Superpower Skincare

The high-performing, intensely hydrating Jurlique Rose is the skincare giant’s secret ingredient, and one of the reasons their Moisture Plus range is a game changer for those chasing supple, rehydrated skin.

The Jurlique Rose

There are endless skincare lotions, serums, moisturisers and masks that promise instant and long lasting hydration for lack-lustre skin, but it’s the exclusive Jurlique Rose that sets the brand’s skin-smart Moisture Plus range apart from the rest. Grown on their very own biodynamic farm* right here in the Adelaide Hills, this hydrating, skin-refining hybrid rose has been scientifically proven to attract and retain moisture, making it the star ingredient in this must-try range.

How it works

Petals from the exclusive Jurlique Rose are carefully hand harvested in the morning (after the dew has evaporated and before they are exposed to the midday sun) and used to make the Jurlique Rose extract. This extract is then infused into a unique skin-smart delivery system that uses microencapsulation for extended moisture release. Essentially, enabling fresh, hydrated, radiant skin for longer. 

Hydration + protection

As well as being given a moisture boost thanks to the hydrating superpowers of the Jurlique Rose, skin will also be protected from environmental stressors thanks to Jurlique’s unique Radiance Blend, which is a potent mix of Lavender, Rose Gallica, Calendula and Marshmallow Root. This antioxidant mix will soothe and protect, as well as help to provide a more resilient skin barrier.

Rose skincare routine

Start with the Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser, this cleanser leaves skin thoroughly cleansed without that dry or tight feeling some other cleansers cause. Then pat the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum into the skin to restore that moisture before reaching for the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Cream to lock in hydration. If you’re on the go, keep a bottle of the Rosewater Balancing Mist to spray over the face when needed, and if you’re in need of a treat-me moment, slather on the Moisture Replenishing Mask for ultimate relaxation.

*Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.