Beautiful Blondes

SJ Establishment

If you’ve ever wanted to have your hair done by one of the top five hair stylists in the world, look no further than Sam James from SJ Establishment. Named one of only five finalists in the prestigious international Contessa Awards, Sam has put herself on the map. Known for her expertise in creating beautiful blondes, her work speaks for itself.

We’ve all known someone who got a bad blonde job. Embarking on the journey to blonde hood is treacherous and having a trusted hairdresser along the way is a requirement. Luckily, SJ Establishment is filled with them, in fact, they are the current AHIA Australian Team of the Year 21.

Salon owner and hairdresser, Sam, has been a trusted educator for the last 11 years, teaching hairdressers all around Australia about how they too can achieve the perfect blonde for their clients.

“Anyone can learn to do great blondes, but to listen to people’s wants and needs while giving an honest professional opinion through consultation, while taking into consideration condition, lifestyle, skin tone, maintenance and much more, takes experience and passion,” she says, “And my team are full of both and know how to choose the perfect blonde for each individual client.”

If you’re taking naturally dark hair to platinum blonde it can be quite easy to destroy the hair in the process, but the hairdressers at SJ Establishment prioritise the condition of each client’s hair while not compromising on the result. “We love that Matrix Bonder Inside gives us the confidence to lighten hair with care, this is our go-to lightening powder and our clients always notice the difference with shine and condition.”

We’ve all heard a blonde horror story, so ensuring you’re kept informed along the way is an underestimated comfort in a salon. Sam says that all of her colourists “take their time and keep you informed of all the processes that need to happen”. Using a range of techniques, from balayage to foliage and face framing to babylights, the colourists at SJ Establishment are extremely knowledgeable on what’s available across the whole blonde portfolio.

SJ Establishment
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