The Brotox Boom

The number of men chasing a line-free complexion may be on the rise. Adelaide-based Azura Dental explain.

There’s no doubt about it, men are the new growth market in the world of cosmetic medicine – in fact, Adelaide’s Azura Dental say that men now make up about 30 percent of their clientele. “We are seeing a lot of young men in their 30’s coming in for the first time,” says Azura’s practice manager. This statistic has seen continued growth in recent years, particularly in the wake of COVID as men become more conscious than ever before of their appearance (thanks Zoom calls). But despite the growth, anti-ageing for men still remains clandestine.  

Why do you think men are more reluctant than women to get anti-ageing injectables?

Men seem to feel more embarrassed around topics of self-care. We find that men can sometimes be stereotyped for taking pride in their appearance and being open about it. They can be concerned about how others will perceive them for having anti-wrinkle injections. It is something that is slowly becoming more acceptable to more men, however, we still have a lot of male patients who like to keep their wrinkle smoothing injections as their own little secret.

Do you think men are more comfortable making an appointment for anti-ageing treatments at a dental surgery rather than a traditional cosmetic clinic? 

Yes, definitely! In fact, one of the main benefits for men having their wrinkle smoothing injections at Azura is because no one has to know what they are here for. If they are seen in the reception area or tell a friend they have an appointment with us, it can be disguised as a dental appointment. Because we are in a medical field there are strict regulations around confidentiality. Meaning that your secret is our secret! Our environment is also tailored to both male and female dental and cosmetic patients, making it a comfortable experience for everyone. Our staff are expert in making patients feel more relaxed for their appointments, whether they be cosmetic or dental.

What percentage of your cosmetic patients are men? 

I would say about 30 percent at this time, and it’s definitely on the increase. We believe all men have the right to feel great about their appearance and are excited to see our male cosmetic patient percentage grow.

Has this increased in recent years? 

We have seen an enormous jump in male cosmetic patients over the past two years. Due to COVID, people in general have been more aware of the importance of medical grade hygiene in all types of procedures, including wrinkle smoothing injections. A lot of men and women are moving towards getting their wrinkle smoothing in a practice where these standards are more regulated and ensure a completely hygienic experience. We have also noticed that men working from home have become more conscious of the way they look in Zoom meetings. They also enjoy that they can get a wrinkle smoothing injection often timed with their dental check-up appointment for convenience. Our out of hours appointments are also convenient and help them schedule their appointments around their busy work and life schedules. 

What is the average age of first-time male cosmetic patients? 

We are seeing a lot of young men in their 30’s coming in for the first time to help prevent future wrinkles and to minimise their current fine lines. We also have a lot of patients in age brackets above this, however the growing trend is with men in their 30’s followed closely by businessmen in their 40’s. Our signature style is subtle and natural and this fits with the desired look of most male patients.

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