“I could see a clear pathway for myself as a ceramicist,” says Holly, and in 2018 she began the three-year undergraduate course at Adelaide College of the Arts. She says her biggest takeaway was the in-depth education she received.

“It’s so rewarding to create forms you envision and fire them into permanent, durable objects,” she says. Here, the degree touched on all aspects of ceramics, from mixing glazes to firing kilns and how to manage a studio. But being a part of a vibrant community of creatives, learning from industry lecturers every day, is what set the degree apart for the ceramicist.

“I felt so supported and had a profound sense of belonging.” Her thorough education led Holly to landing a place in the JamFactory’s Associate Program – her dream role. She has since been accepted into the Helpmann Academy Elevate Mentorship program, where she’ll work under her ‘ceramic heroes’ Kirsten Coelho and Peter Andersson.

“They’ll help develop an exciting new body of work and some new glazes,” she says.

In appreciation of the historical significance of pottery, Holly points to the ancient forms in her contemporary ceramic designs. She references timeless pieces from all over the globe in her range of wheel-thrown tableware. Her recent collection, Peplum (2022), featured wheel-thrown platters, bowls and candelabras, all with the signature frilly design.

Dipped in a white satin glaze, the pottery range was partially inspired by doughnut-like Russian Skopin ceramics.

“It’s fun to challenge myself to create similar forms, but with my contemporary style,” she says.


A dual award degree delivered by TAFE SA and Flinders University, the Bachelor of Creative Arts [Visual Arts] delivers a comprehensive grounding in the practical and theoretical aspects of contemporary visual arts studio practice. You will be required to undertake the TAFE SA Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts [CUA51120, CUA60720] concurrently with the Bachelor of Creative Arts [Visual Arts].

Duration: Three years full-time or part-time equivalent

Delivery: Adelaide College of the Arts

Course Admission Requirements:

• Any Certificate III or higher

• Satisfactory achievement in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

• Successful completion of SACE (year 12) results (or equivalent) achieving an ATAR of 60 or above


Ideal for beginners, this course teaches the fundamental skills of wheel-throwing. Various dates, starting in May 2023.

Delivery: Adelaide College of the Arts

Visit tafesa.edu.au/visualarts to learn more.

What’s On This Mother’s Day

Block out May 14 on your calendar.


If tea isn’t Mum’s drink of choice, a cocktail might win her heart. Sign up for a gin cocktail-making class hosted by Next Door Cocktail Bar and Prohibition Liquor Co. where she’ll learn how to stir and shake and balance flavours. The cocktail recipes have been designed using the distillery’s small batch limited release Mum’s Gin. Along with a grazing platter to nibble on throughout the class, guests will also receive a 200ml bottled cocktail and recipes to try at home.


Mother’s Day is synonymous with high teas. That’s why you should treat mum to a decadent afternoon at Adelaide Arcade’s Tea Cielo Tearoom + Patisserie. From 2pm, indulge in sweet and savory treats, local wine, and organic teas while The Very Modern Jazz Band performs classic jazz tunes. Get Mum’s ticket fast, as bookings are limited.

For a high tea with a twist, take Mum to Marion Hotel’s G & Tea for a delicious afternoon tea featuring hot and cold treats. And what’s a party without a refreshing gin spritz in the hotel’s Secret Garden?


There are a heap of pubs across South Australia hosting a special feast for the woman of the day, but be quick – bookings are essential! Here are just few worthy Mother’s Day mentions:

Parkside Hotel (142 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside)

Enjoy a bottomless brunch at Parkside Hotel with two hours unlimited mimosas, bellinis, spritzes, and sparkling wine paired with delicious savoury or sweet brunch boards.

Brighton Metro Hotel (466 Brighton Road)

Brighton Metro Hotel’s Charlie’s Diner will be serving up a delectable buffet breakfast from 8am to 9.30am. Best of all? Mums receive a complimentary glass of bubbles.

Hampstead Hotel (143 North East Road, Collinswood)

Opening early for Mums at 9am, families can enjoy a breakfast buffet at Hampstead Hotel, plus Mum gets a free mimosa on arrival.

The Unley (27 Unley Road, Parkside)

Show Mum you love her with your entire soul at The Unley’s Mother’s Day Brunch with Soul from 11am. Indulge in an exclusive two-hour experience which includes bottomless spritzes, wine and selected tap beers. What’s more, soul singers will be belting out tunes all brunch long.

Robe Hotel (Mundy Terrace, Robe)

There’s a special ‘Feed Me’ lunch menu for mums at Robe Hotel, featuring the freshest of local produce and a glass of wine. All mums will get entry into the draw to win a Mother’s Day hamper.

Mick O’Shea’s Hotel (Main South Road, Hackham)

Ever wondered why there’s only one day to celebrate the Mums in our lives? Celebrate all weekend-long at Mick O’Shea’s Hotel’s Mother’s Day Weekend, which kicks off May 13. On Saturday, Happy Hour (or Happy Few Hours) is from 2pm to 6pm, with Mum hitting the dancefloor when live music kicks off from 8.30pm. On Sunday, there’s fun for the whole family with plaster painting, live music, and even a petting zoo!

The Duck (393 Main Road, Coromandel Valley)

Bottomless beer and wine; need we say more? We shouldn’t have to, but we will. If there’s room in Mum’s tum, indulge in The Duck‘s two-hour ‘Feed Me’ menu and enter to win one of four Mother’s Day hampers.

The Hope Inn (348 Port Road, Hindmarsh)

There’s no need to hope for Mum to have a blast – she 100 per cent will at The Hope Inn. There are Mother’s Day lunch and dinner specials, two for $25 cocktails and raffle prizes.

Naracoorte Hotel (73 Ormerod Street, Naracoorte)

Cheers to Mum at Naracoorte Hotel with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, plus be in the draw to win one of six Mother’s Day hampers simply by ordering a main meal.


Just 15 minutes from Magill, venture inside Sinclair Gully Winery’s majestic candle bark forest where internationally acclaimed harpist Siobhan Owen will mesmerize Mum and pull at her heart strings.

Owen will play songs from Etta James, Elvis, the Beatles, Florence and the Machine, and many more in this majestic, outdoor performance.

Pack your own basket of goodies and buy Mum a beer, wine or soft drink when you get to the winery. Strictly no BYO alcohol.

Bowerbird Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a last-minute gift for Mum? Head to Bowerbird for inspo this weekend (May 5–7).

For the Mums who like trinkets

If Mum needs a new vase for the bunch of flowers you’ve bought, South Australian artist Alicia Butt has you covered. Specialising in ceramics, Alicia’s small business Ali Potter Ceramics is a one-woman operation where she handcrafts ceramics to create stunning creations, everything from beakers and mugs to vases and trinket dishes.

Ali Potter Ceramics

For the Mums who like handmade jewellery

Creator of mitchell.maker, Carolyn Mitchell, describes her handmade, recycled sterling silver jewellery as ‘simple, strong and timeless’ – just like Mum. Carolyn uses the ancient lost wax method of casting metal to create her tactile pieces. Browse Carolyn’s Bowerbird stall for a pair of silver earrings, pendants or rings.


For the Mums whose homes smell delicious

It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without a new candle for Mum’s collection. Find one or a sweet-scented diffuser at the Mojo Candle Co. stall. The vessels are hand-cut from reclaimed wine and beer bottles, filled with natural soy wax infused with modern, sophisticated fragrances and topped with sustainable cork stoppers.

Mojo Candle Co.

For the stylish Mums

It’s officially winter! Keep Mum cosy and stylish with a scarf or shrug designed and knitted by boutique knitwear label sheep-ish. Using 100 per cent Australian merino wool, the sheep-ish range includes merino shrugs, ponchos, scarves, wrist warmers, headbands, baby blankets and cushions.


For the Mums who love nature

Inspired by our diverse and colourful birdlife, Songbird is an art and stationery label that showcases iconic birds, all while raising awareness of some of the most vulnerable and critically endangered varieties. In 2011, Songbird founder, Alexandra Sommer, travelled to a small village in Thailand and was overwhelmed by the immense talent of local women. Today, Songbird provides employment to their team of artisans in Thailand who help create pieces that’ll make Mum’s heart sing this Mother’s Day.


For the Mums who love a cuppa

Sit down with Mum to enjoy a cup of tea brewed by The Dandy Tea Co., founded by Renmark-born Mandy de Rose. Collaborating with local growers, Mandy creates the freshest, seasonal fruit and herbal blends to hand-blend her extensive range of teas. Yum!

The Dandy Tea Co.

For the artistic Mums

Find Mum a new, pretty print for her lounge room at South Australia’s My Little Print Studio, which uses real flora and fauna to create cyanotypes (also known as a blueprint). This simple photographic printing process creates a bold and beautiful blue and white print that immediately connects its audience to nature. My Little Print Studio’s artworks have also been merged into gift cards, coasters, earrings, heat bags and tea towels, so you’re bound to find something unique for Mum. You can even pick up Mum her very own DYI cyanotype printing kit.

My Little Print Studio

May 5–7
Adelaide Showground