Skin Reset at Bespoke Facial + Body Clinic

We sent content creator Brooke Upton to Bespoke Facial + Body Clinic for a skin reset.

“Arriving at Bespoke Facial + Body Clinic, I knew my skin needed some TLC. I’m fortunate that I often travel for work, but I have been spending a lot of time on aeroplanes and could feel my face was dehydrated. It’s also hay fever season, so my skin was inflamed, irritated and itchy.

I had booked the LED 60-minute facial. Before we started, I had a consultation with founder and director Nicole Grantham using the Scan X Skin Assessment. The machine took five photos of my face using different light wavelengths, looking at UV damage, oil flow, dehydration and my skin age. I have sensitive skin, which the scan highlighted, and it showed areas where my face had dried out. After reviewing the report, Nicole decided to focus on boosting hydration using the clinical Dermalogica UltraCalming PRO range, omitting the gentle exfoliation step. One thing I love about Bespoke is that they tailor treatments to suit your concerns and needs. Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

We moved into the treatment room and started with a double cleanse. Nicole used the PreCleanse oil to remove excess dirt and any nasties before applying the UltraCalming Cleanser. Both products are great for sensitive skin and can go over the eyes. Concentrating on soothing, Nicole spritzed my face with a Calming Mist to reduce inflammation. I was having the red LED therapy, so to amplify the effects of the treatment we applied the Dermalogica PRO Light Energy Masque. Nicole calls the red LED a ‘feel good light’, which reduces inflammation, increases hydration and stimulates collagen.

Once the light therapy finished, I had the Clinical Oatmeal Masque to reduce any remaining inflammation, which felt super nourishing on my skin. While the masque worked its magic, I was also treated to a relaxing scalp massage. My face was spritzed again, and Nicole applied the Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate and Calm Water Gelto lock in moisture. None of the products were heavy on my skin, and while they felt lightweight, my face instantly felt hydrated. My appearance noticeably looked and felt smoother, softer and plumper than before. The combination of red LED light and UltraCalming products created a hydrated and healthy base that’ll help me rebuild my skin barrier with day-to-day products.

Besides the gorgeous facial, there’s a level of trust and professionalism you experience at Bespoke. It feels like a luxury retreat – and it’s so good to visit a place where the outside world feels paused. Everything Nicole does throughout the treatment and how she communicates each step means you walkaway with incredible skin and a clear understanding of how the products work.”

Bespoke Facial + Body Clinic
498 Brighton Road, Brighton
0499 992 099