Summer Entertaining

Interior designer and the creative talent behind @thestylistloves, Marie Kargiotis, heads to Barossa Central to show us how to style the perfect entertaining area.  

Comfortable, functional and stylish outdoor seating
Has your outdoor setting had its day? Now more than ever our homes have truly become our sanctuary, so this is the perfect time to update your outdoor furniture. A comfortable and stylish outdoor setting will also encourage you to spend more time outdoors – Barossa Mitre 10 has a great three-piece wicker set that’s perfect for intimate entertaining.

Stick to a colour scheme
Set the table with your favourite china, cutlery and glassware. Don’t be too precious about it all matching, just stick with similar tones to create a cohesive look. All white or soft earthy tones make it easier to pull together. This grey and beige speckled Ladelle tableware from Barossa Homewares pairs beautiful with the timber accents. Inject that feel of luxury with crystal glasses and ornate cutlery.

Add some greenery
I love adding a touch (or a big bundle!) of nature to every table setting. It’s a great way to injected colour and add dimension to the table. Real flowers or foliage bring a table setting to life. You can get creative with the vessel too.

Create ambiance
Fairy lights and candles set the scene and will take your table setting to the next level. Candles create such a beautiful ambience. If you want to be dramatic use larger candles in clusters or if you prefer delicate and soft ambient lighting tea lights and fairy lights are a good choice. Hurricane lanterns, like the ones available from Barossa Homewares, make a great centrepiece.

A winning antipasto platter
The Barossa is synonymous with wine, and what goes hand in hand with wine… cheese! Barossa Fresh Foodland has its own cheese room that stocks more than 150 individual cheeses from over 20 of the best local and international suppliers. When creating a cheese platter start with your selection of cheeses, add variations of crackers, then fill the spaces with a combination of fresh and dried fruit and nuts.

Styled to perfection
It’s the finishing touches to a table setting that can truly enhance a dining experience. I created this table setting with products from Barossa Central, sourcing items from Barossa Mitre 10, Barossa Home Living and Barossa Fresh Foodland. Soft neutral tones mixed with the relaxed feel that nature offers creates a soft elegant style that is both comfortable and relaxed.

All products can be sourced from Barossa Central
3 Murray Street, Nurioopta
08 8568 6000

Table Setting Tips

Cutlery and its impact on a tablescape can’t be ignored. It is one of the smallest details but can make the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your dinner party vision. We chat to the experts at Gold Cutlery Hire for some top table setting tips.

Choosing the right cutlery for your occasion. 
First of all, it’s important to make sure your cutlery is good quality. This can be determined by its strength, thickness, style and most importantly, its weight. A standard setting comprises of an entree knife, entree fork, main knife, main fork and dessert spoon. You can add or take away items depending on your menu selection. 

There is no ‘best’ style or pattern, it is all personal preference and determined by the overall look you are trying to achieve. Matte/brushed metal offers a more contemporary look, while mirror/polished metal is a more formal look. Mixing and matching can also work, as long as it’s either all gold or all silver. 

The perfect table setting 
Place dinner plates approximately 2cm from the edge of the table, this gives you an indication of spacing. Next, place the main knife on the right-hand side of the plate with the blade facing inwards, making sure the knife is beside the plate, not under the rim of the plate. The entree knife should follow the same guidelines, to the right of the main knife. The dessert spoon should then be placed 2cm from the table edge next to the knives, while the main fork belongs on the left-hand side of the dinner plate, 2cm from the edge of the table. Not under the plate, but to the side. The entree fork to follow, to the left-hand side of the main fork. 

Glass wear should be placed directly above the knives and the napkin can either be folder and placed on the fork side or you can get creative and use it as a table feature. 

Table setting tips
1. Set your table the night before 
2. Sometimes less is best 
3. Cutlery is placed in order of menu choices, beginning furthest away from the dinner plate and working your way towards the dinner plate. 
4. Use white cotton gloves when placing cutlery to avoid fingerprint marks
5. Have fun!

Gold Cutlery Hire

The Importance of Good Design

What is good design? And why is it a vital component of a beautiful home? We chat to the team at Urban Habitats to find out.

William Valimitis, architect at Urban Habitats

What separates good and bad design?
The time and effort you spend on it.

How should the location, environment, material selection and consideration of light be approached? 
Carefully and thoughtfully. The location is ultimately driven by the client, which in-turn informs the environment. Neutral and simple material palettes with large expanses of north facing glazing provide inviting and well considered spaces. 

What makes some designs really shine? 
Architecture that is responsive to its surroundings and environment often stands out from the rest. Buildings that respond to a client brief while maintaining the balance of form and function are ultimately beautiful.

Ash McCammon, interior designer at Urban Habitats

How should the location, environment, material selection and consideration of light be approached? 
These elements should be approached with great attention to detail. The location always inspires the form, the people inspire the materiality and the way that people will move through the spaces inspires how we filter and play with light. These elements enable us to create meaningful homes that promote great living.

Your designs often reference Palm Springs modernism…
We embrace the connection between the indoors and outdoors and we aim to achieve timeless, sustainable outcomes that can stand the test of time. The team at Urban Habitats, led by directors Josh Semmler and Jock Merrigan, find a lot of inspiration in architecture such as The Cree House by Albert Frey. We don’t over complicate our designs and we are drawn to clean lines and honest materials.

What is good design?
Good design is thoughtfully and carefully curated. It responds to the clients brief, the site and the surroundings. 

Urban Habitats
96 King William Road, Goodwood
08 8373 1731

Premium Adelaide Hills Homes For Sale

Park-like surrounds, timeless character and premier locations, these properties are yet another reason to make the move to the glorious Adelaide Hills. Property specialist Dee-anne Hunt shows us through.

‘hazelmere’ 396 battunga road, echunga

This grand family estate on two titles includes a Manager’s Residence, two B&B’s and an equestrian complex. Previously a wedding venue with accommodation, there is also an indoor pool, car showroom and workshop, as well as acres of lush, rich grazing country.

‘kincraig’ 17 sturt valley road, stirling

One of the finest renovations you’ll see with 15 main rooms, a tennis court and coach house, this Stirling residence has all the character that’s synonymous with early 20th century builds.

For more information and to view other exciting lifestyle residences visit or all 0411 555 774.

Why You Need To Style Your Home For Sale

A perfectly styled and presented home will often sell for a higher price, in a shorter amount of time. We chat to Presenting Beautiful Homes’ director and head stylist Monika Tirrell at to find out more. 

what are the benefits of styling your home for sale?

There are many benefits of property styling – most importantly it helps to create an image of the lifestyle the property will offer the buyer and to stimulate an emotional connection, often resulting in the buyer being willing to pay more. Property styling also highlights the best features of a home and helps it stand out from the crowd in a competitive real estate market. As property stylists, our job is to focus on the property’s potential buyers’ needs and wants, work hard to create a space they will want to live in, and make money for the vendor! 

how does it work?

Our main goal is to come up with a style and layout that will best compliment the property and appeal to the demographic it is being marketed to by the real estate agent. We will look through the property and then decide on design and layout, while keeping in mind natural light, any interesting features and details that may create a challenge. 

what are the main mistakes people make when styling their own homes for sale?

People often style to their own taste, rather than styling to suit the home and the market they are targeting. For those who choose to DIY, it’s crucial to have a good eye for detail and understand what a buyer would want to see if they walked through your home. It’s also important to have a strong grasp of design elements and how to lay out a room. 

what kind of monetary returns can people expect to make on the sale when they style their home for sale?

A home styled for sale can often mean the difference between a quick sale and a property listing that goes stale, it may even add 5 percent, 10 percent or even more to the final sale price! 

if sellers can’t afford to engage a stylist what small changes can they make on their own to increase the value of their home?

A fresh coat of paint will always lift the mood of your home and it’s inexpensive if you’re willing to do the work. We always suggest going white or neutral, so that it leaves a blank canvas for the buyer and looks fresh. Updating any outdated flooring, window treatments, cabinetry and hardware can also be an inexpensive way to make an impact and increase the value of your home. Finally, adding elements to your home that make it feel more homely and welcoming is crucial. This might be some artwork in the hallway or additional lamps and lighting to create ambience in different rooms. 

Presenting Beautiful Homes 
10 Transport Avenue, Netley 

08 8297 8339 

One of the World’s Most Coveted Furniture Brands is on Sale this Month at Domo

That’s right – save 15% of all ligne roset products upholstered in alcantara fabric this august at domo. To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a guide for what’s trending in interiors.

Rich velvet and suede are huge fabric trends. They’re both textural and luxe, emulating elegance and sophistication. The appearance of Alcantara Fabric is similar to that of suede, but its synthetic composition means functionality without compromising style.


Alcantara Fabric is available in 40 colours including a selection of neutrals, cool tones and vibrant brights. Lift a neutral space by choosing playful colours like a mossy green or mustard yellow. For a polished look, opt for minimal styling.


There’s been a noticeable shift away from traditional settees, with shoppers now opting for a more relaxed style. Curves suggest comfort, cosiness and luxury – the perfect place to curl up after a long day.

Known for enhancing the design details and curves of a sofa, Alcantara Fabric can help you achieve the ultimate luxe look without compromising comfort.


Choose well and a new sofa can be a ‘forever’ piece. It’s a big-ticket item, so buying something that’s enduring will last the distance. Alcantara Fabric is composed of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane for increased durability and stain resistance.

Alcantara Fabric on sale at DOMO

Feeling inspired? We have an offer for you! One of the world’s most iconic furniture brands is on sale this month at DOMO. Interior addicts across Adelaide can get their hands on the high-end Ligne Roset sofas, with 15% off any Alcantara fabric custom order until August 31st. Shop online or visit Domo at 164 O’Connell St, North Adelaide to find out more.

The Floral Trend of 2020

The dried floral trend is back and it’s big. Dried (and sometimes dyed) flowers, leaves and pods are all over Instagram, and they’re our new favourite home décor, gifting and wedding obsession.

From soft creamy hues to dramatic, deep tones, there is a preserved floral arrangement to suit everyone’s flower personality. But, where did this love for preserved flowers come from?

Lisa Cimmino, floristry lecturer at TAFE SA says, “these arrangements have gained more popularity due to current circumstances. They’re long lasting and can suit all environments. [Due to Covid-19] there was a shortage of cut flowers, both locally and imported, [so] they were easy to procure. There is also a big shift in the industry to be more sustainable, so drying flowers is also friendly to the environment.”

Many local florists have also jumped on the trend and are creating the preserved floral arrangements of your dreams in lots of varieties, styles and colours. But, if you’re more of a DIY girl, you too can take control and create your own preserved arrangements.

“[TAFE SA] offer Certificate II and Certificate III Floristry at our Adelaide Campus,” says Lisa. “We are fortunate to have access to great wholesalers, flower markets and growers to source our product, and our arrangement styles reflect current industry trends. We deliver accredited courses as part of a nationally recognised training package. In Cert II we cover 10 arrangements and Cert III 28 arrangements.” 

For those who are ready to give it a go for themselves at home Lisa says, “many types of botanicals can naturally dry”. She also suggests experimenting with air drying by hanging flowers upside down – fragile flower products can also be sprayed with hairspray, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the flower.

Ex-Gordon Ramsay Chef Heads Adelaide Restaurant

Ex-Gordon Ramsay Chef Cruz Hernan has taken the reins at new Adelaide restaurant 88 Eatery. The Italian restaurant has two new homes, one in Newton (previously the popular La Romano pizza bar) and the other a new venue in Fulham Gardens. Think traditional Italian cuisine with a focus on local, fresh produce and sustainability (all pizza and pasta packaging is 100% recyclable and to help reduce their carbon footprint printed takeaway menus are a no-no – online only people). We caught up with the man himself to find out more.

What can diners expect?

Expect an amazing, unique bite to eat, cooked with local produce, at an affordable price. From delicious Detroit-style pizzas to sexy pastas and great snacks, we’ve got your cravings covered. 

Local produce is a focus – why is this important?

Using local producers is a must for myself and for 88 Eatery. This is a great opportunity to help our local economy to thrive during this tough time.

By supporting local suppliers, we take local ingredients and expose them to more people in our community and perhaps to different cultures; that is what we strive to do. Our two most used suppliers in Adelaide are Paesano Bakery for delicious ciabatta loaves, and Tony and Marks for quality, fresh produce. 

The new Fulham Gardens restaurant
You’ve been working as Executive Head Chef for Emirates in Queensland – what drew you to Adelaide?

One of the reasons I moved to Adelaide was the extraordinary level of cuisine. As a person and as a Chef you never really end the learning process. Adelaide was the logical move for me to keep learning and developing my career. 

You’ve also worked under Gordon Ramsay – tell us about that.

My career in the hospitality industry as a Chef began in 2008, when I started as a Commis Chef for Gordon Ramsay Holdings. There I truly developed my passion for cooking, learning from the best Chefs in the industry. I was lucky enough to be part of the kitchen brigade at Ramsay’s and progressed over the years until I became a Sous Chef.

What is your most memorable Gordon Ramsay moment?

My most memorable memory at Ramsay’s is when Gordon came to pay a visit at one of his gastropubs, The Narrow. I had the task of cooking an entrée for him. After his meal, he came to the kitchen to thank us all. He positively commented on his entrée, which was awesome for me.

Did you learn anything from your time with Gordon Ramsay that you think will help you as you take on this new venture?

I unquestionably learned lots during my time there, it was definitely character building. What I can bring to 88 Eatery from Ramsay’s is my determination to offer great food and this gels extremely well with the 88Eatery ethos.

88 Eatery
145 Montacute Road, Newton
445-457 Tapleys Hill Road. Fulham Gardens

Small Space, Big Ideas

Pink terrazzo, Art Deco-esque arches and bold colour choices are the cornerstones of this eclectic, functional, yet small cottage extension. The design work of Adelaide’s Sans-Arc Studio, we chat to studio director, Matiya Maravich about the inspirations behind this 2020 Dulux Colour Awards finalist design.

What/who were your design inspirations for this home?

We drew upon the clients’ love of art deco and  P+O architecture. We wanted to give the addition an earthy, adobe feeling – grounded but fun. We also had to display their glass and pottery collection. We drew upon the bold colours of these as a basis for the colour in the space.

How important is the colour selection when working with a small space? What tricks/tips do you have for enlarging a space using colour?

White ceilings (and high ceilings) are good to make a small space feel big. Colour blocking can help reduce busy looking spaces by blending items into one continuous area. We’ve used colour blocking in this project to delineate between areas and highlight the different forms against each other. Balancing colour is also very important, some dark can be good, but generally if you want to make a space feel big when it isn’t, then use light colours.

What are some of the most common challenges people face when deciding to DIY design?

I think it is easy for people to get caught in short-term trends because they don’t want to be boring. There is nothing wrong with clean, simple materials that feel good. Using timber where you can and with whites, greys and timeless colours is a good place to start. Taking big design risks or doing something that ‘looks funky’ can be dangerous without a good design eye or the right advice. I think we tend to be onto the next cool thing really quickly without investigating or doing one style of design really well. If you want to go industrial with your home-reno, then go full on, or if you want something timeless, buy the best materials and design you can afford.

What’s your favourite designer trend for 2020?

I’m enjoying the new Italian design trend through graphics, architecture and interiors. I love Italian Futurism and the radical design movement so it is nice seeing this stuff re-emerge. 

What is the Sirtfood Diet?

The Sirtfood Diet grabbed headlines earlier this year when photos of a super slim Adele were published around the globe – it’s rumoured that the seven stone weight loss was a result of the revolutionary diet. 

A ‘sirtfood’ is a food that is able to stimulate the production of sirtuins, a group of proteins in the body that regulate functions such as metabolism and inflammation. This diet combines sirtfoods and calorie restriction.

Its creators, two UK-based celebrity nutritionists, insist sirtfoods are the secret to weight loss and disease prevention, however many health experts urge those considering the diet to do so with caution. To find out more, we spoke to Alex Parker, Accredited Practising Dietitian from @thebitingtruth.

What are some examples of foods high in sirtuin activators (‘sirtfoods’)?  

Sirtfoods include green tea, dark chocolate (that is at least 85 percent cocoa), apples, citrus fruits, parsley, turmeric, kale, blueberries, capers, red wine, coffee, extra virgin olive oil, soy, onions, walnuts and buckwheat.

How does the diet work?

The diet has two phases that are repeated continuously. The first phase involves having only 1000 calories a day for three days. These calories are consumed via three green juices and one main meal. Then four days of 1500 calories via two green juices and two meals. 

Are there any adverse health effects to this diet?

Diets like these can result in unhealthy relationships with food and are unlikely to result in long lasting weight loss. Essentially, this is just another form of calorie restriction. For many people, restricting calories so significantly may result in them missing out on essential nutrients, which could put their health at risk. 

Is there anyone who shouldn’t follow the diet?

Sure, following this diet may result in initial weight loss but it does not set someone up for long term success. I wouldn’t recommend any of my clients follow this diet. It would be particularly dangerous for individuals with chronic health conditions such as diabetes.

What are the pros?

The diet promotes whole foods rather than refined/processed foods or supplements, and the foods containing high levels of sirtuins are generally nutrient rich, which is important for overall health. 

What are the cons?

The diet appears to eliminate entire food groups, such as lean protein sources (meat, fish, legumes) and dairy, which is a huge red flag. [There is also] no scientific evidence to show that the sirtfood diet really works. There is some lab research to show that sirtuins may have an anti-ageing effect, but the studies have been on mice, human stem cells and rats, not people.