Springtime Flooring Fashion

Spring is just around the corner – and with the warmer weather impending, there has never been a better time to do in some spring cleaning, freshen your inside space and find interior pieces that ‘spark joy’.

Levelling up your home is a great way to feel refreshed and re-energised after a long winter, and there’s no better place to start your interior project than from the ground. Natural flooring options are an easy way to add instant warmth, dimension and depth to your favourite living space. 

But flooring isn’t a universal solution. We all have personal styles and preferences, and placing a boho-chic rug on the floor of an art-deco room won’t work. 

That’s where Natural Rugs can help. The South Australian-owned and operated company are expert in the field, having laid natural fibre flooring for the last 30 years. Their range of rugs subtly elevates any living space. But it’s their studied style that helps flip a house into a home.

Flooring utilising natural fibres like sisal, seagrass and wool/jute blends are durable and perfect to place in a busy household. Here’s how to use natural rugs in your home this season:   

For beachside bliss

Pair your laid-back, boho beach home with a statement sisal rug. Its naturally hypo-allergenic coating and smooth weave components make it the perfect family-friendly flooring option for homes near the beach. In beach-toned, neutral and beige shades, this natural rug option is also ideal for families that enjoy entertaining in the living room.

For quick and busybodies

Stop sand, salt and seawater ruining your floor with a seagrass rug. The natural wax coating ensures spillages of something don’t ruin your rug, making it the perfect piece for high-traffic areas or rooms that grubby little fingers might enter. If you’re a family of adventurers, busy beach bodies or tots under two, this is the option for you. 

For luxurious living

Luxe living requires flooring options that subtly elevate your interior, and wool-based rugs are the choice for families who crave a style that is also sustainable. Natural Rugs use a blend of wool and jute, a durable mix of materials meaning the flooring option can withstand mess while being soft enough to sleep on. Wool fibre rugs are perfect in your living and bedroom, softening the interior space with their gentle touch and colour palette.

Natural Rugs are the experts are elevating your interior space from the ground up. Find out more about them online, or visit them in store 33 Henry Street, Stepney. Keep up to date with Natural Rugs on Instagram.