Hire a Rack

Sustainable fashion is good for the environment – and your bank balance!

Shopping sustainably has become easier, especially with businesses like Prelove in Hove and West Lakes. Inspired by similar concepts in Finland, Prelove is a second-hand shopping experience that hires racks to customers and sells their clothes for them. It’s here you can find the sold out Aje skirt you’ve been searching Facebook Marketplace for or that Scanlan Theodore dress for less than half the retail price.

“In the future, big fashion companies will take a step towards sustainable fashion,” Prelove owner Katie says, “By shopping sustainably you’re creating pressure to change things and hopefully positively impact our planet.

“Every piece of new clothing has gone through a complex manufacturing process that uses a high amount of electricity, water and other energy sources,” she says, “Recycling clothes saves energy by reducing or eliminating the need to make materials from scratch.”

Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost. Prelove sells all of the top brands including Aje, Kookai, P.E Nation, Gorman, Spell & Gypsy and Tigerlily, as well as classic brands like Seed, Country Road, Witchery and Tommy Hilfiger, all in great condition. Their collection of clothes comes from the wardrobe of sellers who hire racks 
at the store.




Spring cleaning?

Why not hire a rack and sell your wardrobe at Prelove.

50 clothing items + 5 pairs of shoes = $89/week + 10% commission

100 clothing items + 8 pairs of shoes = $139/week + 10% commission