Future Focused Learning at Walford

Walford Anglican School for Girls is preparing students for the real world with an innovative mentoring program.

Boutique girls’ school, Walford, focuses on knowing, understanding and supporting each student individually. In providing students with a progressive, gold-standard education they’ve created a new approach to mentoring senior students.

The Walford Student Mentor Program, which is part of a new future focused curriculum for senior girls, connects students with the world beyond school. The revolutionary program provides direction and networking opportunities for career development by including old scholars from various industries, such as law, to provide advice to students.

Keeping their goals and future in mind, each girl collaborates with a mentor teacher to create a tailored pathway. From Music to Engineering, each pathway reflects the student’s individuality and talents.

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to elective study, learning experiences and community service,” says Alice Speirs. Head of Senior School at Walford. “In Year10 our students have access to a range of new electives that will be multidisciplinary and therefore allow students to explore new areas and discover new interests.”

From Sports Psychology and Fashion Design for the Runway to Whodunnit (an introductory course in criminology and forensics), the electives cover a wide range of exciting career fields.

The future of learning also appears to have landed at Walford. Students use an online dashboard, recording their achievements and accomplishments. “Focussing on growth and a continued opportunity to improve and build on their portfolio, the dashboard will reflect each student’s pathway to Her Best,” says Alice.

From mock job interviews in Year10 to legal studies in Year 11, the opportunities are confidence building and create networks for the real-world after graduation. This innovative program, together with the resources and technologies available at Walford, ensure students are well connected with members of the community, providing valuable advice, stories and networking opportunities for a future that’s full of exciting possibilities.

The Principal, Rebecca Clarke, adds “Walford students are encouraged to select courses from a vast range of subjects and electives that will ignite their curiosity, challenge their thinking and expand their future ambitions”.

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