Signature Drinks

What does your drink of choice say about your personality?

Celebratory sparkling

Those with a flute of sparkling are sophisticated, stylish and in the know. Sparkling drinkers know that it isn’t just a drink for toasts, but a classic drop for any time. They invest in their wardrobe, make smart money choices and are a surprising addition to any quiz night team.

It’s all in the colour

You’ll find these drinkers telling the bartender to make them their favourite drink. Usually, the result is a colourful cocktail that the bartender has been itching to make all night in-between the vodka sodas. Those who drink these colourful concoctions are risk-takers, trend-setters and always have an enviable aesthetic.

Gin drinkers

You’ll find gin drinkers sitting at rooftop bars, perching their glasses next to their designer bags or sunglasses while they try to capture the perfect shot for their Instagram feed. Those who drink gin in any form are social. They’re at every event, holding a glass filled with dried fruit. You don’t need to try and spot them in the room, because they’re usually right in the middle.

Crafty – the new wine snobs

People who drink craft beer would swish it if it didn’t fizz. You’ll find craft beer drinkers gathered together trying to formulate the undertones of each beer as if it was a newly discovered grape varietal. If you don’t drink craft beer, you just wouldn’t get it.

Fruity = Fun

Those who are reaching for a fruity cocktail, like a classic Aperol Spritz, are dreaming of a European getaway. These drinkers are constantly chasing summer and would permanently locate to the beach if they could. If you want to have a fun time, spot the people in the crowd holding these drinks and follow them.


The sneaky ones. Those opting for alcohol-free options are smart and healthy. They know they have an early morning so aren’t going to risk it. Getting drunk off the vibes, these drinkers are calculated and usually the first to go home and the first to wake up!


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