Celebrating Style With Friends

Their stories have been told on the pages of the magazine and they’ve all graced the cover. They’re ambitious, courageous, adaptable and, of course, they’re all South Australian. As we celebrate 10 years in print, we catch up with these uber cool, super stylish ladies to reflect on their passions, fashion choices and why our state holds a special place in their hearts. 

Olivia Molly Rogers
Olivia appeared in SA Style Issue #31

Beautiful, driven, smart and funny, since being crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2017 Olivia Molly Rogers has headlined campaigns for a list of high-profile national brands, secured hosting and presenting roles and become an ambassador for positive body image and mental health awareness. Oh, and she’s also a qualified speech pathologist and budding artist.

My most recent purchase was… my wedding shoes!

In my handbag you’ll find… lipstick (always), a phone charger, concealer, a hairbrush, a mini hairspray and my diary.

My biggest fashion fail… It’s funny, I used to think ‘sneans’ (sneakers and jeans) was a fashion fail but now I wear it most days. I think almost anything goes in 2020 – tracksuits are the current go-to for everything in Melbourne. 

I can’t stop Googling… home interiors! Justin and I just bought our first home, so I am obsessed with scrolling through images of beautiful interior design.

How would you define South Australian ‘style’…

mavournee hazel
Mavournee appeared in SA Style Issue #38

She’s been coined ‘the next Margot Robbie’, but Mavournee takes it all in her casual stride. After her departure from Neighbours last year she has been named as one of the 10 recipients of the Casting Guild of Australia’s Rising Star Award and is now about to star alongside Rebecca Gibney in the Halifax reboot (coming soon to Nine).

My style icon is… at the moment I’m loving Enya Umanzor (@enjajaja), she really gave license to a lot of the recycled fashion trends we are seeing, hence her cult following on Instagram and depop. Molly Blustein (@accidentalinfluencer) is another great source of inspiration.

First concert I ever went to was… I’m going to tell you this because South Australia is my family, and families don’t judge… right? Okay, my first concert was Short Stack. I said don’t judge! My friend and I made fan tee shirts [and] lined up in Marion Shopping Centre outside Intensity to get our CD signed. 

My favourite Australian labels are… I have a soft spot for Romance Was Born – we have worked together for most of the special events I’ve had in my career – [and] Bec & Bridge, I always have a crush on every collection they release. 

In five years’ I’ll (hopefully!) be… not wearing a mask and allowed to visit my family in Adelaide! I miss my sister and nieces so much, and I can’t wait for the borders to open back up. [Post Covid] my goals are much more simple, like, in five years I’ll be happy, surrounded by people I love and working on a set again. I would like to see my industry back on its feet, production companies and studios having recovered from this year’s restrictions and losses. 

How would you best describe South Australian ‘style’… I think there is a stigma around South Australia. In reality, there are so many designers that call SA home. As a very proud born and bred Adelaide girl, I jump at any chance I get to participate in and celebrate the South Australian entertainment and arts sector. 

pippa wanganeen
Pippa appeared in SA Style Issue #37

She’s a staple at Adelaide events, a speaker, mother (of four!) and manager of Gavin Wanganeen Art. Oh, and she was once also an actor, snow reporter and has a law degree. Seriously. 

On my lust-list is… a long suede shearling coat from Camilla.

I never leave home without… Plum, my newest daughter. She is five months old and such a delight!

Biggest fashion fail… Hmmm, well sometimes I get inspired by the fashion and local style of places I visit, and they don’t always translate when you return home. Once I was in Spain and very nearly got a Euro Mullet. Can you even imagine?! I shudder.

On a Saturday night you’ll find me… at home, cooking a slow roast for gorgeous friends and family. Unless it’s a COVID lockdown, then I’d still be home cooking a slow roast, but just for us.

How would you best describe South Australian ‘style’… sophisticated, eclectic, contemporary yet timeless. South Australian Style is evidenced in so many places and in so many ways. Our architecture is beautiful. The design of the newly renovated Her Majesty’s Theatre is a wonderful example of that. Our style is also present throughout our wine regions, coastal areas, restaurants, and of course through our incredibly talented local fashion and couture designers. 

rebecca morse
Rebecca appeared in SA Style Issue #34

As a news presenter (for Ten’s Eyewitness News First at Five) and a radio star (she’s co-host of hit107’s Bec and Cosi breakfast show) Bec Morse is usually the one asking the questions. Well not today, that’s right we’ve turned the tables and we’re asking the award-winning journo all the hard-hitting ones…

Best advice you’ve ever been given… done is better than perfect.

First-ever celebrity crush… Bruce Samazan from E Street.

When I was little I wanted to be a… park ranger.

If I was a cocktail I’d be a… gin Bloody Mary.

How would you best define South Australian ‘style’…