Anti-ageing to your door, that’s what you get at Bellafache. We chat to founder Natasha Dempsey to find out more.

Away from the bright white lights of cosmetic clinics, Bellafache is an at-home injectable service, tightening and brightening skin from the privacy of peoples living rooms. Treating yourself to a bit of skin TLC has never been so easy.

Founder Natasha Dempsey combined her years of nursing expertise with her artistic interest in cosmetics when she launched Bellafache. The unique concept brings beauty to you, offering non-surgical dermal fillers, anti-ageing injections, skin boosters and more.

“I was a ‘hospital at home’ community district nurse before becoming a cosmetic injector,” says Natasha. “I saw a gap in the market to provide an injectable service in the home.”

Bellafache erases the stress of a busy schedule and sagging skin with its simple yet expert service. There’s no waiting around, unfamiliar settings or pesky skin insecurities with a visit from Natasha.

Over time, our skin and bone structure diminish, losing elasticity and resulting in wrinkles and jowls. Well-placed dermal filler helps re-build the skin’s appearance by replenishing structural fat pads, while non-surgical injectables smooth and tighten the superficial skin layer. Bellafache’s tailored service boosts your natural beauty, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

“I believe in a holistic approach,” she says.“Structure and quality are both important components to healthy skin.” Natasha’s clients include people in their 20s wanting to prevent fine lines and plump lips to those in their 60s and 70s.

“Some higher risk injectables should only be performed in a clinic, but I always assess and consult first before deciding where treatments should safely be given.”

As Bellafache grows, the popular service is set to include PDO threads and poly-L-lactic acid injections as part of its at-home service. For those searching for in-store services, you can also find Natasha at selected cosmetic clinics across Adelaide and rural SA. As for do-it-yourself care, Natasha recommends daily sunscreen, hydration, quality skincare and peels to stem the appearance of age and boost brightness.

Prefer a salon experience? If in-salon is more your thing, you can find Natasha at the following skincare clinics:

Brazilian Beauty | North Adelaide

HER town | Glenelg

Brighton Beauty | Brighton

Soul Beauty | Whyalla

Tanique Beauty Bar | Aberfoyle Park
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