The New Nose Job

Reshaping your nose no longer means painful and costly rhinoplasty – there is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative, and the results are impressive. We chat to Dr Rahma Targett to find out more.

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, nose thread lifts are virtually pain-free. The procedure is quick (just 30 minutes) and the results are natural and immediate. “In comparison to surgical rhinoplasty, the differences in cost and downtime are huge,” says cosmetic physician and owner of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Rahma Targett.

“Some people can spend years saving up for a surgery like rhinoplasty, however nose threads are an affordable option. In terms of downtime, the healing time for rhinoplasty can take months, and up to an entire year to settle into its new form.” Nose thread lifts, however, in which absorbable PDO threads are placed carefully in the nose to lift and improve definition, only cause temporary swelling and minor bruising, which subsides in one to two weeks. 

While impressive, nose thread lifts aren’t the only non-surgical option for those looking to reshape and contour their nose – dermal fillers can also be used, however the results aren’t as long-lasting. “Nose thread lifts can last up to two years,” says Dr Targett, compared to one year for dermal fillers. There are also fewer complications with nose thread lifts and the results are generally more cosmetically aesthetic, from slimming the nose bridge, achieving better nose definition, reducing the width of the nose and lifting the tip.

As the threads start to dissolve – usually after about seven months – the body then begins to produce its own natural collagen, creating additional tightening. “So even after your initial nose thread appointment, there is an ongoing effect over the coming months as extra collagen is produced,” explains Dr Targett.

While the procedure is suitable for most people, a consultation is essential to see if nose thread lifts are the best option for you and your nose goals, and in terms of safety Dr Targett says to “do your research and make sure you see a qualified cosmetic physician who will ensure your nose threads are inserted correctly”.

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