Engagement Ring Trends

Coloured stones, fancy cut diamonds and vintage-inspired designs are back – the experts at Mazzucchelli’s Jewellers tell us what we need to know about the very latest in engagement ring trends.

Triology Designs

The trilogy setting is back, celebrating past, present and future. De Beers Forever mark are the creators of a selection of spectacular multi-diamond rings that you will love. Every Forever mark diamond undergoes a journey of rigorous selection, which is why less than one percent of the world’s diamonds receive a Forever mark inscription. Every
diamond is inscribed with a promise that is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.

Coloured Stones

Coloured gemstones aren’t going anywhere. Timeless, elegant and elaborate, the iconic blue sapphire, which is a symbol of faithfulness and everlasting love, is perfectly paired with diamonds in The Vera Wang Love collection, available exclusively at Mazzucchelli’s.


Don’t have a sentimental heirloom piece that’s been handed down? Don’t worry, you can get that same classic antique-style by choosing an elegant vintage-inspired ring. Mazzucchelli’s exclusive Halo Collection brings together modern designs with a vintage twist –each piece has also been responsibly sourced and is GIA certified.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds make a statement. The ring shape you select says a lot about you. Round brilliant cut rings appeal to those who are sentimental, oval cuts are perfect for on-trend brides, princess cut appeals to a modern bride, pear cuts embrace femininity and are ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd, while emerald cuts signify a strong, bold personality.

Stacked Bands

Fashion-forward brides are getting in on the jewellery stacking trend. Mazzucchelli’s have a beautiful selection of delicately crafted wedding bands and stackable rings to complement your special engagement ring (like this solitaire engagement ring from their Promise collection).


A gleaming platinum band is the perfect complement to a shining diamond, but its lustre isn’t the only reason it remains so popular. Mazzucchelli’s beautifully designed, aristocracy-inspired Royale collection features higher settings and every piece is filled with brilliance, fire and scintillation. Every piece also has its own unique stamp, with a secret ruby embedded on the shank.

Find out more about choosing the perfect forever ring in the latest issue of South Australian Style online or in print. Visit a Mazzucchelli’s near you to see their stunning stock in store, or or book an appointment with a diamonds expert here. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.