Ex-Gordon Ramsay Chef Heads Adelaide Restaurant

Ex-Gordon Ramsay Chef Cruz Hernan has taken the reins at new Adelaide restaurant 88 Eatery. The Italian restaurant has two new homes, one in Newton (previously the popular La Romano pizza bar) and the other a new venue in Fulham Gardens. Think traditional Italian cuisine with a focus on local, fresh produce and sustainability (all pizza and pasta packaging is 100% recyclable and to help reduce their carbon footprint printed takeaway menus are a no-no – online only people). We caught up with the man himself to find out more.

What can diners expect?

Expect an amazing, unique bite to eat, cooked with local produce, at an affordable price. From delicious Detroit-style pizzas to sexy pastas and great snacks, we’ve got your cravings covered. 

Local produce is a focus – why is this important?

Using local producers is a must for myself and for 88 Eatery. This is a great opportunity to help our local economy to thrive during this tough time.

By supporting local suppliers, we take local ingredients and expose them to more people in our community and perhaps to different cultures; that is what we strive to do. Our two most used suppliers in Adelaide are Paesano Bakery for delicious ciabatta loaves, and Tony and Marks for quality, fresh produce. 

The new Fulham Gardens restaurant
You’ve been working as Executive Head Chef for Emirates in Queensland – what drew you to Adelaide?

One of the reasons I moved to Adelaide was the extraordinary level of cuisine. As a person and as a Chef you never really end the learning process. Adelaide was the logical move for me to keep learning and developing my career. 

You’ve also worked under Gordon Ramsay – tell us about that.

My career in the hospitality industry as a Chef began in 2008, when I started as a Commis Chef for Gordon Ramsay Holdings. There I truly developed my passion for cooking, learning from the best Chefs in the industry. I was lucky enough to be part of the kitchen brigade at Ramsay’s and progressed over the years until I became a Sous Chef.

What is your most memorable Gordon Ramsay moment?

My most memorable memory at Ramsay’s is when Gordon came to pay a visit at one of his gastropubs, The Narrow. I had the task of cooking an entrée for him. After his meal, he came to the kitchen to thank us all. He positively commented on his entrée, which was awesome for me.

Did you learn anything from your time with Gordon Ramsay that you think will help you as you take on this new venture?

I unquestionably learned lots during my time there, it was definitely character building. What I can bring to 88 Eatery from Ramsay’s is my determination to offer great food and this gels extremely well with the 88Eatery ethos.

88 Eatery
145 Montacute Road, Newton
445-457 Tapleys Hill Road. Fulham Gardens