TABOO and Cup & Carry Collaborate

TABOO Co-Founders, Isobel Marshall and Eloise Hall pictured with Olivia Moore, owner of local bar and café, LOC, who is stocking TABOO and Cup & Carry coffee cups.

Two female-run, South Australian businesses – TABOO Period Products and Cup & Carry – have collaborated on a project to showcase TABOO’s upcoming art exhibition. The exhibition art will be printed on Cup & Carry’s takeaway coffee cups and showcased in cafés all around Adelaide.

TABOO’s art exhibition, We Bleed, is a curated collection of art that speaks to the diverse experiences of menstruation, as expressed by 17 artists. In an attempt to showcase this collection, Cup & Carry have printed sneak peeks of the exhibition on their recyclable takeaway cups disturbed to cafés including Karma and Crow, Tell Henry, Peter Rabbit, Bloom, Pickle In The Middle, Everything Brewtiful, My Kingdom for a Horse and many more.

TABOO Co-Founder, Director of Health and Education and 2021 Young Australian of the Year, Isobel Marshall, says, “this collaboration with Cup & Carry is an amazing way to offer all members of the public a physical invitation to our public exhibition, in the form of a coffee cup.”

Co-Founder and Managing Director of TABOO, Eloise Hall, says that this collaboration is an “exciting avenue to break the stigma of menstruation.”

Works featured on the Adelaide-made Cup & Carry cups include EMSLA painting prize finalist Olympia Antoniadis, South Australian artist Antoina Capoccia and eye-gaze artist Grace Hemming-Price.

The We Bleed exhibition will explore the many different cultural, physical, psychological and economic experiences of menstruation from artists across different mediums. Many works will be featured, including a piece from Archibald Prize finalist Tsering Hannaford.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 26th– 28th of November at Mixed Goods in Kilkenny.