Cellulite Treatment That Actually Works

What if you could get rid of those unsightly lumps and bumps with a quick 30-minute treatment? No downtime, big results. We chat to the team at Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery to find out more about ‘Emtone’.

How does it work?

The Emtone treatment is getting a big thumbs up from doctors and beauty lovers worldwide. It works be delivering thermal and mechanical energy simultaneously to eliminate the five main causes of cellulite and loose skin – enlarged fat chambers, damaged collagen fibres, loss of skin elasticity, poor blood flow and the accumulation of metabolic waste.

what makes it different to other cellulite treatments?

Not all cellulite is the same. There’s edematous cellulite, which often affects the thighs and knees and is commonly caused by poor circulation; flaccid cellulite, which is often the result of abnormal fat accumulation; and compact cellulite, which is when the skin clings to the muscle to create the dreaded ‘orange peel’ effect. These three different types of cellulite ordinarily require different treatments, but the Emtone treats all three – it’s the only device that can do this.

it’s quick.

The treatment is really quick – just 20-30 minutes – and it’s pain-free. The feeling has been described as being similar to a hot stone massage, but with intense mechanical vibrations.

you’ll get results.

You’ll notice an improvement to those dimples and in the tightening of the skin after the very first treatment, however for optimal results four to six treatments are required, ideally scheduled twice a week. The results typically continue to improve for 12 weeks post-treatment and can last for up to 12 months.

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