Celebrating Women in Business

Left to right: Georgia Hatzis, Nadia Travaglini and Tammy Barton

Three talented South Australian women have turned their big ideas into successful and lucrative, female-led enterprise. You can read about their business journeys in the latest issue of South Australian Style, but for some fun facts read on…

Tammy Barton / MyBudget

She’s one of South Australia’s most-known female-led successes and her story has been told times over. Tammy Barton’s big idea was simple – to help people out of financial trouble. That was 21 years ago, and what started from her kitchen table is now a $34 million-a-year business.

In five year’s I hope to be… the founder of a global company, with MyBudget operating in at least three countries.

Last big-ticket purchase… a sauna. My husband and I have been reading about all the health benefits of an infrared sauna – it literally just arrived! 

Best advice I’ve ever received… greatness is not a function of circumstances. Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.

When I was young I wanted to be a… a singer! Unfortunately, I find it hard to hold a note!

Georgia Hatzis / GGPR

A chance start in fashion was all founder of nationally renowned PR agency GGPR needed, the rest of her success has been self-made through hard work and a determination to be part of the industry she loves.

My style is influenced by… French girls and my Godmother Karin.

The last thing I bought was… Lex Pott candles.

My favourite Australian-made label is… Viktoria & Woods.

If I wasn’t in PR I would be… a stylist, photographer or a homewares buyer.

Nadia Travaglini / Studio Botanic

Floral artistry is a thing and Adelaide’s Nadia Travaglini is at the helm. Her arrangements are big, and the thought and tenacity that goes into the placement of every single stem is the reason she’s risen to the top of her game

My style icon is… Dior.

My artistry is influenced by… floral artists like Mary Lennox.

My favourite flower is… Nepenthe Pitcher Plant, but it can change with the seasons. 

Best advice I’ve ever received… surround yourself with people who are better than you.