Immerse Yourself

Get ready for a month-long immersion of the senses at this year’s Immerse event. Starting November 5th this collection of events is said to be the future of entertainment. Hosted by Light Adelaide these events are not to be missed.

With many different events on offer here’s what you can expect:


Grab your tickets to Immersion, a 360-degree animated experience held in Light’s new ELLISPE that is set to take you on a vivid journey through time. Discover just how water has shaped our world, from 50 million years ago when the land was covered in dense, wet rainforests to the profound significance of Adelaide’s local waterways to the Kaurna people.

This show will reveal how the same molecules of water arrived from the furthest parts of space are still connected to us today. Throughout the show, you will be able to interact with the incredible scenes. Whether you’re throwing paintballs over the city skyline, controlling schools of fish with your hands, spotlighting animals in the dark Australian bush or making ancient tropical plants come alive, you’ll definitely be immersed.

Tickets are $26 for adults and $21 for kids under 12 (+ booking fee). This event is suitable for all ages. Plus, tickets also include entry to ‘Flow State’ within your session time.

Learn more here.


Live Performances at the LAB

There will be a variety of live performances at the LAB. See Harry Baulderstone and Marcus Ryan play their unique arrangements of Simon and Garfunkel to the Everly Brothers plus original material as well as the Temple Magic Orchestra presenting an ode to the dance floor with a nod to disco’s past and techno’s future. Click here for more details.

The Lab

Food experiences

Woodside Cheese Tasting Experience

Head to the IMMERSE bar for a personal Woodside Cheese tasting, complete with exquisite accompaniments and an interesting background. This augmented reality guided tasting experience will leave you wanting more.

Tickets are $40, find more information here.

Gazander Oysters Tasting Experience

Go to the IMMERSE bar for a personal Gazander Oyster tasting, complete with exquisite accompaniments and an interesting background. Guided by Aurora Head Chef, this augmented reality guided tasting will leave you feeling satisfied.

Tickets at $35, find more information here.

Boston Bay Charcuterie Tasting Experience

Hosted in the IMMERSE bar for a personal Boston Bay Charcuterie tasting experience with the Aurora Head Chef. This augmented reality guided tasting experience will see you trying sopressa, prosciutto and more.

Tickets are $35, find more information here.


Other events

Phenomena Immersive

This psychedelic journey meets at the intersection of art and science, exploring the patterns and evolution of nature and our relationship to it. PHENOMENA Immersive is an audio-visual adventure that takes you on an ambitious, innovative and psychedelic journey through the fabric of the universe.

Filmmaker and artist Josef Gatti takes nine natural phenomena and controls them with science and technology to produce a mesmerising and hypnotic performance.

Tickets at $16, find out more here.

Computer Vision

This Artificial Intelligence cinematic experience asks ‘what can machines tell us about ourselves and the world we’ve created? When a computer looks at us and sees our creativity, our quirks, our mistakes, our desires, what does it really see?’

Using AI to generate imagery and concepts based on a vast trove of our past data, this performance will reveal our reflections.

Tickets are $18, find out more here.

The World From Above

See the world from a different angle, with some of the best imagery from Adelaide’s own MetroMap by Aerometrex. Glide above Adelaide, dart through Melbourne or float above a 1940s view of Sydney with a drink in hand.

Find out more here and visit this free event.

Foreign and Distant Places

Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of exotic destinations around the world. Foreign and Distant Places is a soothing balm for that yearning for travel. Sit back and let this free event take you past the borders that have kept you in for so long.

Find out more here.


STORM is a standalone immersive interactive installation focused on the human transition forward from its current biological form with attention to some of the processes engaged and questions raised around these possibilities.

This free performance is an interactive audio-visual installation.

Find out more here.

UniSA AR Workshop and Hackathon

Professor Mark Billinghurst, Deputy Director of IVE, will deliver two, two-hour workshops on one of the most commonly utilised augmented reality tools in the creative arts: Lens Studio by Snapchat.

Following the workshop, UniSA PhD students will put their skills and creativity to the test using Lens Studio in the form of a hackathon.

This free workshop will take place at the Lab, find out more here.

Go to the Immerse website here for more information.