Best Face Forward

A high-end cosmetic experience that will leave you looking and feeling your best. We caught up with Peta Autengruber to find out more.

Tell me a bit about your business. 

I opened in September 2020 with the desire to offer an experience for my clients by creating a space that is calming, fresh and inviting. I knew there was a need for cosmetic medical treatment in a luxurious space that would offer clients that high end feel.

Tell me a bit about the treatments you offer.

You have a background in emergency medicine and experience as a registered nurse, how does this impact on your level of care and client results?

I think it gives me such a unique view of the client experience from start to finish, and I certainly think of all of my interactions with a long-term view. Working in emergency nursing and general practice nursing for over 30 years left me with an incredibly high benchmark for what the level of customer care should be, but it also enables me to understand my client’s medical and surgical history and to determine any effect that may have on treatment options offered. 

You specialise in anti-ageing for mature clients, what are the most common complaints you hear?

Clients new to aesthetics are most often anxious about looking ‘overdone’ and worry about the effects being too obvious. I provide an extensive consultation to put these fears to rest. For me, cosmetic injecting is about positive ageing thanks to my Total Face Approach. My consultation process discusses all options available and is about setting a completely customised treatment plan to highlight natural beauty.

Anti-ageing injectables are often used on younger skin as a preventable anti-ageing measure, but how effective are these treatments on skin that has already aged? 

My clients range from 18 to 80 years, so it’s never too late for a little pick me up! People are living longer, working longer, going through career and relationship changes and they want to stay looking 
their best, regardless of age or gender. It’s possible to see considerable yet natural results across all ages and, when combined with other treatments, they can be very effective. 

The space is very luxe and inviting, how important is this and how does it add to the overall client experience? 

I like my clients to think of my space as a little hidden sanctuary to settle into and relax. It’s big enough to bring a friend or two for support or to double up on bookings to share the experience 
together, yet small enough to feel private and intimate. Every client needs to feel confident and secure in their decision making, so comfort is key. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, with no pressure 
to have a procedure done and no unwelcome upsells, just the chance to have a chat about options. 

And you have an entrance at the back of the clinic for clients who may want a more discreet service – why is this important? 

The option of a rear entrance has been a huge bonus for many of my clients as it enables them to take advantage of off-road parking with entry via the back lane directly into the waiting room. While aesthetic services are increasingly common and fortunately much more accepted, I also understand that some clients appreciate that additional sense of discretion and I completely respect that. In particular, I offer a unique option for male clients with the below the belt male rejuvenation treatment using dermal filler to increase size. This procedure has been performed globally for over a decade, so I’m happy to be able to perform it here in Adelaide.

Peta Autengruber Cosmetic Clinic
460 Grange Road, Fulham Gardens