Smart City Living Solutions

Look to any of Adelaide’s most impressive buildings and you can see architect Enzo Caroscio’s detail reflected back, his celebrated portfolio spanning high-end developments to luxury residential homes.

Enzo Caroscio Architecture, a contemporary design practice in the heart of Adelaide, is dedicated to creating stunning contemporary environments of all scales and typologies – an ethos that is reflected in its innovative projects, including unique bespoke residential builds.

“The Tennyson residence was completed in April 2020, and is a sanctuary with in a suburban setting,” says Enzo. “We crafted it with materials and textures, creating strong connections between inside and out, allowing for the full advantage of the beachside setting.”

Offset living areas in the Tennyson residence create courtyards and terraces, connecting peaceful living spaces drenched in natural light to the outdoors.

Tennyson Residence. Image: Sam Noonan

On the other side of town, the Torrens Avenue residence is a luxury family home sitting 100 metres from the River Torrens. Completed in 2018, Enzo utilised folding forms at the rear to create protected outdoor areas, while variable height ceilings in the large living areas contribute to a feeling of infinite space.

Just down the road from well-known residential development (and Caroscio masterpiece), Bohem, sits the Wright Street residence – a masterpiece in its own right.

The Wright Street residence is Enzo’s own home. Nestled between buildings, the three-story architectural design creates sophisticated inner-city living. “Upper-level living areas allows the home to have better natural light, and a large open roof terrace allows for a unique entertainment space with amazing city skyline views. Integrating gardens on the rooftop and behind the privacy of an articulated brick screen wall also creates a green serenity that surrounds the house.

“Living in the city is becoming more attractive,” says Enzo, “we just need to create better homes and not just small apartments for people. Limited land area doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise on good design and luxury.” Enzo Caroscio Architecture, and its director, are changing the face of residential living, designing modern, airy spaces and adding a new luxurious meaning to coming home