Discover This Quaint Seaside Cottage

This old weatherboard cottage started life in Sweden, it now sits proudly overlooking the Spencer Gulf in picturesque Marion Bay.

In post-war South Australia pre-fabricated kit homes were rife, imported from Sweden by the South Australian government to help with the social housing crisis. That’s where this 1950s home originated, although it occupied a block in Adelaide for years before being relocated to the beautiful Marion Bay on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.

Seven years ago, it was then snapped up by renovating sisters Emma and Sarah, who have stripped it back, sanded, painted, restored and refurbished to create what is now an idyllic seaside getaway.

“It was in great structural condition when we bought it,” says Sarah. The renovations were therefore mostly cosmetic and completed ad-hoc during summer holidays, and on odd occasions when the girls could make it to the seaside town from the irrespective homes, just around the corner from each other in Willunga. “We would drive down with recycled materials like salvaged doors and windows and add them as we went along,” she says

The white-washed home was repainted throughout with Dulux Vivid White, while a large deck was added out the back, along with an indulgent out door bath. The garage was converted to a large rumpus room, thoughtfully decorated in a modern, eclectic style to compliment the rest of the house. The bones of the cottage (and the stunning location) were obviously a big part of the appeal for the co-owners when they purchased the property, but post-renovation it is now the impeccable styling that is the stand-out. The girls’ ability to pay homage to the original home while also injecting a decent dose of luxury with simple styling is a big part of its appeal.

The result is a space that is warm and inviting, incorporating a mix of modern and vintage. “We like to use what we have and source the perfect piece, but we will not compromise when it comes to French linen bedding, a good room scent and handmade ceramics”, says Emma.

Other non-negotiables are a generous sofa, the type that engulfs you, enveloping you as you sit – “comfortable seating is a part of creating an environment where you feel like you can rest, and that is important to us” – that and modern kitchen appliances.

The cottage is an original wooden shack, so while having a modern kitchen didn’ts eem like the right fit, the inclusion of high-end appliances was high on their list. Their solution was to work with the existing kitchen to maintain the authenticity of the space – they painted the cabinetry, added brass handles and exchanged the existing upper cabinets for open shelving so everything was in easy reach – while adding an induction worktop and a new oven perfect for holiday baking.

Other rooms that were given a quick cosmetic fix included the bathroom –“when we first bought the cottage, we considered that at some point we would renovate the bathroom, however over time we grew to love the authenticity of the room – the large windows, the layout, we even grew to love the mustard tiles,” laughs Sarah.

It’s the simplicity of it all – the earthy colour palette, the natural textures and the sprinkling of collected treasures and curiosities – that breathes life and love into this home away from home. The carefully curated interior has been executed to perfection, with each lick of paint, cosy nook and upcycled piece thoughtfully placed to evoke calm and beach holiday vibes.

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A Day in The Life of an Interior Stylist

We chat to Monika Tirrell, Director and Head Stylist at Presenting Beautiful Homes.

What does a typical day in the life of an interior stylist really look like?

Well firstly, no two days are the same! Most days we start very early, this could be straight off to a home with our trades to consult on renovation work or it could be straight into our warehouse getting ready for the day’s styling installations.

We also visit new homes and meet real estate agents and new clients every day. Travel is a big part of our days, sometimes we are visiting clients and agents up in the Adelaide Hills or others right along the coast. Then comes the office work…proposals, emails, accounts, stock buying and much more.

The other major task is the packing of product for each job. This is individually done for every job and can take many hours, depending on the size and complexity of the property.

You have a large furniture warehouse to select pieces from – tell us a bit about this space.

We have enough furniture in our warehouse to style more than100 homes at once! Everything is set up and displayed in categories such as cushions, artwork, side boards, occasional chairs, sofas, mirrors, accessories and more. It’s set up so that our team of stylists can seamlessly work their way through each category, making their selections for each home.

You work with so many different clients and each space is unique – how do you continue to come up with new concepts and ideas?

We like to draw concepts and ideas from each home based on their era and come up with a style and layout that will best compliment the property and appeal to the demographic it is being marketed to. You will often find our team having a huddle in the warehouse, brainstorming ideas together, which is where a lot of the magic happens!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

There really is inspiration everywhere– magazines, books, art, travel, shops, the outdoors. Of course, Pinterest and Instagram are also a fabulous resource.

Describe the process, from the first client meeting to the final product.

Firstly, we always meet with every client to discuss their individual requirements –styling, partial styling and/or trade work.

After the initial consult, we will then present a home styling and/or trade quote to the client. Upon confirmation of a provided quote our team will book the job in with the appropriate contractors, trades or logistics. For any trade work, our project manager will provide a schedule of works and manage the project through until all the trades have completed their work.

For all home stylings booked in, we individually select each item of furniture, artwork, layering and accessories that will be used in a property, producing a bespoke and personalised look every single time. This process is time consuming but gives the best end result. Once selections have been made, it’s then install day where our team of removalists and stylists will rally together to complete the job on time.

When the property has sold or you notify that you wish to cease hire, our team will pack up and collect all hired items. The goods are then returned to the warehouse, checked, cleaned and re-stocked.

What are the advantages of engaging an interior stylist to style your home for sale?

There are many benefits of interior styling for sale – most importantly it helps to create an emotional connection and allows buyers to picture what it would be like for them to live in the home, often resulting in them being willing to pay more.

Our interior stylists are very good at what they do and know how to highlight the best features of a home to help it stand out in a competitive real estate market. As stylists, our job is tofocus on the property’s potential buyers’ needs and wants, to work hard to create a space they will want to live in, and to make more money for the vendor.

Presenting Beautiful Homes
10 Transport Avenue, Netley
08 8297 8339

Smart City Living Solutions

Look to any of Adelaide’s most impressive buildings and you can see architect Enzo Caroscio’s detail reflected back, his celebrated portfolio spanning high-end developments to luxury residential homes.

Enzo Caroscio Architecture, a contemporary design practice in the heart of Adelaide, is dedicated to creating stunning contemporary environments of all scales and typologies – an ethos that is reflected in its innovative projects, including unique bespoke residential builds.

“The Tennyson residence was completed in April 2020, and is a sanctuary with in a suburban setting,” says Enzo. “We crafted it with materials and textures, creating strong connections between inside and out, allowing for the full advantage of the beachside setting.”

Offset living areas in the Tennyson residence create courtyards and terraces, connecting peaceful living spaces drenched in natural light to the outdoors.

Tennyson Residence. Image: Sam Noonan

On the other side of town, the Torrens Avenue residence is a luxury family home sitting 100 metres from the River Torrens. Completed in 2018, Enzo utilised folding forms at the rear to create protected outdoor areas, while variable height ceilings in the large living areas contribute to a feeling of infinite space.

Just down the road from well-known residential development (and Caroscio masterpiece), Bohem, sits the Wright Street residence – a masterpiece in its own right.

The Wright Street residence is Enzo’s own home. Nestled between buildings, the three-story architectural design creates sophisticated inner-city living. “Upper-level living areas allows the home to have better natural light, and a large open roof terrace allows for a unique entertainment space with amazing city skyline views. Integrating gardens on the rooftop and behind the privacy of an articulated brick screen wall also creates a green serenity that surrounds the house.

“Living in the city is becoming more attractive,” says Enzo, “we just need to create better homes and not just small apartments for people. Limited land area doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise on good design and luxury.” Enzo Caroscio Architecture, and its director, are changing the face of residential living, designing modern, airy spaces and adding a new luxurious meaning to coming home


Springtime Flooring Fashion

Spring is just around the corner – and with the warmer weather impending, there has never been a better time to do in some spring cleaning, freshen your inside space and find interior pieces that ‘spark joy’.

Levelling up your home is a great way to feel refreshed and re-energised after a long winter, and there’s no better place to start your interior project than from the ground. Natural flooring options are an easy way to add instant warmth, dimension and depth to your favourite living space. 

But flooring isn’t a universal solution. We all have personal styles and preferences, and placing a boho-chic rug on the floor of an art-deco room won’t work. 

That’s where Natural Rugs can help. The South Australian-owned and operated company are expert in the field, having laid natural fibre flooring for the last 30 years. Their range of rugs subtly elevates any living space. But it’s their studied style that helps flip a house into a home.

Flooring utilising natural fibres like sisal, seagrass and wool/jute blends are durable and perfect to place in a busy household. Here’s how to use natural rugs in your home this season:   

For beachside bliss

Pair your laid-back, boho beach home with a statement sisal rug. Its naturally hypo-allergenic coating and smooth weave components make it the perfect family-friendly flooring option for homes near the beach. In beach-toned, neutral and beige shades, this natural rug option is also ideal for families that enjoy entertaining in the living room.

For quick and busybodies

Stop sand, salt and seawater ruining your floor with a seagrass rug. The natural wax coating ensures spillages of something don’t ruin your rug, making it the perfect piece for high-traffic areas or rooms that grubby little fingers might enter. If you’re a family of adventurers, busy beach bodies or tots under two, this is the option for you. 

For luxurious living

Luxe living requires flooring options that subtly elevate your interior, and wool-based rugs are the choice for families who crave a style that is also sustainable. Natural Rugs use a blend of wool and jute, a durable mix of materials meaning the flooring option can withstand mess while being soft enough to sleep on. Wool fibre rugs are perfect in your living and bedroom, softening the interior space with their gentle touch and colour palette.

Natural Rugs are the experts are elevating your interior space from the ground up. Find out more about them online, or visit them in store 33 Henry Street, Stepney. Keep up to date with Natural Rugs on Instagram.

Light Houses

These two thoughtfully planned architecturally designed homes by Urban Habitats are flooded with natural light, strong clean lines and plenty of texture.

Creating a natural sanctuary in an inner-city suburb was the aim of integrated design and build firm Urban Habitats when they purchased an old property in Adelaide’s east in 2019. The existing home was knocked down and two architecturally designed, light-filled residences have since taken its place, breathing new life into a suburb that continues to earn its keep as one of Adelaide’s most sought-after addresses.

In juxtaposition to the original dimly lit home that once sat on the block, the two new homes are filled with natural light, flooding in from purposefully placed full height windows and large-scale sliding doors that lead out to sun-drenched courtyards and balconies. 

“This property provided Urban Habitats with a unique opportunity to showcase both the in-house design studio capabilities while also continuing to show the construction team’s highly efficient, detailed and quality focused capabilities,” says Urban Habitats’ Jock Merrigan.

The incorporation of elongated skylights in the corridors, which link the front ends of the homes to the cleverly designed open-plan living spaces at the back, is another addition that further welcomes in natural light. “The expansive skylights provide a light filled void and a space that takes your breath away,” says in-house architect Sarah Stephen. 

The well-planned light-filled spaces are a theme throughout, as is the mid-century and Scandinavian style that can be seen in both properties. The palettes in both homes are different yet complimentary, with one favouring a moody Manhattan vibe while the other sticks to its Scandi roots with lashings of white and blonde timbers. “Both residences were purchased while under construction [and] the buyers resonated with our style, aesthetic and aspiration. We worked with them individually to further develop the interior,” says Sarah.

Classic mid-century moments include the custom curved cabinetry (such as the softly curved island 
bench and the statement fireplace breast in the south residence) and the connection between indoors and out. “We really wanted the external materiality to extend internally, blurring the line between the spaces,” says Sarah. The placement of large-scale windows and doors was paramount to successfully executing this vision – the hallway is a great example of this with a floor-to-ceiling window offering views to a breakout garden at the side of the home. 

The team also played with horizontal and vertical lines, an element that provides both functionality, aesthetics and another hit of mid-century. Fixed and operable louvres on the upper-level windows offer privacy and create a linear element that draws the eye up, creating the illusion of space and height. Other notable elements include polished concrete flooring, concealed lifts and custom concealed timber clad garage doors. 

But high-end gadgetry aside, the real winner in these two impeccably designed and crafted homes is the feeling of calmness you get when you enter – and that’s due, in large, to the abundance of light-filled spaces. This was no accident, careful planning and consideration went into every corner of these homes and it’s evident. Light, airy, ambient and calming all at once. Good lighting is everything.

How to Elevate Your Space

Adding contrast using black can be daunting, the team at OZ Design Furniture show you how.

Incorporating black into your interior home style can be daunting, especially when you are used to the classic white palette that many Australian homes favour. When styled correctly, black can elevate your home by creating interest and depth to contrast your light décor. 

To make a strong impact you need to be bold, using black accents within your furniture – accessorising with dark-coloured homewares just isn’t enough. Try intertwining black with natural fibres for a safe and easy way to introduce darker tones into your space without creating a harsh contrast.

With the launch of OZ Design Furniture’s new season, you can refresh your living space with their Belmont dining chair (pictured). Featuring a black frame crafted from bentwood birch timber combined with webbed rattan, this piece is the perfect way to introduce a bold but natural look and feel into your home.

For the risk-takers, this collection also features full black stools that will make a striking impact in home bars or kitchens.

OZ Design Furniture 

800 Marion Road, Marion

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Gepps X Home HQ 
750 Main North Road, Gepps Cross 
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High-Touch Real Estate

Like many industries, the real estate industry has had to adapt due to changing market conditions. Effie Vlachoulis from Harris Real Estate talks to us about the importance of an effective online presence when selling your home.

An effective online profile and an engaging social media presence seems to be more important than ever before for real estate agents. How are these platforms used to attract buyers?

Social media is an integral part of my business; it enables me to promptly advertise current properties and provide an update on what is happening in the current market. Potential buyers are also often interested in what their day-to-day life will look like after purchasing in a particular area, so I advertise the lifestyle surrounding my properties for sale on social media. Other than attracting relevant buyers, social media also helps me to engage with buyers or sellers easily and efficiently, and it also gives prospective sellers the ability to look at my track record of sales.

I imagine social platforms are also important tools for ‘off market’ sales?

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are important for off market sales as they provide those on the Harris buyer database with information about properties that may match their buying requirements. Buyers interested in these off market properties are able to directly message me about the property to ask questions and to submit offers before the property is advertised on and Domain. Off market sales are all about beating the competition before it hits the open market and so social media gives prospective buyers a head start. It is also very cost effective for vendors as there are no advertising fees.

Virtual walk throughs are another technology-based sales strategy that has no doubt been used a lot during COVID. How effective are virtual walk throughs and what type of buyer is accessing this service?

Virtual walk throughs are an extremely effective technology-based strategy. In fact, I would say that they are just as effective as if a prospective buyer was walking through the house themselves. Virtual walk throughs are essentially a guided tour of the property during which I walk through each room of the house pointing out its features, and enabling prospective buyers to ask questions about each room specifically. Most buyers accessing this service are interstate or overseas buyers. Virtual walk throughs open the property market up to more prospective purchasers, giving more buyers a chance to view the home in a shorter amount of time.

Video streaming is another technology that seems to have gained popularity during the pandemic.

Yes, video streaming, like virtual walk throughs, also enables me to contact a wider range of buyers. Video streaming allows people to be part of a live auction without physically being there. This is also 
a useful tool for people who may have to isolate suddenly.

“97 percent of all home buyers used the internet in their home search.” 

NAR 2020 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report

Effie Vlachoulis
Property Consultant
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Terrace Floors + Furnishings: Massive May Homewares Sale

Terrace Floors + Furnishings’ May sale is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect excuse to shop ‘til you drop on luxe rugs, carpets and interior pieces. 

Running between May 14 and May 21, the once-a-year sale grants shoppers the chance to revitalize their living space with brands like Ethnicraft, Globewest and Armadillo.

The annual sale is slashing up to 60 percent off selected stock in-store and 30 percent off Terrace Floors + Furnishings Armadillo floor stock rugs (excluding the House of Grey collection). Sweeten your interior space by picking up fresh bed linen or homewares on sale in the Eastwood-based showroom. 

But it’s not only in-store stock that will see prices reduced. Brand new Terrace Floors + Furnishings furniture and rugs available online will see a further 25 percent off if paid in full on the day. 

Terrace Floors + Furnishings is one of SA’s premier destinations for all things interior. Lending an expert eye to interior projects, the store has helped re-invent living spaces from the ground up since 2000. The showroom stocks an expansive collection of luxury rugs, carpets and furnishings that the Terrace team use to curate your dream room. 

Pop down to Terrace Floors + Furnishings and check out the massive May sale between May 14 and May 21. 

Find Terrace Floors + Furnishings at 51 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday and between 11am and 4pm on Sunday.

Visit the Terrace Floors + Furnishings store online here to check out their latest stock. 

*Sale excludes Ercol Furniture, Armadillo House of Grey collection, original artwork and installed products. 

Styling for Sale

We chat to Effie Vlachoulis from Harris Real Estate about the importance of effective home styling in the lead-up to sale.

What are the four things people should do when styling their home for sale?

Definitely de-clutter to keep the space open to interpretation. If need be, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is always helpful and replace any fixtures and fittings that need an update – it’s the 
small things that make a big difference. Also, don’t forget to give your gardens some love. This is often the part of a property that gets left behind.

How important is curb appeal? 

Curb appeal is key as this is the first impression a buyer has of the home. Many buyers will do a ‘drive by’ of the property before inspecting to get a feel for the location, so it is important to create a welcoming entrance. A home’s entrance can be easily updated by tiling a verandah, borrowing some outdoor furniture or simply adding a garden bed 
or beautiful potted plants. 

Why is it so important to get the styling right?

Styling is a pivotal part of selling a home, it creates an emotional connection with the buyer and gives people an idea of how different spaces of the home can be used. A professional stylist can objectively view a home and style it so it appeals to a wider demographic while also enabling potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

Is it necessary to engage a styling expert or can people do this effectively themselves?

It’s not always necessary to hire a professional stylist, however a stylist does this day in and day out and they know how to create a space that buyers can see themselves living in. They have different themes for specific property types and ensure that the style flows throughout. 

What impact does the right styling have on property prices?

Styling can have a dramatic impact on a property’s sale price. If your property is styled and presented well it will set the right tone for buyers. Not all people can visualise where furniture will fit in the home, so having this set up for them makes a big difference. 

Does styling also affect how long a property is on the market?

Professional styling helps to create incredible marketing campaigns as the professional photography comes up amazingly. This increases the chance of potential buyers sharing the property listing with friends and family, which in-turn means more eyes on the property. Styling ultimately enables maximum appeal, which usually means less days on market.

Effie Vlachoulis
Property Consultant
0412 677 189

Table Inspiration

Reinvent your table this spring with dinnerware and kitchen accessories from Harbour Town Premium Outlets.


Get the Hamptons look in your home with tableware from Bed, Bath N’ Table.

Arlo tea towel (a placemat), $14.95; Sutton dinner set, pieces from $6.95 each; Morgan & Finch palm glasses, $29.95 set of 4; Verona glass jug, $29.95; Jaipur napkins, $24.95; Tablekraft 32 pcs cutlery set, was $159.95 now $79.95 (from Minimax).


Update your kitchen staples for spring with these classic styles from Sheridan

SFO apron, was $59.95 now $20; Robyn tea towel set of 2, was $32.99 now $15; Thread Apron, was $39.95 now $15; Harling tea towel set, was $39.95 now $15; Madina tea towel set, $26.99.


Create the warm Scandi look this spring. Add textured placemats, rustic warm wood tones and retro-inspired dinnerware from House and Garden.

Rustic Mango wood serving board, was $79.95 now $54.95; Placemats, was $14.95 now $6.95 each; Sorrento vase, was $44.95 now $31.46; Amarantus faux foliage, $12.95; Salt & pepper shakers, $59.95; Rustic coasters set or 4, was $14.95 now $9.95; Winston wine glasses, was $39.95 now $29.95; Celine tumblers, was $29.95 now $14.95; Hana dinner set 12 pce, was $159.95 now $79.95; Moscow 40 pce cutlery set, was $199.95 now $99.95; Mango wood bowl, was $139 now $54.95; Salad servers, was $39.95 now $29.95.


Create a mix and match dinner set with colourful tableware. Create your own style with outlet pieces from Minimax.

Speckle plates navy/blue/pink, $14.95 each; Duck egg dinner set, was $129.95 now $89.95; Teapot, $24.95; Cuddle mugs, was $24.95 now $19.95; Krosno tumblers, was $49.95 now $34.95; Stemless wine glasses, was $49.95 now $29.95; Mugs with handles, was $49.95 now $29.95; Tablekraft 32 pcs cutlery set, was $159.95 now $79.95; Laguiole cheese knife, $14.96.

Prices correct and items available at time of publishing.