On Trend: Your Guide to Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing is back, the easy-to-wear, monochromatic outfits re-entering the fashion stratosphere this season.

The simplicity of the spring style lets you look effortlessly chic with half the work. But while dressing tip-to-toe in one colour can be daunting, it’s easier to nail than you think. Whether clad in saturated shades or a neutral style, combining tonal dressing with classic silhouettes or luxe activewear cuts a striking look.

So, to alleviate any sartorial stress and to help elevate spring wardrobes, we’ve curated a guide on how to tonal dress this season, including our favourite tonal looks with P.E Nation pieces.

What is Tonal Dressing?

From the boardroom to the bar, the gym to university, tonal dressing is a style that’s easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. And it’s more than just beige and lightly tanned tones. Pick similar or matching shades that suit your skin tone and curate a head-to-toe tonal outfit while still showcasing your personal style. Swap in contrasting textures, choose classic colours like red, brown or burnt orange and play with accessories in similar swatches.

While the style sounds laidback, a monochromatic fashion moment lets you look luxurious, seamlessly put-together and fashion-forward. And tonal dressing has proved time and time again that it’s more than just a fleeting fashion trend – it’s been a sartorial staple for years.

There have been catwalks of two-toned haute couture clothing, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, JLO, and Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing the mostly-matching monochromatic style.

5 Tips and Tricks for Tonal Fashion

Not sure where to start? We rounded up the best tips to put this styling trick into practice and rock a monochrome outfit.

Choose the Right Colour

While tonal dressing is timeless, you can intertwine trending colours with a sophisticated look. Start with neutral tones – like beige, white and tan – when creating a tonal outfit or delve into deeper colours and curate a red, brown or orange monochrome outfit. When you feel more confident with the tonal trend, wear bolder colours or incorporate some of the following tips.

Play with Texture

While sticking to one shade cuts a classic look, wearing similar textures can make an outfit fall flat. Experiment by adding contrasting textiles (think silk, denim, cotton and cashmere) to any monochromatic outfit. By pairing different textures with tonal dressing, you’ll look sophisticated while wearing a fool-proof outfit.

Layer, Layer, Layer

The overall look of tonal fashion is important, and creating a visually appealing outfit is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd. Introducing layers is a seamless way to achieve monochromatic dressing without your outfit looking monotonous. Pair an oversized shirt with a matching bike shorts and crop top co-ord, or wear a trench coat over leggings and a tank top for a classic silhouette.

Go for a Matching Set

Matching sets will never go out of style – and it’s easily achievable too. As luxe activewear proves its permanence in our wardrobes, throwing on a tonal two-piece allows you to look naturally put-together when popping out to run errands, shop or grab brunch with your girlfriends. For the bold, wear a brightly-coloured tracksuit and matching sports bra instead of a lighter look.

Mix and Match Trending Colours

Tonal dressing doesn’t mean only wearing one shade from top-to-toe. Look chic when wearing a monochromatic outfit by incorporating different shades, trending colours and light and dark tones into the style. Adding accessories – like a darker belt, bag or jacket in a neutral-toned ‘fit – is an easy way to create depth in tonal outfits and stops you from looking like you’re wearing a uniform. Don’t forget: fashion is fun, so don’t be shy when dabbling in shade play. White is also an easy option when breaking up blocks of colour.

Tonal Looks We’re Lusting After

Slipping on luxe activewear will always leave you looking (and feeling) effortlessly cool and casual. Elevate the trending style by introducing tonal dressing to your go-to activewear look.

Taking note of scandi-street style and the international fashion scene, Australian fashion brand P.E Nation has created a range of activewear and loungewear that encapsulates the essence of monochromatic dressing. Their new Base Colour Collection is a mix of bright pink, cherry tomato red, sky blue and beige in a variety of styles, including leggings, sports bras, oversized shirts, track pants and puffer jackets. Here are our favourite ways to work tonal dressing into your wardrobe with the new P.E Nation collection:

Comfort is key when lounging around the house. But who said you have to sacrifice your style when indulging in a lazy day? The Rudimental Sports Bra and Trackpants set is not only cosy, it’s also cute and captures the essence of tonal dressing in a saturated style.

We love the look of pastel tones now that the sun is starting to shine. The Free Play Sports Bra and Legging in Summer Sky adds a pop of colour to your everyday style and is an easy-to-wear monochrome outfit idea.

Start Building Your Tonal Looks Now

Tonal dressing can seem overwhelming initially, but mastering a monochromatic outfit is satisfying and creates endless styling possibilities. Look good and feel good in the new P.E Nation Base Colour Collection – filled with neutrals, pastels and statement shades – to work into your wardrobe and create an effortlessly elevated tonal outfit, available online now.

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