Perfectly Aligned

A passionate group of health and beauty experts have joined forces to open a new clinic on Unley Road that offers clients a more discrete, personal service.


The decision for four like-minded female professionals to come together in a luxe communal space was the brainchild of cosmetic injector Linda Schreck. 

Linda began her career almost 40 years ago as an operating room nurse, working alongside plastic and reconstructive surgeons, she’s dedicated the last 20 to cosmetic injecting. She is now able to use her knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the face to better treat her patients, avoiding the over-done look that is so prevalent in the booming anti-ageing field. 

Her vast experience also means she’s instinctively aware of the various needs and desires of her expansive client base, and the ability to offer a more discrete, personal service was something she wanted to provide. This modern, calming space, flooded with natural light (and with ample parking!) was the ideal solution. “I had worked in several busy clinics, but this is something unique,” she says. 

The integration of three other like-businesses, all in the health and beauty space, was a logical next step. “A big advantage for me and my clients is that my prescribing doctor, Dr Susan Lloyd, also an experienced cosmetic injector and is under the same roof – in fact, she’s in the office next door. We work side-by-side, not interstate like lots of other clinics,” she says.


“I guess I always knew my place was somewhere in the ‘health field’,” says hypno-psychotherapist Anna. “I was the one you could count on and the best friend to talk to!”

From here there was a formal education in medical studies and a degree in public health (in Anna’s home-country of Poland) and then further studies in psychotherapy and counselling in hypnosis back in Australia. But it wasn’t until years spent at home with her children that she discovered her passion for mental health. “I spent much time digging into research to learn more about the connections between mind and body. To start with, I wanted to know more about children’s brain development and behaviour, you know, just for myself and to ‘be a good mum’, but once I started, I couldn’t stop expanding to all age groups. Satisfaction came only when my husband, who’s a GP, showed me how he uses hypno-psychotherapy in his practice.”

A hypno-psychotherapist is a person who is trained in both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy is probably the more common term, although hypnotherapists deal with simpler issues such as habits, phobias and pain but are not generally trained in psychotherapeutic techniques. Hypno-psychotherapists can use both hypnotic and psychotherapeutic interventions as part of therapy sessions to get to the core of more complex issues and examine problems that are likely more deep-rooted. “Hypno-psychotherapists generally use consistently structured sessions tailored to the needs of the client,” says Anna, “as well as focusing on the problems with established protocols for treatments. Every step of the session 
is there for a reason and words matter a lot.”

Feeling safe is also important, and Anna’s new space offers a warm, welcoming environment. “The majority of my clients are troubled with serious trauma and I believe having a warm, safe space and atmosphere is crucial to them being able to open up and talk about sometimes very difficult memories and emotions.”


“My work is about enhancing individual and natural beauty,” says brow expert Anita Peterson, “and I get to watch my clients’ reaction to the aesthetic transformation. It’s all about self-belief and self-love, it’s empowering and it’s the greatest reward.”

Anita’s work is unique, using only tweezers and scissors she adopts a hair-by-hair approach to preserve the natural and correct shape of the brows, while refining them to enhance facial structure or to correct asymmetry. “Every client receives a personalised service, there is no one-size-fits-all for brows and 
I also like to take into account each client’s aesthetic and their preferred style.”

It’s this considered, individualised service 
that keeps clients coming back, and her ability to revive brows that have been over-plucked, working with them to bring their brows back. “My ultimate goal is to ensure every client leaves with an understanding of how their brow shape impacts on their facial structure, and the steps we’ll be taking to achieve and maintain a better shape. I want them to leave feeling their best, and excited about the future of their brows.”


“I’ve been a GP for 14 years and started cosmetic injections in 2015,” explains Dr Lloyd. “I had been looking to increase my time in this area, and then this opportunity came up to join a fabulous group of women, I couldn’t say no! The location is perfect, the consulting rooms are beautiful and private, and the girls are delightful to work alongside.”

This new business venture also gives Dr Lloyd the opportunity to make a significant difference in people’s lives – she’s been doing this as a health professional for years, but now, thanks to this coming together of professional women and their complimentary skill sets, she’s also able to make a difference to the confidence of her clients too. 

“I don’t agree with looking ‘perfect’, there’s no such thing,” she says, “we are all beautiful in our own way. Not everyone can look like a Kardashian, and nor should they want to.” Dr Lloyd’s goal for her clients is rather to help them look “fresher and a little less tired” so that they walk away with a new-found vigour. “Knowing that they leave feeling more confident and happier after seeing me is what it is all about. I love getting my patients back two weeks after treatment and showing them the before and after photos, their smiles say it all!”


This female-led, restorative and communal space has everything under one roof.

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