A Considered Approach

If you’ve been considering building a new home, ensuring you have the right team to achieve your desired results is the most crucial step. But we all know managing multiple contractors can fast become a headache. Perhaps a better solution is an end-to-end integrated design and build approach, something offered by South Australian business Urban Habitats.    

“The Urban Habitats process is all about communication and collaboration across the entire life of your project,” says architect Sarah Stephen. “Designing and building a home can sometimes be unpredictable, so we feel that by having a holistic and integrated approach we create a constant, which is the team you work with.” 

These sentiments are echoed by DIrector, Jock Merrigan, who works closely with Sarah and the building team from a project’s inception through to completion alongside the clients. Jock points out the cohesive approach means there are no nasty surprises, with every little detail planned by the team. 

“By integrating all facets of the process, we are able to produce carefully considered product to meet our clients’ desires and stay within budgets,” says Jock. “From the beginning, we are presenting designs and talking about costs that we know will provide the best outcome, with all aspects of architecture, interiors and landscape considered as one.” 

Recently, the Urban Habitats team were presented with the opportunity to design and build an off-grid retreat in the Adelaide Hills. 

Nestled atop a Scott Creek cliff, this cabin was inspired by slow living. It features a number of spaces throughout to relax and bask in natural surroundings, creating a sense of floating in nature. While the external materials resemble a shed, when you open the doors a softer, natural palette that reflects the property’s location welcomes you. 

“With a keen eye for design, we were able to round table efficient design and constructibility outcomes, which not only met our clients’ brief but exceeded their expectations. And by carefully considering materiality and form, there was an element of efficiency from both a design and construction point of view,” says Sarah. 

“The final product reflects not only its surroundings, but also our clients’ desired lifestyle within the space.”

Special mention, of course, must go to the stunning colour palette, inspired by the local eucalypts and the Dulux Bay Leaf colour, loved by the client’s son.

So, what can you learn from the experts before kickstarting your design and build? 

“Talk to a professional as it is easy to get swept away in social media and reality renovation shows. There is a process that needs to be undertaken to ensure you get a premium outcome that suits your lifestyle,” says Sarah. 

“While it is important not to rush the process, working with a team that is integrated provides the benefit of not having to outsource work and coordinate other elements.” 

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